500 Hp Cars Under $40K (2024)

1. The Fastest Cars Under $40k - iSeeCars.com

  • Fastest New Sports Cars Under $40,000 · 1. Chevrolet Camaro · 2. Ford Mustang GT · 3. Dodge Challenger RT · 4. Kia Stinger · 5. Mazda MX-5 Miata · 6. Subaru BRZ · 7.

  • What are the fastest new and used cars for under...

2. 20 Best Cars Under $40K for 2024 - Ranked - TrueCar

  • TrueCar has ranked the best cars under $40k for June 2024. Research the top-performing vehicles on our list before heading to the dealership!

  • TrueCar has ranked the best cars under $40k for July 2024. Research the top-performing vehicles on our list before heading to the dealership!

3. 10 Most Powerful Sedans Under $40,000 - Motor1.com

10 Most Powerful Sedans Under $40,000 - Motor1.com

4. 15 Cars With Over 500 Horsepower You Can Buy For Under $50,000

  • 1 2007 Mercedes-Benz S600 ... To finish out this list of wondrous 500-horsepower cars you can own for 50,000 bucks or less, we'll talk about another Mercedes-Benz ...

  • Having 500 under the hood no longer means driving exclusive sports cars or spending a fortune on mods.

15 Cars With Over 500 Horsepower You Can Buy For Under $50,000

5. Lexus IS 350 and IS 250 - Page 42 — Car Forums at Edmunds.com

  • Jun 14, 2006 · I don't care if they put a 500 hp engine in there, they are not ... But I suspect a 300+hp car from Lexus will not sticker under $40K ...

  • I am with you there - imagine a $29,995 IS with an added moonroof for $700 or so - the perfect car for me and just within reach at that sticker.

6. Project Cars - Getting harder to justify? | SVTPerformance.com

  • Mar 6, 2015 · Thoughts? Right now, you can buy a Challenger Scat Pack for under $40k off the showroom floor. It has almost 500 hp, an 8 speed transmission, ...

  • It used to be, if you wanted a fast car and you were on a budget, you built a car yourself. Bought a good roller, did engine, transmission, rearend, paint, interior, wheels, tires and had something respectable. Has that era ended? Other than the love of working on a hobby, how can people...

7. Official: 2024 Mustang U.S. Pricing Starts at $32515 and Dark Horse ...

  • Feb 28, 2023 · Exactly, find another new good looking, fun to drive, modern rwd v8 powered sports car with almost 500 hp that's destined to have a ton of ...

  • Yes, or 2-3% maximum.

Official: 2024 Mustang U.S. Pricing Starts at $32515 and Dark Horse ...

8. No sense in worrying about the SRT8 | Page 2

  • Those are heavy cars and SVT has dont everything to lighten the GT500. ... The official HP rating as of January of this year has been 500 according to ...

  • I have been a Ford fan all my life. My first new car was a 1966 Mustang convertible. Ok so Iam old. Hands down Dodge has the cars. I love the new Hemis. Iam still thinking about buying one. I drove the rt with 350 hp. and it was plenty for the street. srt8 is a more powerful car but a lot more...

500 Hp Cars Under $40K (2024)


What is a lot of horsepower for a sedan? ›

Of course, when you consider high-horsepower sedans, you likely have strong acceleration on your mind. Performance versions of the top luxury sedans frequently boast at least 600 hp. And mass-market brands offer sedans that produce 300 hp or more.

What is the best girls car in 2024? ›

(Seoul) March 8, 2024 – The Kia EV9 has been named the 'World's Best Car for 2024' by an esteemed panel of judges at the Women's Worldwide Car of the Year (WWCOTY). Fittingly, this recognition coincides with the celebration of International Women's Day.

What's the fastest car with HP? ›

The 1,914 hp Nevera is currently the world's fastest-accelerating production car. And at full steam, the Nevera is far from the stereotype of a silent EV, with 1.4 megawatts actually screaming through the car.

