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Chapter 1: there she is


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

“The premiere of ‘Galaxy Forever’ will start in just over an hour. The stars of the science fiction film are just now starting to arrive! Our very first look at Ambessa Medarda, who plays Captain Tresko on the BEAR 400 ship. In a crisp dark purple suit, bow tie left open. All I can really say is: purple is her colour.”

Ekko, Jinx, and Viktor are waiting in the back of the limousine with me, The Look playing on Jinx’s phone.

I don’t even have to glance at her screen to know which reporter is talking. A posh accent, always with a slight purr.

My eyes act on their own, looking over Jinx’s shoulder.

She’s in a short and shiny silver sleeveless dress. Beautiful matching jewelry hangs around her neck, down her ears, and around her fingers and wrists.

Some highlight’s been dusted onto her sharp cheekbones, the same glitter on her eyelids.

She looks stunning. She always does.

“Stop fidgeting, Vi. You’ll f*ck up your suit,” Jinx mutters, not looking up from her screen.

“Relax. Just put on your usual charm and you’ll be fine.” Vik pats my shoulder with a small encouraging smile on his face.

“This is big, Vi. Your first blockbuster. Don’t be nervous, but also, don’t be a massive idiot out there.”

“Wow, how uplifting Ekko,” I say dryly, rolling my eyes.

“Or maybe cause some chaos. Bring more attention to the movie before it hits theatres.” Jinx isn’t watching the interviews anymore, but typing something very aggressively on her phone.

“If she does that no one will want to hire her anymore,” Ekko pipes in again, talking to me more than he’s talking to Jinx.

“I guess so… Maybe talk up that girl interviewer. Everyone seems to love it when you do that.” I hum thoughtfully, mostly in agreement.

It’s true. Whenever I see her on the carpet, my name is trending for days and my following spikes. It’s a nice added bonus.

“That would be a ton better. Might even get you some more romance roles. Everyone loves an international heartthrob,” Ekko shrugs.

There’s a soft knock at the window, indicating it’s time to start my walk.

“We’ll see you in there, loser. Good luck.”

Jinx practically pushes me out of the car as the door opens.

The carpet isn’t very unique. It’s a much larger scale than what I’m used to, but it’s still just another long strip of red surrounded by people I don’t recognize.

As soon as I’m out of the car, hundreds of clicks sound around me. The cameras flash over and over, catching me at every angle.

And like every time, the nerves melt away with the bright lights on me. It’s like it’s just me in the world, bright starlights all around.

It’s like I’m walking on air.

I feel the cool autumn breeze against my chest, the first five buttons of my white long-sleeved dress shirt wide open. The only things covering that area are a long collection of necklaces.

I can feel the rings on all of my fingers rubbing against each other with every flex.

Vi! Over here!”

“Ms. Lane, to the left!”

“Give us a smile!”

My instinct is to run my hand through my hair, but I remember it’s styled to be gelled back, so I make the move to push a non-existent strand behind my ear.

I walk down to the big crowd of fans being held back by guards and some velvet rope.

Shaking hands and signing autographs as some scream and some cry.

My signature smirk plastered on my face. “Just put on your usual charm and you’ll be fine.

A couple more waves at the fans before I join my co-stars getting interviewed.

Small pleasantries are shared, memories of past interviews are brought up. I’m wracking my brain to not embarrass a few. I try my best to remember everyone and everything, but there’s always someone and something new, it’s hard not to be at a loss on occasion. But there’s always just one person I know for a fact I won’t have to lie about remembering.

My conversation with a short man asking me slightly invasive questions about how well I worked with my co-stars comes to an end and I finally get to strut toward her.

There’s a small excited and anticipating bounce in my step.

She’s always more beautiful up close.

“Violet Lane. It’s such a pleasure to see you again. You look amazing, as per usual.” Despite her shy demeanor, she’s beaming, a welcoming presence. She’s practically glowing with this lustrous aura.

“Me? No. You though, you look… out of this world. I feel like I should be the one interviewing you. You’re the real star here, Caitlyn.” Two awful flirty puns are out of my mouth in seconds before I could even stop to think about it.

Thankfully, the compliment seems to be well received.

Her natural flush adds to the blush that was applied to her light makeup.

“Always the flatterer.” It rolls off of her tongue, savoury and sweet like chocolate and caramel.

I wink and my grin becomes even sharper, showing off my canines. “Oh, I try.”

The flirting comes naturally, making an effort to get a stronger reaction each time.

f*ck, she’s adorable.

“Well, I don’t want to take up too much of your time.”

“You could never.”

She clears her throat. “This is your first sci-fi film. How was adjusting to the universe and your character.”

“It was different. But in an insanely good way. All the producers, directors, and writers made it super easy to get into character. She’s strong, closed off, but open. So well constructed, it’s an honour to play her, really. And for lack of a better word, the universe is super cool. I would love to tell you more but no spoilers.” She listens attentively, nodding along to what I’m saying, holding onto my every word.

“From what I’ve seen, it does look super cool.” We fill the pause with soft chuckles before she starts up again. “I can’t help but notice your ear cuffs. Snakes. Am I inclined to think those are in relation to your character?”

Always observant.

“You’re weirdly the only one who’s mentioned that. The cuffs are actually designed by Mel Medarda. I’m incredibly grateful to be wearing literally anything she makes. It’s crazy talent. Again, no spoilers, but my character does struggle with being labeled as a snake. It’s a solid part of her story. I guess this is me reclaiming it for her.” She smiles wide, revealing her tooth gap, obviously proud of herself for taking the step and picking it out.

“Wow, you’ve got me all excited. I can’t wait to see it.”

“I’ll see you in there?” I ask quietly, mostly for only her to hear.

“Yes, you will. Have a nice night, Vi.” Her purr is more apparent with that.

“You too.” Another wink and I’m gone.

The rest of the interviews go by slower.

It’s a little weird, I’ll admit. I feel like spending all this money on an elaborate premiere is a total waste, but somehow getting to see her , have a short discussion, then walk away before we could even hit the three minute mark makes it the tiniest bit more worth it.

She’s nice and she’s hot. It’s hard to find that nowadays.

The main cast meets at the top of the stairs. I instantly embrace Sky when she comes into view and give both Jayce and Ambessa firm handshakes. We’re organized together, lined up side by side so each photographer can get their chance at our group of talent.

I can’t help but glance to the side, catching another glimpse of neat indigo hair and glossy lips.

I’m in Sky’s arms, breathing my last breaths.

Tears flow out of her eyes. “Everything you’ve done won’t be in vain. I’ll make things better,” she sobs, pulling me closer.

“I believe you. I always have, and I always will.” And with that, my eyes flutter shut.

Our home planet now in bits, asteroids flying all around, but not quite getting to us.

The words ‘ Galaxy Forever’ are thick on the screen, an ombré of dark purple to light blue against a white background.

The credits start to roll and the theatre erupts in cheers.

We all stand, accepting the applause, patting each other on the back.

Sky’s hugging me again, sniffling softly. “You were absolutely astonishing, Vi.”

I shake my head and pull back to look her in her damp eyes.

“You were unbelievable. I didn’t expect any less.”

The standing ovation keeps going. I turn to see Ekko, Jinx, and Viktor in the crowd, now joined by Claggor, Mylo, and Vander. Sans Viktor, they’re all shouting loudly.

I turn to see the rest of the audience and someone, in particular, catches my eye.

She stands elegantly, one hip out with her weight resting mostly on one leg. She’s clapping and her smile is dazzling.

I feel a heavy pat on my back. “That was awesome!” Jayce shouts into my ear. “Yeah, it was! You did pretty alright.” I elbow him lightly on the stomach.

I’m not into guys, but even I can appreciate a nice set of abs. I’m sure he didn’t even feel the hit.

“You going to the after party?”

“Are you?” We’re practically yelling, the end of the credits still going and everyone still cheering.

“Yeah. Might go with a friend. You know Caitlyn, right?” My ears practically perk up as if that’s all that he needed to convince me.

“Uh, yeah, I think I do.” There’s a knowing look on his face, definitely not buying my answer.

“You should come. It’ll be a good time.” I think on it for a moment.

It wouldn’t be smart. Plus, Viktor would be pissed.

We’ve got interviews and more press touring to do. I’d be totally out of it and hungover.

“I’ll pop in for just a bit.”

If I suffer, I suffer.

Champagne and confetti are popping all over the place.

It’s already complete chaos.

“Is Viktor here? Have you seen Mel?” Somehow, half an hour in, Jayce is completely plastered.

I’m looking for a particular pair of long, pale legs and an offensively form-fitting dress.

Before I can spot her, my phone’s ringing. The annoying tone picked specially picked for Vik.


You’ve had your fun. You should get going now. You have work to do.

“But I haven’t-“

You’ll have your chance again. Get home safe. Goodnight, Vi. Sleep well.”

And the fun is over before it even starts.

A sleek black car is waiting for me outside. I climb in, immediately slouching.

I almost drift off before we arrive at my building. Leaving fifty dollars behind, I thank the driver and head inside. There’s a couple of paparazzi. They just snap some pictures, thankfully not coming up to me. Some people in the lobby pretend to not notice me, standoffish, while others wave and congratulate me.

I try to keep the energy up, but it’s been on a rapid decline apparently ever since I stepped out of my door to get dressed and ready.

The elevator dings and I’m on the ninth floor.

“f*ck,” I murmur, remembering I didn’t bring my keys.

I start to bang on the door. People pass by, giving me odd looks. I ignore it.

Should’ve never moved to Piltover .

Jinx opens the door, still in the same outfit she was in during the premiere.

“I posted on your feed and story. You can look at it in the morning. We’ll also check out people’s reactions to your interviews, and your stats. Ekko and Viktor will probably have you look at the ratings and critics for the movie too. For now… you look completely dead, so you can go to sleep.” She urges me to my bedroom and shuts the door.

I carefully undress and remove all my jewelry. Surprised even Mel trusted me with this.

Gently putting them down, storing them exactly the way Mel instructed.

Finally, I throw myself in bed, out like a light in seconds.

In a velvet red suit with flowery seemingly Russian patterns. Plain white shirt left open, still leaving some nice things up to the imagination. Her glow reflects off of her jewelry. It’s almost blinding but in the most extraordinary way possible.

“You’re supposed to be writing an article. Thought you were too classy for fanfiction. About real people too?” The sudden voice startles me, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“Jayce, please go away. Marcus is on my case about getting this done.”

He shifts from behind to in front of me, dropping himself into the chair on the other side of my desk.

“He says that if I don’t have it done by tonight, he’ll give my office to someone else.” Exhausted, I drop my head in my hands, pulling away to rub my eyes with the heels of my palms.

“Ugh, Marcus is such an asshole.”

“No kidding,” I groan.

This article has been taking longer than usual. That’s what normally happens when a certain someone’s at the event I’m reporting on.

“I just wish I got to write about something more… important.” I throw my head back in frustration, huffing out a breath.

“Vi not important enough for you?”

I lift my head back up, narrow my eyes, and glare at him.

Muttering a small “Shut up,” before I try to put my mind back in the right place.

