46 Soup Maker Recipes! (2024)

I decided it was about time I collated all my top soup maker recipes in one post!

Before I got my soup maker, I wondered whether it would be one of those gimmicky marketing ploys to get me to part with my money.

But I was wrong. I have had my soup maker (and tested various others, too) for well over eight years, and it is in constant use. Yes, even in the summer months!

If you have any questions about using your soup maker or want advice before purchasing one, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Note these recipes have been made in a Ninja Soup Maker and Morphy Richards Soup Makers and can be adapted for all soup makers.

1. Tomato and Basil Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (1)

Tomato and basil soup is a classic that is easy to make in a soup maker. Use either fresh or tinned tomatoes, with no need to peel the skin – add in some fragrant fresh basil leaves and you’ll be enjoying this easy recipe in under 30 minutes.

2. Leek and Potato Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (2)

A steaming bowl of leek and potato soup is the perfect comfort food on a cold winter day. This hearty soup is packed with flavour and easy to make.

Simply add chopped leeks and potatoes with some chicken or vegetable stock and water. Season with salt and pepper, then let the soup maker work its magic.

For an extra touch of flavour, stir in some shredded cheese or chopped fresh herbs. Serve with a crusty baguette for a delicious meal that will warm you from the inside out.

3. Red Pepper and Chilli Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (3)

Red pepper and chilli soup is a deliciously warming recipe with a spicy kick. It’s quick and easy to make in a soup maker, requiring very little preparation.

The great thing about this soup is that you can make it as hot as you like. If you want a mildly spicy soup, just add one deseeded chilli pepper; fancy it a bit hotter? Add one or two seeded peppers to really feel the heat!

4. Apple and Parsnip Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (4)

This apple and parsnip soup is a delicious and easy to make favourite. The sweetness from the parsnip, combined with the tartness of the apples, makes this soup feel like a real treat, especially with the added cinnamon.

This soup is also incredibly versatile – you can swap out the parsnips for carrots or even sweet potatoes and use any type of apple you like.

5. Sweet Potato and Red Chilli Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (5)

Sweet potato and red chilli soup is packed with flavour, with the combination of the sweetness of the sweet potato balancing out the heat of the red chillies.

Best of all, there is no need to peel the sweet potatoes, just give them a good clean and chop them up. A good soup maker will blend the skin up lovely and smooth – just think of all that extra goodness!

6. Carrot and Coriander Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (6)

Carrot and Coriander Soup is one of the nation’s favourite soups – and with good reason! I love carrot soup anyway, but adding some fresh coriander at the end enhances the flavour.

If you want to make the soup creamier, you can stir in some cream or natural yoghurt at the end.

7. Butternut Squash Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (7)

If you’re a fan of butternut squash soup, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s easy to make in a soup maker. Simply add all of the ingredients to the soup maker and let it do its work. In no time at all, you’ll have a fantastic soup that’s perfect for a chilly day.

8. Bolognese Pasta Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (8)

This bolognese pasta soup is ideal if you’re searching for a filling soup. Either cook the mince in the soup maker (Ninja Soup Makers only) or saute some in a separate pan. This soup is also great for using up any leftover bolognese.

9. Chicken Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (9)

Chicken soup is one of the classics, and it’s super easy to make in a soup maker. If you have a Ninja Soup Maker, you can cook the meat from raw, or if you have a different model of soup maker, you can add cooked chicken – perfect for using up leftover chicken from the Sunday Roast!

10. Curried Parsnip Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (10)

Another one of my favourites is curried parsnip soup. The combination of sweet and savoury flavours is simply irresistible, and the addition of curry powder gives the soup a real kick.

Add chopped parsnips, carrots, curry powder and some vegetable stock. For a final touch, stir in some cream and season with salt and pepper to taste. Serve piping hot with crusty bread for a truly satisfying meal.


Black beans are a handy standby to have in the cupboard for various meals. They work well in stews as well as soups. I like to add some sweet potatoes alongside some spices to really add some sweet warmth to this soup.

12. Mexican Tortilla Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (12)

This Mexican-inspired tortilla soup is a flavourful recipe that is perfect for a chilly winter day. The soup contains various ingredients, including tomatoes, onions, garlic, and chilli peppers. The soup is typically served with tortilla chips, sour cream, and cheese.

You can use different types of chilli peppers to adjust the spice level or add more vegetables or meat if you want a heartier soup.

13. Spicy Bean Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (13)

This spicy bean soup is perfect for filling up on a chilly day. Make it in a soup maker on a chunky or smooth setting using your favourite beans or a combination of a few varieties.

14. Spanish Potato Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (14)

This Spanish potato soup recipe is based on one of my favourite Spanish dishes, patatas bravas.