What car reaches 0 60 the fastest? ›

These Are The Fastest 0-60 Times Ever Set By Production Cars
  • Porsche 918 Spyder - 2.1 Seconds. ...
  • Ferrari SF90 Stradale - 2.0 Seconds. ...
  • Tesla Model S Plaid - 1.98 Seconds. ...
  • Koenigsegg Gemera - 1.9 Seconds. ...
  • Lucid Air Sapphire - 1.89 Seconds. ...
  • Rimac Nevera - 1.74 Seconds. ...
  • Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 - 1.66 Seconds.
May 2, 2024

Is 300 hp fast? ›

300 hp is not only a good medium to ensure a car has enough power to be considered 'fast' and performance-oriented, but you also won't end up with a car that only feels truly happy on a track. In short, 300 hp guarantees a car can be fast both within a closed-track environment and in an everyday road situation.

Is 500 hp a lot? ›

400+ horsepower — High towing capacity. 500+ horsepower — Extremely high-powered.

What is a decent HP for a car? ›

The average horsepower for more standard vehicles is somewhere around 180. More precisely, about 180-200 hp, and, in some instances, just a bit lower than 200. Just to give you a couple of examples, the average for crossovers is 200 hp, midsize autos put out 170 hp, while small SUVs are generally capable of 240 hp.

At what HP is a car considered fast? ›

Generally, you'll be able to feel the speed of the car with anything more than above 200 horsepower. Volkswagen's Golf GTI, for example, has upwards of 245 horsepower. Cars with power ratings above 300 horsepower will usually be serious performance vehicles, and modern supercars will have more than 500 horsepower.

What cars do most girls buy? ›

Buick tops the list with women accounting for 55% of the brand's personal new vehicle registrations last year. Mitsubishi (51.4%), MINI (51.1%) and Lexus (50.4%) also have a majority of female customers. Infiniti (49.6%), Mazda (49%) and Kia (49%) are right behind.

Which car is best woman to drive? ›

What Is the Best Car for a Single Woman Driver?
  • Kia Forte. ...
  • Honda Fit. ...
  • Ford Fiesta. ...
  • Toyota Lexus. ...
  • Mazda MX-5 Miata. ...
  • Volkswagen Polo GT. ...
  • Honda Civic. ...
  • Nissan Versa. Nissan Versa has many attractive and reliable attributes that would make it a perfect car for woman drivers.

What do Millennials want in a car? ›

Millennials LOVE Technology

This is due to the fact that most millennials love having the latest technology whether that be an upgraded stereo system or remote start. AutoTrader did a study on the “Next Generation Car Buyer” and found that 70% of millennials consider infotainment systems a must when shopping for a car.

What street legal car has the most horsepower? ›

Timeline of most powerful production cars
Koenigsegg Regera20161,119 kW (1,500 hp; 1,521 PS)
Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+/Centodieci2021/20221,176 kW (1,578 hp; 1,600 PS)
Rimac Nevera20221,408 kW (1,888 hp; 1,914 PS)
Koenigsegg Gemera20231,715 kW (2,300 hp; 2,332 PS)
24 more rows

What is the fastest legal car? ›

9, 2022, the Gas Monkey Garage-sponsored 2006 Ford GT known as the “BADD GT,” achieved a top speed of 310.8 mph (500.1 km/h) at Space Florida's Launch and Landing Facility, located in Kennedy Space Center, Florida, making this car the fastest street legal car in the world.

What is the No 1 HP car? ›

Hennessey Venom F5: 1,842hp. Bugatti Chiron SS: 1,600hp. Koenigsegg Regera: 1,479hp. Tesla Model S Plaid: 1,020hp.

What is the fastest personal car? ›

The fastest cars in the world
  • Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut.
  • Bugatti Chiron Supersport 300+
  • SSC Tuatara.
  • Hennessey Venom F5.
  • Rimac Nevera.
  • McLaren Speedtail.
  • Koenigsegg Regera.
  • Aston Martin Valkyrie.
Jun 6, 2024


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