Unfortunately, my mind only goes to the freckles that Vi seems to always refuse to cover. I can’t help but be grateful for her decision to bless us with the wonderful sight.

There’s a knock at the door and all I can do is hope that it isn’t the one person I wished would poof out of existence.

“Ms. Kiramman, I hope the story is going well. Don’t forget to write about your little girlfriend. It’ll do numbers.”

My hopes and dreams are crushed.

Yes, please exploit my gay panic, Marcus! That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do in life.

Instead of saying that, I choose to not dignify him with a response.

“Jayce, always a pleasure.”


Marcus leaves to go be unproductive and bother someone else elsewhere.

Gosh, do I feel bad for his daughter.

“Do you not have any work to do?” My gaze doesn’t leave my laptop, hoping that it will finish the article for me if I stare menacingly enough.

“Nope. Press is starting to slow down for the week before picking back up for the theatrical release. Ms. Agent is already trying to get me another job, hopefully a series now that the Galaxy Forever era is kind of over. It’ll keep me busier.”

“Mhm, yeah, that’d be cool.” Somehow I find myself looking through other articles, pictures of her muscular build at every single angle imaginable.

Oh, an actual review of the movie .

The performances were all solid 4 out of 10s. The casting directors were obviously too distracted by thick arms and tiny waists to find actual talent.

“What the f*ck. Who wrote this thing?”

Jayce sits up and straightens his back when I turn my screen around for him to see.

“It’s like they watched a completely different movie. Reading this, they have absolutely no right to talk about “bad pacing and writing.” As if they could do any better. Galaxy Forever is basically a masterpiece.”

Jayce only leans back, thinking over what he can say.

“There are always stories like this trying to be edgy and disagree with the majority. Look at any other article and they’ll say something totally different… Right?” I turn the laptop back towards me, searching through more articles.

There aren’t as many since the premiere was only last night, but the ones I can find are overwhelmingly positive.

“Yeah, the rest are actually intelligent.” I’m typing new things into the search bar, trying to find any and all articles that were written.

“Look at you, defending my honour. Or are you defending Vi’s?” There he goes again.

“I don’t know why you always feel so inclined to mention Ms. Lane. I barely know her.” He leans forward, resting his elbows right next to the pictures of him and I and some of my parents on my desk.

“Yeah but you wanna change that.”

“Okay, you’re done, you can leave. I need to finish this.”

Jayce stands up defeatedly, waving goodbye, and leaves me alone between the mint green walls of my small office.

Maybe I should focus on the actual content more than the actors right now.

Thoughts & Brainstorm:

To say the least, the ‘ Galaxy Forever ’ was good . To say the most, it deserves a nomination in every single category this coming award season. It completely blew me away.

The writing was extraordinary. It paid homage to every science fiction film before it while also bringing something unique that can stand on its own.

Those one hundred and twenty minutes were spent getting you attached to characters and then breaking your heart by the end. It was for the best, but that doesn’t put the pieces of my heart back together.

The cinematography and videography… I don’t even have the right words to describe it.

Every single shot, transition, and cut had a purpose. Telling you something that the script just wouldn’t.

The score had me in tears. It completely moved me. The original soundtrack feathering spectacular artists.For example, Seraphine and K/DA. Showing their talent in ways we’ve never seen before. Emotional, exposed, touching.

I gaze down to the clock in the corner of my screen, looking for an excuse to get up and move. It reads half past thirteen hours. Time for a break.

The second my feet hit the pavement, I hear the first satisfying crunch of the fall season.

The light breeze is a perfect contrast to my stuffy office.

The leaves are all turning gorgeous shades of red, orange, and yellow.

It’s the perfect weather for a nice latte.

There’s a popular café down the street that always holds the best seasonal flavours and treats. Pumpkin spice has to be on the menu by now.

The walk is just the relaxing break I needed. My knitted sweater keeping me warm, and my laced-up combat boots protecting me from stray puddles. It’s the perfect thing to clear my head.

Piltover has its major downfalls, but gosh is it a beautiful place. The busy streets are lined with turning leaves and almost stripped trees, some still standing strong, full of green.

Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations are put up, coloured wreaths on each door.

A nice black, orange, and red one with fake cobwebs is on the café door.

The humidity the heater of the establishment is producing hits me as soon as I walk in.

Rolling up my sleeves, I walk over to the counter, order my first pumpkin spice latte of the season and a sweet treat to spoil myself, adding a twenty-five percent tip, and wait at the other end for it to be prepared.

I idly pick my phone out of my back pocket, checking my Instagram.

Double tapping on all of the posts about the premiere. Everyone looks stunning in the perfect lighting.

“Pumpkin spice and a chocolate cupcake for Caitlyn?”

Lifting my hand for a shy wave, I make myself known. “Thank you, Jericho.”

I pick it up and go sit in a soft sofa chair.

Story after story after story and something finally catches my eye.

I gasp loudly. Loud enough for some people to stare, but none of that matters compared to what’s on my screen.

The most recent slide on Vi's story, posted only fifteen minutes ago, is a picture of my interview with her. She’s looking up at me through her eyelashes and I’m blushing.

A lot closer than I remember us being.

There’s text above it.


My all time favourite interviewer.

Hope to see you again soon 💘


Looking at it, it doesn’t seem flirty or romantic. It can easily be interpreted as friendly. But those facts don’t make it any easier to breathe.

Press, it’s all for attention. She doesn’t mean it. She didn’t even post herself, she has a PR team.

A notification pops up at the top of my screen, breaking me out of my racing mind.

Jayce 👰🏻♂️

Did you see Vi’s story?????

You guys are so cute it hurts 😫

And he just pulls me right back in.

It takes a second for me to come up with a response. Something that won’t tell him I’m totally panicking right now.


She’s just being nice

Jayce 👰🏻♂️

Yeah right 👀👀👀

I scoff and stand from my chair.


You’re now uninvited from the Kiramman Thanksgiving dinner.

Your mother may still come

Jayce 👰🏻♂️

Come on Cait !!!!!!!

Don’t be like that :(


I’ll think it over…

Jayce 👰🏻♂️

Thank you for your mercy 🙏🏼

I’m now on the sidewalk, heading back to work.

I’m dreading it more than I would have a couple of minutes ago. Marcus had to have seen the post.

I’m proven right when I see him practically waiting for me as I walk back into the building. I pass him, pretending not to notice his knowing look.

Locking myself in my office, I lean my back against the door and take a deep breath.

Relax, relax, relax.

Is Vi attractive? Very. Does she have this enticing aura that always leaves you wanting more? Definitely. But she’s also a celebrity actress. She has everyone and their mothers after her. Literally. She’s just joking around to get a rise out of people.

My phone is buzzing.

Reluctantly checking my Instagram, there are a solid amount of DM requests. People saying they wished they were me, how I don’t deserve her, how I should stay in my place.

As if I didn’t already know any of this. Should’ve turned these off long ago.

There aren’t so many, but still . Vi has a very decent following, one that’s constantly growing. I’m not entirely surprised. It’s not really the first time I’ve gotten messages like this. But it is the first time that Vi has directly addressed me on social media. She follows me, but she’s never posted me .

Us .

Me and her .


Another deep breath through my nose and out of my mouth.

I shut off my phone, get back into the zone, and my fingertips are typing away.


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Chapter 2: thanksgiving pleads


it's thanksgiving
featuring big brother jayce, anxious lesbian cait and pining lesbian vi


tried third person !! a little nervous, but hope you guys enjoy :)))))

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

Everyone is buzzing around the kitchen and dining room, getting the table ready for the big dinner.

“Hey! No touching.” Jinx slaps Ekko’s hand away from the mashed potatoes dish, staring daggers into him.

He scowls but doesn’t persist.

Vi’s taking the thickened gravy off of the stove and pouring it into a sauce boat. Weaving past Claggor who’s holding the salt and pepper, careful not to spill a drop.

“Everyone ready?”

The table is decked out full of everyone’s favourite delicacies.

Apple pie for Vander and Benzo, macaroni that’s heavy on the cheese for Vi, salty biscuits for Ekko, all the greens for Claggor, some bacon for Jinx, and a ground beef casserole for Mylo.

All of the food surrounds a golden brown turkey with beautiful thyme, onion, and lemon filling spilling out of it.

“Okay, let’s start.” Benzo’s gruff voice catches everyone’s attention, everyone taking their place around the spread.

“What’s everyone thankful for this year?” Claggor asks, noisily shifting his chair closer to the table.

“I’m thankful for my new ride and this insane meal,” Mylo starts, rubbing his hands together, practically drooling.

“I’m thankful for family,” Benzo adds. Always the same thing every year .

“I’m thankful for good business.” Vander beams. The Last Drop’s many patrons and full nights in mind.

It’s been doing amazing these past couple of months after its much needed revamp. More rich Piltie’s deciding to go now that it has the formal but still fun and cultural Zaunite feel to it.

Thankfully, their poshness hasn’t completely ruined the vibe.

“I’m thankful for my job.” Ekko nudges Vi in the arm playfully.

“Same. My job’s awesome.” There’s a bright smile on Jinx’s face despite Vi’s annoyed sneer directed at her.

“I’m thankful for my paid off house,” Claggor says proudly.

There’s a pause, the room filling with silence.

Vi’s face is now eerily straight with a small scowl, not making a sound. Not even a grunt or a hum.

“Vi? What are you thankful for?” Vander raised his eyebrows at Vi expectantly, but Vi only crosses her arms and leans back in her chair.

Everyone waits for something to happen, but there’s nothing.

“Ugh, come on, Vi! I said I was sorry and took it down,” Jinx huffs loudly, starting to pout.

“She had already seen it before you did,” Vi mutters.

“What else do you want me to do? Go back in time?” Jinx groans sarcastically.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I want.”

Ekko snorts at their antics while everyone else looks around the table confused.

“What happened?” Vander asks, leaning in and resting his elbows around his plate.

“I posted something about some girl on Vi’s Instagram and now she’s mad at me.”

“Okay, no. Caitlyn Kiramman isn’t ‘some girl,’ she’s a professional trying to do her job. Posting something like that totally crossed a boundary and she probably thinks I’m a creep now. I’ve never stepped over that line before, it’s what we agreed on, Jinx. Speculation, not confirmation to get the public going. You didn’t even ask me beforehand. We could’ve sent her a message to make sure she was comfortable with it.” The scar on Vi’s eyebrow gets closer and closer to her hairline the more she adds. Frustration grew in her all over again.

“It was up for an hour! And the fans loved it! Before I even posted it, there were already edits of you guys all over TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. People were even making gifs of you guys on Tumblr! The ticket sales for the movie are going insane all over Runeterra. You can’t say it didn’t help, even the smallest bit. Plus, it wasn’t like I said ‘Oh my gods, you’re so hot, please have my babies,’” Jinx says quickly. “ Even if we all know that’s what you’re actually thinking ,” she grumbles under her breath.

Claggor snorts, Ekko snickers, and Vi looks unimpressed.

“Anyway, it was inherently friendly and very harmless.”

A moment passes and they both slump down into their chairs.

Mylo’s chuckling earns a glare from both sisters.