I’ve adapted it to be made as a soup in asoup maker, with all the tastes you’d expect with fresh peppers, chillies, paprika and, of course, potatoes.

15. Cranberry and Apple Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (15)

A perfect Christmas soup, cranberry and apple is easy to make, and the tart cranberry flavour perfectly matches the apples.

I like to use Granny Smith or Gala apples, but you can use any apple that you have on hand.

Serve the soup chilled or hot, topped with a dollop of cream or yoghurt.

16. Chicken and Tarragon Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (16)

There’s nothing quite like a steaming bowl of chicken soup on a cold winter day. This particular recipe features the classic combination of chicken and tarragon, enhanced by adding garlic, onion and some cream.

This soup is hearty enough to be a meal on its own, but it also pairs well with a crusty piece of bread.

17. Spiced Root Vegetable Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (17)

This spiced root vegetable soup is the perfect way to warm up. It’s packed with nutrients, and the curried spices give a different twist to a traditional vegetable soup.

18. Carrot and Ginger Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (18)

This carrot and ginger soup is the perfect antidote to winter weather. The soup is made with simple ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen.

Carrots, ginger, garlic and onion combine to create a warming soup. The carrots provide sweetness, and the ginger gives a little bit of heat.

19. Chicken Noodle Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (19)

Chicken noodle soup is one of the most comforting foods imaginable. It’s warm, it’s savoury, and it just seems to hit the spot when you’re feeling under the weather.

Fortunately, it’s also pretty easy to make at home. You only need chicken, some noodles, and a few basic seasonings.

Chicken noodle soup is filling, making it ideal for a substantial lunchtime meal.

20. Bacon and Lentil Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (20)

Smoky bacon and nutrient-rich lentils combine to create a satisfying soup. Best of all, this soup is easy to make and can be ready in half an hour.

And there’s no need to soak split red lentils before cooking them; simply give them a good wash to rine them and add them to the soup maker with the rest of the ingredients.

21. Chicken Tikka Masala Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (21)

Turn one of the nation’s favourite takeaways into a delicious soup. With just a few ingredients and the help of a soup maker, you can enjoy a full of flavour chicken tikka masala soup.

22. Butter Bean and Lentil Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (22)

This butter bean and lentil soup is a healthy, hearty option that will warm you up from the inside out. Plus, it’s easy to make in a soup maker and doesn’t require any fancy ingredients.

Having a handy standby collection of tins in the cupboards is always useful. It means that you can put some of them together, with some stock, and make a filling and nutritious soup.

23. Ham and Potato Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (23)

One of my favourite soups is ham and potato. It’s hearty and filling but not too heavy. And it’s the perfect way to use up leftover ham.

Add in some of your favourite herbs – thyme works well with this soup – and grab a slice of crusty French bread to dunk in.

24. Thai Red Curry Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (24)

Thai Red Curry Soup is a relatively simple dish to make, and it’s packed full of flavour. Add some noodles to make a substantial lunchtime meal.

The great thing about this soup is that you can adjust the level of spice to suit your taste. If you like your food on the milder side, simply use less curry paste. If you’re looking for something with a bit more kick, feel free to add an extra chilli or two.

25. Jamaican Jerk Sweet Potato Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (25)

Jamaican jerk sweet potato soup is full of flavour, with the sweet potatoes providing a sweetness that is balanced by the spice of the jerk seasoning. The soup is also very easy to make; simply add the prepared ingredients to your soup maker and press the smooth button!

26. Cauliflower Cheese Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (26)

Cauliflower cheese soup is usually thick and creamy, and the flavour of the cheese is often the dominant taste.

Cauliflower can vary in taste depending on how it is cooked, but it is generally mild and slightly nutty. When combined with cheese, the soup has a rich and savoury flavour.

The cheeses most commonly used in cauliflower cheese soup are cheddar and Gruyere, although other types of cheese can also be used.

Cauliflower cheese soup can be served with croutons or bread, and it is often garnished with chopped chives or bacon bits.

27. Tomato Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (27)

Tomato soup is another classic that is really easy to make in a soup maker. Use fresh tomatoes – on the vine work best – or, if you don’t have any, tinned tomatoes will work too.

The great thing about making tomato soup in a soup maker is that you don’t need to remove the skin from the tomatoes, just chop them up and add them to the soup maker jug; the soup will come out velvety smooth!

28. Bombay Potato Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (28)

This curried soup is a take on the popular Indian side dish, Bombay potato. You can make it in the soup maker using the smooth or chunky cycle.

The main ingredients in a Bombay potato soup include potatoes, tomatoes, spices and garlic.