Ekko sits back, enjoying the show, while Vander shakes his head.

“Vi, I completely understand why you would be upset and a little uncomfortable with the post, but maybe look at the bright side. It’s made you very popular, more people are noticing your talent, and the movie is doing great.” Vi picks at her pants, avoiding eye contact.

“Jinx, I know your intentions were in the right place. You were having fun and meant well, but it was unfair to put both Vi and…”

“Caitlyn,” Vi reminds him.

“Yes, Caitlyn, in that position without telling them first. Now can you guys please resolve this, Mylo looks like he’s about to swallow the turkey whole.”

The girls turn to each other, both immediately folding when they look into the other’s eyes.

It was hard to be mad at Jinx for Vi. The situation was just a little frustrating. The thought of pushing Caitlyn farther away than she already was, making her even more out of reach, just… rocked her a little. And she doesn’t really have any idea why.

“Fine, I forgive you. And I’m sorry for giving you the silent treatment, that was dumb and immature,” Vi says, pulling Jinx into a side hug and ruffling her already messy braids.

“And I’m sorry for posting it… for the millionth time.” Jinx smiles, pushing Vi away from her playfully.

“Okay, good, now we can eat.” And right away, everything is everywhere.

Everyone digging in, fighting over spoons and bowls.

The natural conversation picks back up, Vi finally saying she was thankful for being alive and free.

The meal is beyond delicious, everyone filled to the brim by the end of it.

“The party still happening on Halloween?” Mylo asks, lounging lazily in his chair.

“I don’t know yet. Everything’s kind of busy right now. Might just have to cancel,” Vi sighs, picking the extra vegetables out of the bowl and unceremoniously dangling them into her mouth.

“What? Vi, no! I’ve been planning it for too long. Plus, I already have my costume!” Jinx practically yells.

Vi smiles and shrugs, not saying anything else.

Being pulled in hundreds of different directions and feeling stretched out too thin, it makes her stomach turn. She wants to let loose and have fun, but there’s too much to do and too much to get done. Too many people she can’t let down.

She looks out of the open window behind Claggor, the cloudless sky, a bright blue like… Ugh . Her smile drops at the reminder.

Ekko, knowing exactly what Vi’s thinking, chuckles at how dramatic she’s being.

“You still on this, Vi?” He jokes, everyone else continuing to chat.

“I just want to apologize or acknowledge it at least. Posting it and deleting it soon after, I think it made it weirder.”

“Just DM her.” Ekko shrugs as if it’s the simplest thing in the world.

“No, I’m more respectful than that, Little Man.” Vi throws her head back, trying to come up with something.

The last thing Vi wants is for their fun banter to turn awkward. Caitlyn is so nice and so sweet ( and so pretty ). The last thing Vi wants is to put her in an uncomfortable position and make her feel bad. Admittedly, the post wasn’t even really all that false.

Ekko glances past Vi broodily reaching for an extra biscuit to look at Jinx with a pleading expression, searching for some support.

She rolls her eyes, not understanding why Vi was still so worked up about it. Guess this is what being a pining lesbian is all about.

“Well, if we have the party on the thirty-first, Mel and Vik are on the invite list already and I can give Jayce a plus one. Maybe he’ll bring his bestie and you’ll be able to apologize in person.”

Vi pauses, stops stuffing the pastry down her throat.

“Jinx… you little sh*t. That’s smart," she mumbles, muffled by the half-chewed biscuit in her mouth.

Jinx shrugs, dipping a piece of bacon in some gravy.

“Wait, no. Just add her to the list. I want her to know that she’s legitimately invited, not just passively,” Vi suggests after thinking on it for a second.

“Oh, you’re eager, Vi,” Mylo chides.

Claggor elbows him and Mylo rubs his side, glaring at him dramatically.

“I’m very close to taking you off of that list,” Vi warns, kicking him in the shin under the table.

“So we’re having it?” Jinx asks excitedly.

“Sure, why not?”

“Awesome! Well, the list is done, so if you need me to get rid of him, do it now,” Jinx whispers loudly, getting everyone to chuckle.

“It’s alright, I’ll show some mercy today. Send everyone the info right now so they have time to figure out their costumes and RSVP them. Speaking of, Claggor, you can not dress up as mayonnaise. Please do not embarrass me.” Jinx is already going at it on her phone when Claggor falls back into his seat defeatedly because of Vi completely shutting down his best idea yet.

“Not even ironically?”

“Absolutely not.”

“Am I invited?” Vander asks suddenly.

The whole table goes silent, no one knowing if he’s being serious.

“What? You don’t want your old man there?”

“Uh,” Vi starts, looking at Claggor, Jinx, Mylo, and Ekko. An eyes wide, deer in the headlights, ‘help me’ expression plastered on her face.

“I’m just kidding. Let’s clean up and put a movie on.” Everyone simultaneously lets out a deep, relieving breath as both Benzo and Vander stand up, chuckling to themselves.

The helps are buzzing around the extravagant dining room table, helping them set everything up.

A bright, shiny chandelier hangs from the coffered ceiling, casting a brilliant light on the mouthwatering food. Everyone has to restrain themselves from eating directly out of the serving dishes, trying to stay composed while looking at the various platters.

How nice the dinner turned out this year was extra important. Caitlyn had finally convinced her parents to tone down on the amount of food they would prepare to reduce waste, suggesting they make some on their own to give the staff a decent holiday.

Her dad thought it was a great idea, while her mother reminded her that she was a horrible cook and insisted on just sitting and watching.

Thankfully, it ended up being worth it.

Ximena, Jayce, Tobias, and Cassandra have already taken their place around the table, waiting for Caitlyn to bring in the final addition to their supper.

The home cooking of the meal delayed them almost two hours, the sun almost completely set, but it was certainly worth the pleasant outcome.

“We’ve seen the reviews on the new film, Jayce. Even Caitlyn’s article. It seems to be doing extraordinarily well. We’re very proud. Can’t wait to see it,” Cassandra says kindly, Tobias nodding along.

“Can barely wait!” He adds.

Ximena squeezes Jayce’s thigh, giving him an encouraging smile.

“It really was amazing,” she whispers.

Jayce can’t help the proud grin that starts to spread across his face.

“I can barely fathom the idea of teenage Jayce. Us giving him his first job. We knew you’d be the next greatest thing. It’s wonderful how far you’ve come.” Tobias takes his napkin and sets it on his lap, avoiding eye contact in case anyone would be able to detect his teary eyes.

“I’ve said this before, but I just have to say it again. The fact that I was so worried about you wanting to go into acting and all you’ve ever done is prove me wrong warms my heart.” Ximena holds her hand to her heart, looking at Jayce tenderly.

“Are you guys done being sappy so we can start eating?” Caitlyn barges in, a large tawny turkey surrounded by vegetables in a roaster pan in her oven mitt covered hands.

“We were waiting for you, darling,” Cassandra reprimands, mimicking Tobias by taking her own napkin and placing it on her lap.

“Sorry,” Caitlyn mumbles, putting the dish in the middle of the table.

“Okay, what’s everyone grateful for this year?” Jayce asks.

Ximena doesn’t even take a moment to think before telling hers. “I’m grateful for happiness.”

Tobias hums before saying his piece. “I’m grateful for my beautiful daughter and my beautiful wife.” He grins while Caitlyn and Cassandra both playfully roll their eyes at his antics.

“I’m grateful for the success of my loved ones. They deserve the world,” Cassandra adds.

“I’m grateful for the gift of life,” Jayce says, a smirk on his face.

“Well, I’m grateful for…” Caitlyn starts before Jayce interrupts with a very unsubtle cough of the name “Vi.”

Caitlyn glares at him while everyone else lifts their brows questioningly.

“I’m grateful for the fact that Jayce is not actually my brother and I can kick him out of this house whenever I’d like.” The sarcastic cheer in Caitlyn’s voice only makes Jayce laugh.

“Vi? Like your co-star?” Ximena asks, breaking the sudden silence.

“The woman everyone thinks you’re dating?”

Caitlyn’s head snaps to her mother’s direction, eyes blown wide.

“How do you know about that?”

“I may be a little on the older side, but I still work in the industry. If my daughter’s name is in tabloids and all over social media, it would be odd if I wasn’t aware.” Caitlyn doesn’t say anything, just huffing out a defeated breath.

“Well? Are you guys dating or not?” Her father asks.

“No!” Caitlyn almost shouts quickly. Her mother sends her a chastising look.

“Sorry. No, we’re not,” she finishes.

“Well, she seems to have taken a liking to you. Do you know her well? Maybe you guys should set something up,” Cassandra suggests.

Vi was a successful and very talented actress, still on the verge of stardom, but almost there.

Though Caitlyn deserves the absolute best, Vi isn’t completely below her league. She’d be good for her.

“Um, no. I don’t think that’ll be happening anytime soon. Anyway.” Caitlyn claps loudly, trying to ignore the heat that has begun to rise in her body. “Let’s get to eating! I’m famished, I can hardly wait.”

After that, they get right to it. Ximena scoops mashed potatoes on everyone’s plates, Tobias passes the gravy around, Cassandra gives everyone a healthy serving of vegetables, and Caitlyn cuts the turkey. A crisp sound is heard when the knife passes through the tanned skin and Caitlyn beams at the result.

“Ugh, the spread turned out just wonderfully. You all did fantastically,” Cassandra encourages.

Light jazz plays in the background of their easy conversations.

After Ximena and Tobias break the wishbone, Tobias getting the bigger half and refusing to tell anyone what he wished for, Cassandra starts to tell a rather risqué story of the first R-rated movie she directed. She’s right at the climax of her story when they’re interrupted by Caitlyn and Jayce’s phones buzzing.

An invite to a big Halloween party.

Hosted by none other than Vi Lane.

Cassandra keeps going, but Caitlyn’s mind is in an entire other universe.

How could she invite me? I’m nothing to her. We’re barely friends. She’s toying with me.

“Well, are you going? We have to RSVP with our costumes ASAP. Very strict rule of no repeats,” Jayce whispers loudly in Caitlyn’s direction.

“She probably invited me by accident. I won’t go,” Caitlyn mutters.

“Oh, come on, Cait. Live a little, have some fun.”

Of course, Caitlyn wants to go, but she couldn’t help but feel insecure. Everyone going would be famous and talented people. And she was just some reporter. Vi’s just having fun feeding into the speculation. Can’t blame her, it’s giving her good publicity.

… I just selfishly wish I didn’t feel so used.

Caitlyn fought with herself. Knowing that Vi could never truly like her and was only playing a game while also potentially starting to develop small feelings for her hurt the tiniest bit.

Maybe not the tiniest , but she isn’t here to admit that.

Caitlyn tries to ignore her flushed cheeks and chest for the rest of the dinner.

The night goes on, everyone now gathered in the theatre room, a movie about a family having a murderous Thanksgiving dinner playing on the big screen.

Jayce is laughing at the subpar acting when his phone starts to buzz rhythmically.

Telling everyone that he’ll be back in just a second, he answers the call once he’s out of the room.

“Hey, Jayce. Happy Thanksgiving.”

“What’s up, Vi? Happy Thanksgiving to you too.”

“Yeah, yeah, thanks,” Vi says over the phone.

There’s a pause. Vi not knowing how to continue and Jayce not really knowing where she plans on going with this.

“Vi, you only ever call when you need something. Out with it.”

“That’s not true,” she counters.

“It so is. If not, you’d just text me.”

She relents, being fully aware that he’s right.

“Uh, did you get the invite?” She starts.

“Yeah, I did. Already sent what I’m dressing up as.” He hears Vi trying to suppress her laughter on the other side of the line.

“Right, right, I remember. I… can’t wait to see it.” She’s completely failing at trying to hide her amusem*nt.

“Anything else?” Jayce asks.

“You know if… Caitlyn got the invite?” And there it was , the actual point of this call.

“Yup, she did. Says she’s not planning on going, though.”

“What? Why?”

“She said you probably invited her by accident.” Jayce shrugs despite Vi not being able to see him.

“Huh? Why would I do that?” She mutters.

“No idea.”

Vi takes a deep breath, collecting herself.

“Can you maybe find a way to convince her to come? I want her to be there.”

Jayce stops tapping a rhythm on the grey wall and leans against it instead, thinking it over cautiously.

“Why do you want her there so bad?”

There’s another moment of silence, Vi internally fighting with herself. That’s a very good question, Pretty Boy.

“I just do. We’re friends.”

“Barely. You guys are hardly mutuals and kind of coworkers,” Jayce scoffs, not at all picking up what she’s putting down.

“Do you not want her to come?” Vi questions.

Not knowing if voicing his concerns will offend Vi or not, he decides to do it anyway.

“I don’t want you to hurt her. I don’t want her to be a stupid game to you because Caitlyn deserves a million and one times more than that. I have no idea what your goal with her is and I’m not exactly thrilled to see how it turns out,” Jayce practically scolds.

He knows Caitlyn is starting to have feelings for Vi. The way her cheeks turn red and she starts to shift from one leg to another when she’s around or mentioned. She’s always fallen easily, even if she hides it well. The last thing he wants to see is his best friend heartbroken because some girl thinks she has the right to f*ck with her.

“I don’t want to hurt her. I never have,” Vi insists.

She never even realized how she might’ve come off that way. Playing around with Caitlyn and her feelings for her own benefit. Why would I ever want to do that?

“Good, because if you do, I’ll beat your ass,” Jayce warns.

“I won’t, swear to Janna. I do…” Where was I going with that? “I want to get to know Caitlyn. Properly. You know, as proper friends . Not ‘kind of coworkers.’” Jayce hums in acknowledgment, still a bit weary.

“And if you did try to beat my ass, I’d win,” she continues playfully.

“No, you wouldn’t. You block with your face.” Jayce recalls the play fight he and Vi had to warm up before learning the choreography of one of their fight scenes.

Everyone gathered around to watch, cheering and betting small bits of money. Jayce had people to impress (cough, cough, Melwho was visiting to oversee costuming and make sure everything was perfect) and Vi had something to prove, mostly to herself.

Ain’t no way she was letting some uptown douche get her down.

Cast and crew groaned when their training coach made sure to call it a draw before someone snapped a neck.

“And you have no technique,” Vi chuckles, remembering the same instance.

“Yeah, whatever.” They share a snicker before Vi reminds herself of what she’s here for.

“Either way, I don’t want to hurt her, at all. That’s the last thing I want to do. Please, help me convince her,” Vi pleads, not even trying to hide her desperation.

“I’ll see,” Jayce sighs.

“Thanks, bro. Have a good night, Jay,” Vi says finally.

“You too.” The line cuts.

Jayce stays in the hallway, mulling over whether he should trust Vi and convince Caitlyn to go. Maybe it’ll be good for her to get out there.

Walking back into the room, Caitlyn sends him a questioning look while all he does is plop himself down in the seat next to her.

“Sure you don’t want to go to that party?”

Caitlyn rolls her eyes, not understanding why he was still on this topic.

“I have no idea what my costume would even be,” she sighs, bouncing her leg.

“If your costume is the only thing stopping you from going, I know the perfect person who can help,” he whispers.


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Random Cassandra and Tobias relationship lore: fresh out of film school, Tobias moved to Piltover to start his career. There was a series being made that looked for talented up and coming directors to direct each episode. Both Tobias and Cassandra were picked. Each director met in a meeting to discuss the series or whatever. Cassie and Tobi immediately hit it off. Tobias totally fell first while Cassandra fell harder. For their ten year wedding anniversary, Cassie created a production company for them. They’re rich and famous and co own a production company now.
fun fact: another option for the title of this fic was 'Love Premiere' and im honestly thinking of changing it but idk. it just fits more. i do plan on making a reference to the current title later on but 🤷🏾♀️
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Chapter 3: halloween part I


the girls get ready for the party and talk to each other more


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Chapter Text

I’m driving down a secluded road in my home city, trying to find the old abandoned housewe found for the party, previously owned by some chem-baron. It was weirdly in a nice shape, surprisingly not completely torn apart.

People tend to back off it because of the previous owner being a crime boss asshole, but the daughter of said asshole is trying to revamp it into something better. A place open for community and stuff. It doesn’t erase the history and the death behind it, but she’s trying and I admire that.

My costume and small makeup bag is in the passenger seat, their shuffling around making me nervous.

I’m tapping along to the punk rock playing through the radio, ignoring my lack of rhythm.

Can you see me? The outdoor decorations aren’t up yet.” Jinx is on the phone, trying and hardly succeeding to give me directions.

Carefully straining my neck to look in every direction I can without getting into a car accident.

Suddenly, blue braids and flailing arms come into view. Standing in the middle of a long driveway of a massive house.

I remember approving the place, but seeing it in person makes me queasy.

Thinking back to me being a kid trying to survive. A tiny hole in the ground down in the Undercity with my mom, my dad, Jinx and I. The civil war, Vander finding us. All before I made it into acting, I was looked at as nothing.

Now I’m hosting a giant party, inviting rich celebrities and even being one myself. Spending excess money for what? For fun?

There’ll be people suffering while I’ll be getting drunk with people who haven’t experienced a struggle once in their lives.

“Hey! You just drove right past me.” f*ck.

“Sorry, wasn’t paying attention,” I say quietly, the guilty feeling still gnawing at my guts.

“Hey, Jinx?”

“Yup, still here.”

“We haven’t exceeded the budget yet have we?”

“Nope. Why? Want more stuff?” I turn back, seeing a small figure standing on that same gray driveway, a phone up to their ear.

“No, but with the extra money, do you think we’d be able to put them into the games?” I’m finally pulling in, Vander’s old truck huffing and puffing.

“What do you mean?” I hop out of the car, hanging up and opting to just talk with her face to face.

“You just hung up and didn’t answer my question.” Jinx shoves me lightly before leading me into the house.

“Right, sorry. I meant like whoever wins gets to donate to anywhere of their choice,” I suggest.

“Ooo, that’s a good idea! I’ll see what I can do.”

She’s showing me around the place, which decorations are where. The main area for the dance floor isn’t completely done, people still putting up fake bats and cobwebs.

“Sorry to spring it on you like that, sis. I know I depend on you to do a lot.”

“I get paid at the end of the day, so it is what it is,” she chuckles.

Jinx slows down, stopping in front of me, an extravagant chandelier hanging over us. “Plus, you’ve done so much for me, it’s the least I could do.” She pulls me into a hug, having to go on her tippy toes.

Jinx is definitely one of the major things that pushed me to actually try to pursue acting. To be able to fund this wonderful young woman’s happiness and make her feel whole like how she deserves. It was my duty.

“You don’t owe me anything. We’re in this together, remember?” I smile down at her.

I can’t imagine a life without my baby sister, and I honestly just don’t want to. Sounds miserable as hell.

“Hey, guys. The place looks awesome already.” Ekko walks in, recognizing he interrupted a moment.

“Sorry,” he whispers.

“It’s fine, don’t worry. Let’s help finish up the place.”

Mel is waiting for me outside as I pull into the parking lot.

It’s a pretty, Piltover, fancy version of a strip mall. Shiny and rich fashion houses that glow in the rays of the sun.

‘Medarda’ in gold is above the lustrous three panel door. Floor to ceiling windows displaying stunning past runway looks.

“Good afternoon, Mel,” I greet. Do I hug her? We’re not that close. Do I shake her hand? That’s too formal.

Not knowing what to do with my hands, I just hide them behind my back and try my best to give her a warm smile.

“Good afternoon!” Elora, one of Mel’s workers, opens the door and smiles, Mel and I happily returning it.

“I have to say, when Jayce told me you needed my help to get dressed up for the party, I got terribly excited.” She leads me to a back room, fabric, scissors, and rulers everywhere.

“Oh, no, I’m honoured that you even accepted.” There are mannequins with half finished designs and pinned on pieces of patterns.

“That’s so kind of you. But really, whenever I see you anywhere I always wonder why you haven’t tried modeling yet. You have the legs, the face, the elegance,” Mel fawns.

My face heats up at the compliments. “Just think, Caitlyn Kiramman: writer, journalist, reporter, heiress… model!”

Mel Medarda is possibly the most beautiful woman in all of Piltover. The fact that she would even think that of me makes me the smallest bit more confident in my flimsy limbs and plain face.

“You’re too kind, Mel.” I try not to choke on my words and cool myself down, the heat becoming unbearable.

“Don’t mention it, dear. I apologize for the state of my work room. My Snowdown line is really picking up pace.” She’s picking up rolls of fabric, organizing the area a bit more.

“No, no, I should be the one apologizing. I know this is rather sudden and you’re very busy. Thank you for squeezing me in.”

“I needed a change of creativity. This line is taking a lot out of me.”

Mel is getting herself ready while I take in my surroundings. It’s a comfortable silence, though I want to break it. I’m itching to ask questions, give ideas, and assist however I can, but I wouldn’t want to be invasive. She knows what she’s doing.

“Well, do you have any ideas of what your costume could be?”

These past couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to come up with an idea that I genuinely liked. Something comfortable, but still attractive. Something that excited me, but didn’t make me uncomfortable.

“I’ve always loved history, so I was thinking about going down that route? I remember one of your shows that my parents went to a couple of years ago. There was a dress that reminded me of a certain sapphic figure from the seventeenth century. It’s not exactly it, but it was very similar. Is this too big of an ask?”

A knowing grin grows on Mel’s face, stretching out her red painted lips. “That would look…” I hold my breath, waiting for her to tell me a resounding no. I wouldn’t be surprised. It looks terribly expensive. I wouldn’t trust myself with it either.

“It would look absolutely stunning on you, Ms. Kiramman. That’s a brilliant idea! I know precisely what dress you’re thinking of. La Maupin, right? She was my inspiration. Maybe we’ll be able to find a sword around here.”

I’m suppressing the excitement coursing through my veins, flowing from my toes to my fingers to the top of my head.

The last thing I want is to come off overzealous.

“Oh, am I excited to play dress up with you, Ms. Kiramman.”

The party begins in just about half an hour.