29. Asparagus Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (29)

Asparagus is one of those vegetables that can be prepared and cooked in many different ways.

Most soup makers are powerful enough to blend the asparagus into a velvety smooth soup. Save some asparagus tips to garnish the soup before serving.

Optionally turn it into a cream of asparagus soup by stirring in some single or double cream at the end.

30. Cabbage Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (30)

Cabbage soup is packed with veggies like cabbage, carrots, and celery, getting its flavour from a combination of stock and seasonings like garlic, onion, and thyme. Best of all, it only takes about 30 minutes to make!

31. Brussel Sprout Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (31)

Brussels sprout soup is a delicious and healthy way to enjoy this winter vegetable. The main ingredients include brussels sprouts, onion, garlic and stock, but you can add some variations such as bacon, celery, and nutmeg or stir in some grated cheese at the end.

32. Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (32)

Carrot and sweet potato soup is made from just a handful of ingredients. The sweet potato ensures this soup comes out velvety smooth – and the combination with carrots produces a tasty, filling and nutritious meal.

33. Vegetable Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (33)

Vegetable soup is the perfect way to be well on the way to your five a day. It’s also a great way to use up any vegetables to save them from going to waste.

Any basic vegetable soup recipe can be adapted according to your available ingredients.

34. Easy Chicken Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (34)

This easy chicken soup recipe is perfect for using any leftover chicken from a roast dinner.

Add the shredded cooked chicken together with some potatoes, onions, garlic and herbs of your choice and set it off on smooth.

35. Broccoli and Stilton Soup

Similar to my broccoli and cheddar soup, this recipe requires very few ingredients and is a handy way to use up any extra Christmas cheese you might have hanging about!

Broccoli and Stilton soup is also a perfect starter to serve before a festive dinner.

36. Carrot and Orange Soup

Carrot and orange soup is another ideal festive soup. The combination of carrots and oranges with some mixed spices turns this into a warming soup with a festive spin.

37. Spiced Carrot Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (37)

Spiced carrot soup is a great alternative to other carrot soup recipes, delivering a deliciously spicy kick!

A great way to vary a soup’s flavour is to add some spice! I like to add in some curry powder to turn it into a ‘curried soup.’

38. Broccoli and Cheddar Soup

If you’re looking for a quick and nutritious soup to make,broccoli and cheddar soup is a perfect choice.

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a green soup, but it definitely makes me feel like I’m filling myself up with lots of goodness.

Melting some cheese into it at the end makes it super delicious too!

39. Spicy Tomato Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (39)

Spicy tomato soup is a deliciously comforting soup that delivers the perfect amount of heat. It’s quick and easy to make, especially if you use a soup maker!

40. Moroccan Chickpea Soup

This Moroccan chickpea soup is a deliciously simple recipe with the perfect blend of chickpeas, tomatoes and spices. It is a rich and satisfying soup, perfect for those colder months.

41. Celeriac Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (41)

Celeriac soup is a hearty dish that can be made in just 30 minutes. Celeriac provides a creamy texture to the soup, while the garlic and herbs add an aromatic flavour.

42. Celery Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (42)

Celery is a bit of an acquired taste. If you don’t usually enjoy it, I recommend you try it as a soup – it tastes amazing and is completely different from other cooking methods!

43. Chicken and Chorizo Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (43)

This simple chicken and chorizo soup recipe is full of flavour, but it’s not too spicy. The combination of onion, garlic, tomatoes, and paprika goes perfectly with the chicken and chorizo.

44. Curried Lentil Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (44)

Adding a little curry powder to a regular soup recipe can make all the difference. This curried lentil soup is a spicy twist on my tomato and lentil soup.

Red lentils are perfect for keeping on standby in the cupboard, whether you are using them to thicken up a soup or adding them to a soup maker for a delicious lentil soup recipe.

45. Green Soup

46 Soup Maker Recipes! (45)

We’ve all heard we should eat our greens, and making a tasty green soup is the ideal way to do it!

Green soup is packed with nutrients and vitamins that are essential for good health, and it’s surprisingly easy to make.

46. Mushroom Soup

Mushroom soup is typically made with fresh mushrooms, onions, garlic, and a variety of herbs and spices, along with cream or other dairy products, to add a rich and creamy texture.

Mushroom soup is a versatile dish that can be served as a starter or as a main course and is a popular choice for vegetarians and vegans due to its earthy and rich flavour profile.

I enjoyed making soups so much that I decided to publish a soup maker recipe book. There are 100 soup maker recipes, but most of them are not included here on this blog. If you are interested, you can go and check it out on Amazon.