I’m fixing up the tie around the collar of my oversized white long sleeved shirt that covers my hands completely if it’s not scrunched up. The pants are baggy around my legs, the suit jacket that’s even bigger than the shirt and the dirty mask are sitting on the lid of the spider covered toilet as I finish up my makeup.

I’m gliding the small brush messily around my eyelid.

f*ck.”Specks of black eyeshadow fall all over my chest and stomach.

There’s red paint covering the shirt anyway, doesn’t really change much.

I step back and give myself a once over in the mirror. I look good. Not good good, but Halloween good.

I smear some lipstick on, sliding my fingers from my lips to my cheek to make the look messier.

My toy hatchet is in the corner, leaning against the wall.

“Vi, are you done? I wanna see!”

The loud scratches against the door make me jump. “What the hell are you dressed as? A pack of knives?” I shout, pulling on my jacket and mask.

It’s thankfully not too hard to see through the sack. It has a cutout smile and holes for my eyes, exposing the dark makeup.

I finally open the door and I can’t be anything but impressed as hell.

Jinx’s long braids are now a painted black nest around her. She’s in an all black leather and rusted silver spikes everywhere outfit. A tank top like accessory that’s really just a bunch of belts and buckles. One large one around her stomach and smaller ones over her chest and her shoulders.

There are more belts on her arms and legs, some down her left leg leading to her dark boots.

Black gloves lead to long scissor fingers.

Her face is powered to be paler than usual, covering her eyebrows in addition to the light red tint around her eyes.

“How’d you know?” She asks, her scissor hands on her hips.

“Holy f*ck, Jinx! You look amazing! Did you do this all yourself?”

“Of course,” she says, dragging out the last word.

“Tim Burton is a bit of a weirdo, but gods is the movie good.” She takes a second to look me over, a lightbulb dinging in her head.

“Oh! The Strangers!” She almost yells, poking me in the stomach.

“People’ll be here soon, let’s go.” She’s very jumpy, the excitement obviously really getting to her.

The house looks insane. Red leaves, pumpkins, ghosts, zombies, fake body bags: everywhere. Every inch decorated to the f*cking nines while still leaving enough mobile space. There are baskets of candy and treats in every corner and bowls and platters of food around the main area and the bar.


“Don’t even mention it,” she interrupts.

Ekko is leaning against the wall downstairs, waiting for us. His locs are pinned down, making a side part in his hair. A big dark grey jacket dropping right above his ankles.

Two strips of reflective light gray on each arm, one around the chest and one close to the bottom.

He has blue cuffed jeans and black sneakers peeking out under the jacket. Dark gloves with a skeleton hand design on it on his hands. Almost perfectly resembling a certain character from the movie Coraline.

“What happened to ‘I’m too cool to actually dress up, so I’ll just put a hoodie and jeans on and say I’m Daniel Kaluuya in Nope’?” Jinx asks, mocking his deeper voice.

“Thought I shouldn’t bring the vibe down.” He shrugs.

We chuckle as Jinx rushes over to the DJ, spooky music sounding around us soon after.

The person in front of me is gorgeous. Pretty curves, sharp cheekbones, soft lips. She’s almost unrecognizable, but not quite.

“Don’t we just look out of this world?” Mel is posing beside me, both of us looking into the large mirror attached to the wall.

It’s an image I‘m not completely unfamiliar with. A red carpet, a showing, a premiere, whatever it is. There’s always this beautiful, ideal image that looks back at me.

“How do you feel ?”

The corset is wonderfully comfortable. It’s black with rosy designs and a damask like pattern but made with gold leaf flakes lining the rounds of my chest, the bottom edge of the piece, part of it dipping down my front. The pattern continues up my stomach and on my sides. The laces are tied nicely behind me. A short, red, open poncho sits on my shoulders, two long also red frills at my hips, the top one paler than the one under, more similar to the cover-up on my shoulders. A beaded design lines the bottom of the dress and shoes with a small heel all matching the colour of the poncho.

There are sheer black tights underneath and old gold gloves that go from the tips of my fingers to the middle of my triceps.

My hair is pulled into a classically messy bun, topping off the getup with an assortment of flowers in it.

The woman in the mirror smiles, her bright eyes shine.

I’m warm but not in embarrassment. In a way that feels like a hug.

“I feel good.” Mel beams. “You should, Ms. Kiramman.” The feeling almost makes me tear up, but I don't dare let anything fall. I wouldn’t want to ruin this perfectly applied makeup.

“Well, how do I look?” She gives me a little spin, turning on her toes.

Mel has surprising went for a simpler look. A knee-length sleeveless black dress with a small black jacket. Along with matching black small rectangular sunglasses, a large hat, and short heels. Of course, she’s adorned in gold.

It’s almost like it’s impossible for her to not look like one of Janna’s favourites.

“Incredible. Glad we’re both doing historical.”

“We’re going to walk in there like we own the place,” she states confidently, popping out a hip to the side. I only smile harder.

She looks me up and down for a moment, a final inspection. “You sure you don’t want to push the girls up a little bit more?” She waves her hand in front of my chest, indicating which area she’s talking about.

“Mel! I can not deal with you,” I scoff, my entire body rapidly heating up.

“Come on, Caitlyn. Janna has blessed you, might as well show it off.” She raises her perfectly painted brow suggestively. “Maybe you’ll get a few second glances.” Mel shrugs.

“From who?” I pose, crossing my arms as she plays around with her hair.

“Oh, you know…” I roll my eyes at her antics, deciding to not entertain it.

“Suit yourself.” She goes back to looking in the mirror until she snaps her fingers suddenly, making me jump.

“Your sword should be here.”

“We’re already late, aren’t we? We can get going, you’ve already done so much.”

“No, we’re fashionably late. Your costume is utterly incomplete without it.”

She opens the door of the dressing room and peeks out. “Lux, darling? Do you have it?”

A blond in a blue pantsuit comes rushing in, presenting the sword to Mel. “Thank you.”

“You guys look… I don’t even have the words,” Lux says, a slight pink to her cheeks.

“Thank you so much, Lux. Do you have any plans for tonight?” I ask.

“Um, no, not really. I don’t know many people in Piltover yet. It’s alright though, I’ll have a relaxing night.”

“Are you sure you don’t want any company?”

Mel hands me the long silver sword before going back to brushing off her dress while I talk to the employee. Thankfully, it’s not actually sharp.

“Oh, I’ll be fine.” She scratches her arm nervously, shifting on her feet.

“There’s a great club in Zaun called The Last Drop. It’s fun, but not too overwhelming. There’s an awesome band called The Firelights that play there too. Make some friends while you’re here.” Mel begins to guide me out of the fashion house, past more tables, mannequins and employees, waving goodbye with suggestive fingers at Elora.

“I’ll think about it,” she replies apprehensively.

“Good. Hope to see you around!”

There’s a sleek black sedan waiting for us outside with a driver in the front seat. We climb in, calming music already playing.

“You ready?” Mel asks.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”


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things you might need to know for this chapter:
Ekko dressed up as Wybie from Coraline, Vi dressed up as one of the killers from The Strangers, Jinx dressed as Edward Scissorhands,
where I got cait’s costume idea,her corset inspo, pic the costume was based on
how i found mel's costume

i love randomly throwing in lux like it slays
i didn't explicitly say it, but Jinx is trans in this :)

Chapter 4: halloween part II


They talk and stuff :)


We’re back !!!!
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(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

The party’s becoming rowdy quickly. People starting to flood the place, eating all the food, ordering a ton of drinks, and dancing all over each other under the dull strobing lights.

I’m behind the bar, looking at the sea of costumes everywhere. I’m hearing the door open and close a bunch and I can’t help but snap my neck in that direction every time.

It’s never who I’m hoping it would be, but this time, it’s not super disappointing.

Jayce walks in with Viktor. The sight is literally the most hilarious thing, I burst out laughing when someone is trying to get me to make a drink for them and a ton of other people are trying to talk to me.

Vik has decorated his cane in cobwebs and spiders, his face covered with a Ghostface mask.

Next to him, Jayce was wearing a maid costume, fabric choker and all. It ended just below the middle of his thighs.

There seemed to be extensions in his hair, making his brown locks fall below his shoulders. Who knew he’d look so good as an anime girl?

They make their way to their bar and I can’t even come close to denying that my face is very red from cackling so much.

“Yeah, yeah, laugh it up.” And I do. I f*cking laugh it up so godsdamn hard.

“You look so good!” I practically yell, trying to get myself to calm down.

“I know,” Jayce says, flicking his hair out of his face.

The creaking of the door makes its way to Vi’s ears again.

“Hey, you know when Caitlyn’s getting here?”

Viktor pulls his mask off and sets it down on the counter.

“Why don’t you just message her?” Viktor suggests.

My leg is bouncing while I busy myself making their drinks. Popping off the cap of Jay’s beer and pouring Vik’s rum and co*ke.

They lean against the counter and get to talking while I fish my phone out of my back pocket.

Opening Instagram and staring at our empty DMs.

I crane my neck to hear those satisfying pops.

My fingers start moving. Worst that can happen is a blow to the gut and I can handle those.

Vi Lane 💥 🏳️🌈

hi, caitlyn :)

the party’s up and running, hope u’ll be here soon !

No. that’s weird. Maybe full words.

Vi Lane 💥 🏳️🌈

what’s up, caitlyn

you on your way?

Not quite. Keep it casual.

Vi Lane 💥 🏳️🌈

hope you aren’t lost lol

That just sounds mean.

I almost drop my phone before speech bubbles pop up.

Caitlyn K. 💓

Good evening, Vi

Sorry to bother, I know you’re busy with the party, but Mel and I are bit lost and Jayce and Viktor aren’t answering their phones

Vi Lane 💥 🏳️🌈

hey, your not bothering me it’s alright

just pass through the lanes and exit north

you won’t miss us :)

Caitlyn K. 💓

You’re amazing, thank you ❤️

I turn around for a second, putting my mask back on, cleaning up my area, scrubbing cups and fixing up bottles. Keeping myself occupied so I could actually do something and not just wait for her arrival.

After a bit, I hear clicking heels get louder and louder, in sync with the bass of the song playing over the speakers while I wipe down some more glasses and try to handle the amount of people demanding drinks.

“Hello, can I order a drink?” The graceful accent instantly makes me whip around, immediately notifying me that this isn’t just another person attempting to get wasted tonight.

Words completely f*cking fail me at the sight of her.

It’s like there’s a halo around her, lighting up the area around us.

I know she recognizes me, straightening her back and taking a step away, brushing her perfect dress off.


I quickly pull the sack off of my head, my messy hair falling all over the place, kind of sticking to my face because of the sweat building up on my skin.

“Hi!” I gasp a little too loudly.

Thankfully, she finds it amusing. “Hey. I, uh, I like your costume.”

She takes a seat on the stool in front of me, settling her arms on the countertop.

“Thanks! It’s from The Strangers. Have you watched it? I think it’s awesome, definitely one of my favourites. It’s like a regular horror movie but doesn’t totally rely on cheap tricks and really gets you going. It’s awesome.” You’re doing great.

“I like yours too. You look great,” I continue. What a f*cking understatement.


A moment passes of us just staring until the vibrations in my body take over, needing an outlet.

“The place looks amazing.”

“Do you need a drink?”

I pause and chuckle awkwardly, whispering a sorry for interrupting her.

“Um, I wouldn’t mind a drink. Is there anything you would suggest?” Now, this is my playing field.

Caitlyn watches timidly as I roll my shoulders back, relaxing my body and shaking out of my racing thoughts.

“I’ll surprise you.” Topping it off with a wink, my confidence is back.

I pull off my jacket before grabbing a glass and all the things I need.

Before completely forgetting she’s watching, her sharp, blue, unwavering gaze keeps me alert.

More people come up to the bar asking for whatever they need. I rush through theirs before jumping back into Caitlyn’s. I take my time with hers, careful not to add too much of one thing or too little of another.

After spinning the shaker around and tossing it in between my hands, I finally strain it into a co*cktail glass, sprinkling a decent amount of chocolate shavings on top.

Sliding the cup in front of her, she continues to stare. She doesn’t take her eyes off of me, even while she takes her first sip of the drink.

She hums, a small smile appearing on her face.

“Took a few liberties on a classic mudslide.”

She takes a deeper sip, closing her eyes.

“It’s beyond perfect. What did you add?”

“Can’t spill my secrets.”

She chuckles, working on finishing up her drink.

“Not even for me?” Caitlyn mutters.

Her cheeks are already a little flushed as she rests her chin on her palm and her elbow on the bar.

“Come on, Caitlyn, that’s not fair.”

“Hm.” She rolls her eyes but the smirk on her face prevails.

I grab myself some whiskey so we could be on an even playing field and to ease my stupid nerves up a bit.

The way it smoothly runs down my throat relaxes me swiftly, releasing the tension in my shoulders.

“I hope I’m not bothering. Viktor, Mel, and Jayce seem to be a bit busy.” She turns to look at the three of them. Their little ensemble looks incredibly laughable with them in costume. Jayce is pulling out his best moves while Mel sways smoothly and Vik leans against the wall, looking amused.

A werewolf walks up beside Caitlyn, waving me over.

Ugh, shouldn’t have shown him any mercy.

I grab a beer and hand it to Mylo as he chuckles.

“You mind popping the cap, bartender?” My sneer apparently gets the message across because after that, he leaves me alone.

I turn back to Caitlyn. “You can hang with me for the night.” I push myself up on my toes a bit, my face coming closer to hers. She doesn’t pull away.

The lighting obviously has an effect, her eyes no longer a bright shade of turquoise, but a dark royal.

“Some events are gonna start soon, want me to show you around first?” I’m so quiet that I could only hope she heard me.

“I wouldn’t mind.” I shrug my jacket back on, pick up my mask and decide to leave the hatchet, lifting the counter and finally standing in front of her.

Only then do I notice the literal sword in her hand.

She notices my look and twirls it in her fingers for show, the colourful lights reflecting off of it. “It’s a part of my costume.” And thank Janna it is.

Not trusting myself with words, I nod my head towards the spiral stairs covered in a pattern of bats.

She follows closely behind me.

Viktor, Jay and Mel have moved somewhere else, Ekko joining the group.

Mel crosses her legs elegantly on the couch beside Ekko while Vik rests his legs on top of Jayce’s thighs.

“You doing alright over here? Need anything?” I ask, stopping for just a moment to check on them.

“We’re fine, Vi. Go have your fun.” He raises his brow as he looks over at Caitlyn beside me.

I narrow my eyes as they snicker.

“Ekko, please take care of the bar for me. I’ll be back in a bit.”

He starts to protest but we’re already pulling away, not giving him a chance to argue.

“My favourite decor piece is in the bathroom of the master.”

Leading her upstairs and down the hall, everything becomes quieter the further we get from the swarm of bodies.

I open the two big doors at the end. The room is filled with mummies all over, holding pumpkins in their lap.

“Tell me there will be a pumpkin carving competition.” She grazes one of them with her sword slowly, not leaving a mark.

“Can’t say.” I shrug with a smirk plastered on my face.

She rolls her eyes but follows me through the door I’m pushing open.

The mirror is cracked. The white sink right under it has splattered blood all over it, spiders coming out of the drains.

They lead down to the floor and towards the tub, crawling up the edge.

The tub is filled to the brim with red jello, two arms poking out of it.

I turn my head up, Caitlyn mirrors my movement.

She jumps a little at the sight, hearing the hitch of her breath.

A woman is attached to the cieling. She’s reaching out to the ground, her blond hair and white dress covered in fake blood, a crown hanging from her hand.

“Which version?” Caitlyn asks, poking at the figure. “All of them are pretty good in their own right, but the original will always be the one for me.” We keep staring up at it while I sit down. “You?”

“Call me crazy, but the 2013 one isn’t all that bad.” She joins me on the tub, the corner of her lips turned up in the slightest.

Her dress spreads out and touches my thigh lightly. It causes a whir to sprint through my body, our proximity heating me up.

A bunch of fabric is giving me the jolts… This is just getting embarrassing.

“Not crazy. I think people hating on remakes is a little too much. Not all of them are good, but not all of them are bad.”

“I agree! Even book adaptations. Some of them are actually pretty great. It’s not impossible, it’s just a bit rare.”

“Favourite book adaptation?”

“Oh, good question.” I’m amused at how she takes her time to deeply think about it. “You know, I did have a really intense Hunger Games phase. I read the books as soon as they came out. My parents knew some people. I was so team Peeta, but Katniss Everdeen definitely took part in my gay awakening. She might’ve been the straw that broke the queer camel’s back.” I can’t help but bark out a laugh.

“That is honestly not even the first time I’ve heard that and I can not blame you. Jennifer Lawrence is really something.” She snorts then quickly covers the bottom of her face. I almost reach out to pull it away, not wanting to hide her smile.

I don’t.


“I definitely always knew, but if I needed any more proof, Jennifer’s Body provided it. That movie changed the entire trajectory of my life.”

“My mom never let me watch that film! I had to sneakily watch it during one of my criminology lectures. I got so many looks. Probably because I was drooling,” she giggles.

“Criminology?” It’s a simple enough question I can muster up when our giggles die down.

“Oh, yeah. Criminology minor, journalism major and some more English electives. Did a film school course while I started working just for my parents.”

I can’t say it wasn’t expected.

“Wow. So, do you have like fifteen degrees now?”

“Of course not, I’m not crazy,” she says dramatically. “Did you go to school for acting?”

I scoff and shake my head. “I wish. Would’ve made life a lot easier. Zaunites don’t really get that chance.” She nods slowly, drumming her fingers along the cast iron of the tub. “The industry is just awful isn’t it. There are people with barely half your talent who graduate and get tons of jobs. And because what? Their parents have so much money they don’t know what to do with it?” Caitlyn takes a second to just rock back and forth a bit. I try not to track the movement of her biting her lip, but my eyes fall despite it. A flattering sleek red. The colour fades towards it gets her lip lines. It makes them look so soft I almost lean in.

“I guess I shouldn’t be talking.” She startles me out of my off track thoughts. “Well, yeah, you have a sh*t ton of privileges because of your parents, but you work hard to prove you deserve it.” Her smile is shy, not quite meeting my eyes.

“I’ve read your articles. You know the one about Galaxy Forever had me blushing for days. You boosted my ego up way too much.”

“Your performance warranted it. What can I say? I’m a little bit of a fan.” She pinches her thumb and pointer finger together and I laugh. “Just a little? Come on, I’m your biggest fan. I’d expect a returned favour.” I toss my mask from one hand to the other.

“Maybe do a couple more and I’ll make a stan account for you.” We both snicker, doubling over a bit in laughter.

“But really, thank you. It was super nice,” I say under my breath, trying to ignore the shiver creeping up my spine. “It’s just my job,” she says just as quietly.

There are a nice couple seconds of us simultaneously taking a deep breath. Taking in the moment.

I close my eyes and shake my head unbelievably. It’s like I’m a kid back in elementary school and a pretty girl has finally turned her eyes towards me. The excitement of hope is just as liberating as it is terrifying.

The humidity of the room makes me sweat under my jacket. It’s nice hiding away for a bit from the chaos, but the warmth is starting to make breathing a little harder despite Caitlyn’s presence.

“Wanna see the other rooms?”

A quick nod and we’re out the door.

Walking down the hall much closer than before, I’m itching to ask more questions. To learn more, but not freak her out entirely.

“Why criminology?”

She has to look down on me a bit more because of the heels.

Her grin hasn’t disappeared and I proudly take a little credit for that.

I can hardly suppress my excitement.

Each question, each smirk, each glimmer of her pale eyes. Her beautifully floppy hair and messy dark makeup. The way she looks even smaller because of the oversized suit, her laugh and slightly pink cheeks. It all completely weakens me into a rambling mess. The darkness downstairs made me more relaxed, but now I can see her wonderfully curious eyes looking right into mine.

“I just think criminal studies is so interesting. I’ve always liked reading books related to them. The analytical and behavioural part of it just gets me. My parents produced their first murder mystery film twelve years ago called ‘Dawn Figures.’ They let me on set sometimes. It was super fun because I got to meet the writers and everything. I might be a bit biased but it’s kind of great. My parents knew that if it was anything less, I’d hold it against them for the rest of their lives. I, of course, guessed the twist. I’m much more experienced than they are. So much research was done and it was almost perfect in that regard. I would definitely suggest it, it’s actually very well thought out. There’s something about getting to see into someone’s mind. The thoughts that run through that most people would cast away as intrusive, not interacting with them at all. The conclusions they come to, why or why not.”

Vi nods along while she turns the knob of the next door.

“I feel as if we forget that not all humans’ brains are wired the same way. I didn’t at all develop the same way you did and that can cause so many drastic differences that people tend to ignore.

“I’m not one to attempt to analyze every single person I meet, but understanding why some people are a certain way helps in all walks of life. Even writing. When writing about an ongoing case or my own personal piece of work, I actually have the education and knowledge to help me back the way I’m addressing something. It gives me the ability to make things make sense.”

When I finally stop to take a breath I realize that we’ve been standing in a new room for awhile now. sh*t.

“Sorry, I’m talking your ear off.” She looks at me with furrowed brows when she finally reveals the room, shaking her head lightly.

“Don’t apologize. I like it.” She shrugs.

I shouldn’t take it to heart. She’s just being nice.

It leads to a room full of ghosts hanging from the ceiling. They all surround a large one shining a bright white light.

All of them have unique black and white designs

“Did you guys do all of this?”

“Every second of the last two weeks was dedicated to it. When Jinx has an idea she does anything to make it work.”

The centered ghost has mini crosshatch portraits all over it, but unlike the others, entirely colourful.

“It’s beautiful. Which ones did you make?” My legs carry me around the display, moving around the couple of couches dispersed around the room. It’s smaller than the master bedroom, but it’s still quite decently sized.

“All the dumb looking ones.”

I scoff. “I’m sure they look great.”

“Nah, that gene skipped past me,” she chuckles.