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46 Soup Maker Recipes! (48)

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46 Soup Maker Recipes! (2024)


Do you put cold or boiling water in a soup maker? ›

In order to have piping hot soup in a short amount of time, it's essential to be prepared. Your stock or water must be boiling when added to the soup maker - otherwise you are adding on unnecessary time to the process. If you find that the bottom of your soup maker is burning, then you are not adding enough liquid.

Can you use a soup maker for anything else? ›

from breakfast to evening meal

Many people also use such devices for preparing baby or diet food: mashed and liquid purees. In fact, the capabilities of blenders and soup makers are much wider. In addition to puree soups, they can prepare a full everyday menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Do you put raw vegetables in a soup maker? ›

Do you put raw or frozen vegetables in a soup maker? The quality and diversity of frozen vegetables is exceptionally high. Manufacturers boast that their frozen products are better than fresh ones because they are frozen within hours of harvesting. You certainly can use frozen vegetables.

Can I put meat in a soup maker? ›

Raw meat should NOT be added to the soup maker. It's ok to add cooked meat like shredded left over roast chicken or boneless chicken cooked especially for the soup, or things like cooked ham or leftover gammon etc to the soup maker but the soup makers shortish cooking times are not conducive to cooking raw meat.

What not to put in a soup maker? ›

Do not heat milk in your soup maker or use it to reheat any food. Most of our recipes use a small amount of potato which helps to thicken soup. Pasta and potatoes if used in excessive quantities can cause the soup maker to overheat. Stick to the quantities in our recipes as a guide.

Can you put frozen fruit in a soup maker? ›

To prevent this, add half a cup of water or stock to the Soup Maker before placing in any solid ingredients. Then top up with the remaining liquid specified in your recipe. If you plan to use anything frozen, make sure the ingredients are fully thawed first. There may be damage to the blade if content is still frozen.

Is it worth buying a soup maker? ›

Though not a kitchen essential, soup makers can save a great deal of time, stress and washing-up. Traditional soup recipes call for various stages of preparation, from chopping, to simmering for long periods of time and blitzing, which is time-consuming and creates mess.

What not to do when making soup? ›

The 7 Biggest Mistakes You Make Cooking Soup
  1. Boiling instead of simmering. You want a small bubble or two to rise to the surface of the liquid every few seconds. ...
  2. Not using enough salt. ...
  3. Ignoring water. ...
  4. Overcooking the vegetables. ...
  5. Adding tomatoes at the beginning. ...
  6. Neglecting to garnish. ...
  7. Not trying a pressure cooker.
Nov 19, 2014

Is it cheaper to make your own soup? ›

And even though canned soup is relatively inexpensive, you can cut your cost in half by making it yourself. Here is a simple vegetable soup recipe that makes up to 6 servings.

What vegetables can you not put in soup? ›

Foods in the Brassica family, such as Bok Choy, are too strong for stock/broth and can impart a bitter taste. Foods in the Brassica family, such as broccoli, are too strong for stock/broth and can impart a bitter taste.

Can you use stock cubes in a soup maker? ›

Fill the soup maker with the prepared vegetables. Make sure that the vegetables are well mixed together as this will make blending easier. Drop in the stock cubes. Ideally you'll crumble these over the vegetables rather than dropping the cubes in whole.

How do I make soup thicker in my soup maker? ›

Add Flour Or Cornstarch

You can thicken soup by adding flour, cornstarch, or another starchy substitute.

Do you put cold stock in a soup maker? ›

Note: Make sure that any stock is cold before adding it to the soup maker. Check that the lid is securely positioned before use. Do not add any frozen ingredients or uncooked meats or fish to the soup maker. All ingredients must be thawed and at room temperature and all meats or fish much be precooked before use.

What is the best meat for soup? ›

The best cut of meat for beef soup is either a chuck roast, chuck shoulder, chuck-eye roast or top chuck – with chuck roast being my personal favorite. These are the most tender cuts. Despite what the name suggests, stew meat is not your best choice in a beef soup recipe!

Can you sauté in a soup maker? ›

The Tower 1.6l Soup Maker has 5 functions; Smooth and Chunky (for making soups), Sauté (for cooking bacon and other small pieces of meat before adding them to the soup) and then Juice and Blend.

Why does my soup maker burn on the bottom? ›

If your soup maker burns on the bottom, it may be because you need to give it a stir once in a while during cooking, or the temperature is too high. It may also be that the liquid to solid ratio isn't quite right.

Is it better to puree soup hot or cold? ›

Puréeing the Soup

Follow these guidelines to avoid scalds and burns. For all soups: The first step, regardless of what piece of equipment you intend to use, is to pull the pot off the heat and let the soup cool for at least 10 minutes. Using a handheld blender: Be sure that the soup pot is not too full.


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