A few moments of comfortable silence pass of us simply admiring. I wasn’t lying when I said it was beautiful. There’s so much feeling to it but I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what it is. It’s only a matter of time until the silence starts to become suffocating. As if I’m standing idle and she’s getting bored.

“Favourite ghost movie?” Vi sucks in a breath through her teeth at the question, walking towards me casually with her hands in her pocket.

“The Conjuring saga is pretty iconic isn’t it?” She suggests.

“Yes, but is it your favourite?” She takes a second, tilting her head to the side as if she’s trying to understand what I’m saying.

“No, I don’t think so. His House was pretty good. But, of course, Ghostbusters and Casper are just iconic. Beetlejuice counts right? The Shining, oh my gods.” The more she names, the more I realize I’ve barely watched any.


“Well, um, I haven’t watched all that many. I think ghosts kind of freak me out.” She snorts. “Ghosts freak you out but murderers excite you?”

Should’ve stopped going on and on when I had the chance.

“I’m well aware of how weird it is,” I mutter.

“It’s not weird, I was kidding. It’s cool actually. I guess I meant to ask why ghosts freak you out more than killers.” She sits down on the arm of the couch, her bottom lip between her teeth.

Now I’ve made her feel bad all for nothing.

I fidget with my dress as I sit down, reminding me of the compliments she gave me, the way she mused unabashedly.

She comes off of the arm and joins me apprehensively, dropping her mask on the cushion in between, separating us.

I’m willing myself to calm down, fidgeting with my fingers in my lap.

“I’m sorry, Caitlyn.” I finally look up and she’s leaning closer. Her eyes seem to drip with worry and I can’t help but feel bad.

“Don’t apologize, there’s no need to. It is a little silly when I think about it. I think it has something to do with simply not understanding them. I could analyze a person, but a ghost? We don’t even know if they’re real.” Vi leans back, twisting her lips.

“You don’t think ghosts are real?”

“You think they are?” She looks at me with the same surprised expression I’m sure I’m giving her.

What an interesting development.

“I don’t even know what to say,” I mumble. After huffing out a laugh, I bite the rest back, not wanting to make her feel bad.


“You’re serious?”

“I’ve seen some,” she states matter-a-factly.

I throw my head back into the couch, wondering how I got myself here. I see one pretty girl and suddenly I’m being convinced of the existence of ghosts. “I need this story.”

Vi slumps farther into the chair. I try to avoid staring at the movement of her sharp smile, tongue gliding over the top row of lustrous whites, the scar on her lip tugging up.

I, evidently, fail miserably.

“I was thirteen. My dad, Vander, owns a bar. The Last Drop.”

“Oh! I’ve been there a couple times. It’s great.”

“It is. Sometimes. Back up a couple years, I was a bit of a troublemaker, no surprise there.”

“Was?” I interrupt, raising my brows in question.

“Haha, very funny. Anyway, after another day of crossing the line, I was tasked with cleaning the bar following a horrendously messy night. Alcohol spills everywhere, smashed glass, maybe a little blood. I was already exhausted. Running around and wreaking havoc all over the Lanes was hard work.

I cleaned for awhile, but eventually ended up falling asleep in one of the booths and I needed to have finished getting the place in order before Vander started to set up for the next day. There was absolutely no way I could’ve gotten it done in time.” She runs her hand through her hair, huffing out a breath and stretching out an arm to sit on top of the back of the sofa.

“So?” I have to admit her storytelling skills are exceptional. The way her slick voice is always in the right tone pushes me to the edge of my seat.

“Well, I was woken up by these two floaty things. Translucent, faerie looking.”

“You sure it wasn’t the sleep deprivation getting to you?” I ask.

“Yes. If it was the sleep deprivation, there was no way the bar would’ve been done on time. They helped me get the bar to look f*cking spotless. Plus, when you think of all the rumours, it makes sense.” I click my tongue against the roof of my mouth, thinking over my next move.

Her smile is welcoming, and before I can overthink it, I move her mask to my lap and take its place.

She doesn’t stop me, but shifts closer. “Rumours?” Since I’m still trying to adjust to our nearness, it comes out breathy.

“You haven’t heard?” Her mouth hangs open, genuinely surprised.

“No,” I chuckle, completely amused at her absurdity.

“Okay, okay. Years ago, there was this couple. This person and this guy. Totally in love, bordering obsession. They had first met and had their wedding at The Last Drop, only a week and a half apart. Vander was their officiator. He says that there was always a weird energy around them. We knew nothing about their families, where they came from, how they ended up in Zaun. Nothing.

“One night, they didn’t turn up. Then another night passed, and another, and they still didn’t come through the bar doors.

“A decade or two later, we hear a scream come from outside. Mylo, my brother, who was supposed to be taking out the garbage says he saw something. He said there were two hands, their pinkies interlocked with matching wedding bands on their ring fingers. When we went to see if it was true, there was nothing there.

“I know my brother can be an idiot sometimes, but he’s not that bad.”

I’m literally stunned into silence, not knowing whether to hide or to laugh.

“Maybe he was lying to get out of taking out the bin.”

“Or maybe he was telling the truth. After Mylo found the hands, Vander told us the story. The way he described them was exactly what the ghosts looked like months later. I think they still hang around sometimes, probably couldn’t make their way to the spirit realm. Or they're trying to find more souls.”

There is not one hint of facetiousness in eyes, her words, or her body language. The hairs on the back of my neck are standing. That might be because her fingers are millimeters away, or because of this ridiculous story.

“Don’t believe me?” She asks, a puckish smirk plastered on her face.

“There’s no proof. Has anyone else ever mentioned seeing them?”

“Once Jinx completely grew out her hair, she was struggling to keep it together. One morning, she woke up in perfect braids. Just like the braids the guy had. Everyone in the house said they didn’t do it.” It’s almost like she’s daring me to disprove her with that turn of her lip.

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” is all I say. It’s a ridiculous story. There is no scientific backing behind the concept of the living dead.

“Do you believe in zombies too?” It’s hilarious that I’m even humouring her.

“I definitely think with enough time, evolution will do its thing. Do you believe in the arcane?” She’s caught me with that one.

Biting on the inside of my cheek, I try to come up with a rebuttal.

To some, the idea of the arcane is ridiculous, but there’s too much logic behind it for me to put it on the back burner and call it fairytale magic. Scientists are studying them and making discoveries.

“There’s real history behind the arcane.”

“There’s real history behind ghosts,” she insists.

It’s amusing how much she truly believes. She technically has every right to. There are tons of folktales about the spirit world.

“Spirit realm stories were always my least favourite when I was younger.”

“There’s always time to switch sides.” She nudges my side and winks.

I’m buzzing again, her warm energy engulfing me entirely.

I’m about to ask another question, ready to learn more when her phone begins to buzz.

She mumbles something while fishing her phone out of her pocket.

Vi’s on the call for only a few seconds before hanging up, turning her head towards me again, hair swishing around.

“Gotta start heading down.” She gets up and offers me a kind hand.

With me reaching out without even being aware, it’s as if we’re magnets. An undeniable, incredibly powerful and charged pull.

Electricity passes from her fingers to mine, a pleasant shock shared between us once we touch. I don’t think I’d ever want to pull away again, assuming I’d have the power to in the first place.


Info for this chapter:
Jayce is dressed as Misaki Ayuzawa from Maid Sama
The bathroom ceiling decoration is a reference to Carrie
I know practically nothing about league, but I’m trying to tie it into this fic a bit so if I’m getting anything wrong, go ahead and yell at me
Umm… nothing else to say ig 🤷🏾♀️, Hope you guys are doing well

Chapter 5: halloween III


They keep talking and do fun stuff


Last Halloween part is out tomorrow :)
Sorry if there are any mistakes 👎🏽

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

Holding Caitlyn’s hand is electrifying, leaving me to wonder if she felt the shock too. It's embarrassing how much I’m affected by the small action, the smooth skin, the light weight. It’s a bit scary, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else right now.

We descend the stairs together, weaving through people and making our way to the garage.

Eyeballs cover the walls, different colours and designs in the irises.

I haven’t even seen this one yet.

“Bobbing for apples! Might fully push you guys in, no promises.” Jinx menacingly clicks her scissor fingers together.

I pull Caitlyn towards an unoccupied barrel filled with water and apples.

She puts her sword down, leaning it against the vat and peers into it.

“Mel would kill me if I spoiled this dress.” I wasn’t expecting Caitlyn to do it, I would gladly win this for us.

“First team to get three apples out donates our fund of four hundred and fifty gold to their charity or foundation of choice!” Jinx continues.

I rub my hands together, preparing myself to dive in.

Caitlyn dashes away for a quick second, her heels click clacking on the ground.

She comes back, towel and a basket in her hands, and a silky smile on her face.

“Your choice?”

“Zaun Clean Up. Getting rid of waste and pollution sent down from Topside. Finding ways to fix the sh*t up. Literally.” She hums thoughtfully as I roll up my sleeves.

“They do good work.” She pulls down the glove from her right hand, revealing smooth skin and a black hair tie around her wrist. She takes it off and offers it to me.

“You mind helping me out?” It takes her a moment to nod, falling behind me and putting her hands in my hair.

I f*cking short circuit.

Can’t even begin to describe how her nails against my scalp feel.

My entire body shivers, my knees almost buckle, and I have to bite back a content sigh.

When I open my eyes and try to get my breathing back to normal, I notice people staring.

Ekko with a dumb knowing look on his face, Jinx rolling her eyes, and mostly everyone else with raised eyebrows. In the far right corner, Jayce has an aggressive glare on his face. It’s a little hard to take it seriously though.

I feel the heat rise to my cheeks, Caitlyn still pulling my hair back and tightening the tie around it. She moves back to my side, not without brushing against my ear and neck, her piercing eyes staying on me, leaving a tingling sensation on my skull.

The attention makes it hard to breathe, the sound of Jinx counting down and everyone splashing in muffled around my ears.

I dive in late, keeping my eyes open and trying not to gulp down any water.

Apples hit me at every angle. My ears, my nose, the crown of my head.

After a while, I finally catch one between my teeth. I yank myself out, keeping my grip on the fruit, and shake my head around, getting rid of the excess water.

I let go of it, dropping it in the basket Caitlyn’s holding. Before going back in, I look at her for some sort of acknowledgment of congratulations. What I get are parted lips and slightly darker eyes. A ‘good job’ would’ve done it, but this was admittedly a much more satisfying result.

I would never in my entire life admit out loud that I might have actually drooled while watching Vi participate in the bobbing for apples challenge. Never. Not even if there was a gun to my head. Okay, maybe I’m being dramatic, but no one could pull those words out of me, even if they were technically right.

She does look a bit silly, going in and thrashing around. But gosh, her rolling up her sleeves and revealing those tattoos, the way her lips and pearly whites wrap around the apples, and the way she shakes the water off of herself, spraying me the smallest bit, winking at me before plunging back into the barrel.

It’s utterly mesmerizing.

She’s still moving around in the water when a whistle blows, a tad high pitched cheering being heard from across the room.

Vi pulls out again, what would’ve been our final apple trapped between her incisors.

Apparently I’ve forgotten that this party was full of famous people, focusing all of my attention on a certain someone, because when I turn my attention to the noise, I’m stunned.

The K/DA girls in matching cowgirl outfits high-fiving each other, three apples in their basket. Akali is soaked with a towel sitting on her head, her makeup flawless.

Vi drops the apple back into the barrel, a pout on her lips.

“Maybe next time, dear.” Patting Vi on the shoulder, I pull the hair tie out of her hair and start to dry her off.

She turns around as I continue to rub the towel against her messy, magenta hair. Peering up at me, her eyes full, a sultry smirk replaces the pout.

“I’ll have another chance with the next one.”

My drying off gets a bit aggressive, trying to get everything out and fix up her dripping makeup.

Once she starts to shake because of it, she grabs my hips, her hands right above the frills, and stabilizes herself.

I try not to jump away. It feels annoyingly nice. It makes me want to pull her infinitely closer. To run my hands over her shoulders and down her back.

Okay, maybe relax.

“Before that, I’ve gotta get myself together. Be right back.” She rushes off, not sending a single glance back.

I’m left standing alone, picking at my dress. The phantom of her hands on my body remains.

I think I might already miss it.

“How’s the girlfriend doing?” I turn around and slap Jayce’s arm.

“Stop coming up behind me like that.”

“Didn’t answer the question,” he singsongs, poking me in the shoulder.

His costume is wet, his extensions no longer as perfect as they were in the beginning of the night.

I would never actually tell this to Jayce because his ego is already too inflated, but he does look quite good in the outfit. A little silly, but he pulls it off.

“I wouldn’t know how, I don’t have a girlfriend,” I chide, starting to walk over to where all the baskets and towels are being collected.

“You were tying her hair for her. Both of you are somehow already completely whipped.” I glower as I put the items down and brush myself off.

“Jayce, go away. Aren’t you busy with your customers?” He clenches his jaw and narrows his eyes.

“Are you actually alright though? Barely seen you all night.” He stops teasing, his voice lower than before.

“Yes, I’m doing fine. Having fun.” I adjust my poncho, it being quite a bit colder in this area. I can tell he wants to ask more with how his leg bounces on the concrete.

He bites his tongue, which is rather unusual, and smiles instead. “You know I trust you, right?”

I furrow my eyebrows at the abruptness of his tone change.

“Jayce, I’m a grown woman, I can handle myself. I don’t need you playing big brother.”

“I know, I just want you to be careful.”

“You’re acting as if I’m going to war or something.”

He scoffs a laugh. “I’m sorry.” We stand there for a bit, him giving me another small smile.

He pulls me into a tight hug, completely engulfing me in his large arms.

“Okay, you can let go now,” I dramatically gasp.

He releases me and pats me on the back before walking away. So weird.

I’m back in the master’s bathroom trying to clean myself up and calm myself down.

The dark makeup is dripping down my face and my hair is basically a bird’s nest.

I’m sure Caitlyn doesn’t actually care, but I’d still rather not let her see me like this for too long.

While trying to tame my hair that I should definitely cut soon when there’s a knock at the door.

“Vi?” An accented voice that I’ve gotten used to way too quickly.

“Yup, I’m in here.” I open the door for her as she stands there tall with her shiny sword in hand.

“Your makeup…”

“Yeah, it’s whatever.”

“Want me to help you put it back on?”

And it just gets worse.

“Uh, sure.” I open up the mirror and reach for the pallet and brush.

She takes it from my hands and pops open the lid, carefully gliding the brush against the powder and bringing it up to my face.

I close my eyes but her presence is still so known, her flowery smell invading my senses.

Her fingers are gentle under my jaw, raising it a bit and smoothing the black over my eyelids.

“Doesn’t need to look perfect, don't worry. It being a mess is kind of the whole point.”

“Right, not your regular hot girl look. Serial killer. I’ll try my best.”

“Hot girl?” I ask, biting a snicker back.

“I wouldn’t want to make your head bigger, I take it back.” I can hear the smile in her voice.

“You think I’m hot.”

“I never said that.”

“You think I’m pretty? Handsome? Gorgeous?”

“Please, stop talking. I don’t believe you’d like eyeshadow in your mouth.”

I chuckle, not knowing where to put my hands.

Putting my hands on her hips before was just an immediate reaction. I let go as soon as I noticed, not wanting to make her uncomfortable.

“You’re a rather touchy person, you know?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry about doing that,” I mumble.

“Don’t be. I’m a quite physically affectionate person myself. Most people I meet aren’t. I believe it just surprised me and made me a bit nervous,” she says quietly.

“I didn’t mean to make you nervous.”

“It’s alright. A good kind of nervous I think.”

A comfortable silence fills the room as I slowly raise my hands to rest on her sides again.

“You’re all done.” I open my eyes and she leans back, but doesn’t move herself from her grasp.

“I’m no makeup artist, but I think I did pretty well.”

I turn to look at myself in the mirror. She definitely did it better than I did earlier.

“Thank you.” I reluctantly take my hands away to put the makeup back in its place.

“Have you eaten yet?”

“Haven’t quite found the time.”

“We can’t have that, can we?” I tsk.

Taking her hand as she chuckles, I lead her out of the bathroom once again and down the stairs.

There are tons of nods, salutes and waves. I try my best to return them without letting Caitlyn slip away.

“Hey! Vi, how’s it going?”

“Sky! You’re here! And you look amazing!” She’s in a long sleeved, olden days looking kind of dress with a bodice. Shiny matching glasses sitting on the bridge of her nose. Her makeup is simple, cornrows lead from the top to the middle of her head, the rest of her hair left out in the back.

Caitlyn’s hand is suddenly only a couple fingers resting on my palm.

“Wait, hold on. Caitlyn, don’t know if you’ve met Sky yet.” She’s back at my side, her hands moving to my bicep, right above my elbow.

Even through the jacket and the shirt, her touch still stings in the best way.

“Oh my gosh, you are so talented. I’m a fan of your articles. Especially ‘Your Unknown History.’ It really gives you a new perspective on all the things you refuse to learn about yourself.”

“That was the goal! I had to fight to have it published, I’m so glad you liked it. It’s an honour to even be talking to you.”

Watching the interaction is sweet. Knowing how nervous Caitlyn was to come, she seems to fit right in.

“Vi and I actually went to high school together. We weren’t necessarily friends, everyone was kind of just trying to survive. She’s always been a trouble maker, you know.” I shake my head as they both laugh. “Seeing each other trying to come up in the industry I think made us closer. I don’t know if I’d be here without her.”

“I deserve no credit,” I scoff.

Caitlyn turns to me with a sickly sweet grin on her face and I almost completely melt into a puddle.

Sky says goodbye and eventually floats away.

Back on our mission to retrieve some food, we’re back at the bar, Ekko not holding it down anymore, but someone else.



“Sorry, man, it’s dark in here.”

I pick a veggie pizza off of a platter, turning to Caitlyn. “Take your pick,” I mumble around the bits of crust.

She eyes the different dishes on display. “Just… too much to choose from.”

A lightbulb blinds bright in my mind. “I have the perfect thing.”

A slice of pineapple and bacon pizza, a Philadelphia roll, some soy sauce, and two barbecue chips.

“You’re crazy,” she exclaims.

“All the best people are,” I argue.

“I’m not eating that,” she chuckles as I dip the sushi into the sauce.

“Come on, Caitlyn. Trust me.” She bites the inside of her lip as I raise the pizza up to her face.

She loses the stare down once I turn my head to the side slightly. Easy to fold apparently.

Caitlyn takes it into her mouth as I lift the sushi up too. “You’d be horrible at poker.” Taking a bite of the roll, two chips already joining in. “You’re horribly wrong about that,” Caitlyn says with her mouth full.

The lack of manners mixed with her accent just makes it all the more adorable.

Her eyes widen, a pleasantly surprised look painted all over her. “It’s good. Weirdly. Like an explosion in your mouth, but some subtlety.”

“And you doubted me.” I take another bite of my pizza, raising a brow at her.

She gulps down the last bits. “How did you even come up with this?”

Chuck slides two beers over, handing one to both me and Caitlyn.

“Wasn’t a fan of Piltie parties once I started working up there. Had to find a way to entertain myself.” We both take a long swig. Some of it spills onto the corner of Caitlyn’s mouth.

Without thinking, I shift closer to her and brush away the drop with my thumb.

Our eyes meet and my hand doesn’t move.

She leans forward as if she wants to say something, but mic feedback interrupts.

“Hey losers! Pumpkin carving competition! Another four hundred fifty to a charity or foundation of your choice!”

Jinx fumbles the microphone back in the DJ’s hand and skips off upstairs.

“Jinx’s hosting skills really are great,” Caitlyn giggles. She intertwines our fingers together, pulling my flush against her side and back up the stairs.

“How are those heels not killing you?”

“Give me another half hour and I’ll be weeping on the ground.” I huff a laugh as we find ourselves back in the master bedroom now set up with tables and supplies.

Caitlyn scopes out the room with narrowed eyes and picks a pumpkin, plump with perfect ridges.



Caitlyn starts to feel up the fruit when Jinx appears behind her, leaning right beside her ear.

Before I can stop her, she shouts a loud boo .

Caitlyn jumps and gasp, turning around and losing her footing a bit.

I catch her quickly, my arm around her waist and hers around my shoulders.

“Sorry missy, but I have to steal my sister away for this one.” f*ck, I forgot.

Getting back on her feet, she slowly moves me out of her grasp, but I don’t move mine. “Oh.”

“Tradition,” I say.

“Right, sorry, yeah, go ahead. I can tackle it on my own.”

“You sure?”

“Now you’re doubting me .”

We giggle as Jinx starts to drag me away, already missing Caitlyn wrapped up in me.

She waves goodbye, not yet looking away.

Once I’m gone, she turns around and taps her fingers against the pumpkin, looking around the room.

Jayce, Mel and Vik aren’t in here, and I don’t know anyone else who Caitlyn might be comfortable with. Maybe…



“You’re not listening to me.”

She doesn’t look at me, staring at the knife dangerously spinning in her fingers.

“Don’t do that, you’ll hurt yourself.”

“Not like you’d care,” she says under her breath.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I take the knife from her, setting it back down on the table.

“You’re kinda too busy with your girlfriend.” I follow her line of sight, Caitlyn leaning against her table, still alone.

“I’m sorry. We’ve barely seen each other all night that’s my fault.” She keeps staring Caitlyn, but my eyes stay on her. Jinx’s nostrils flare and scissor fingers fidget.

I pull her into a hug, knowing exactly what’s running through her mind.

“I’m not forgetting about you, sis.” More people start to filter in, the room suddenly going quiet, but I ignore our surroundings, focusing on Jinx.

She doesn’t say anything, just hugs me tighter. “I’ve gotta go for just a second. Still got some hosting duties.” She peels away, but lingers for just a moment.

Her eyes no longer narrowed, finally showing off her pale blue. “Don’t take too long.”

She rushes to the front of the room getting everyone’s attention.

“You have twenty minutes to make your best jack-o’-lantern! Time starts... NOW!”

She runs back over to me, immediately giving me a rundown of her plan.

I cut out the stem and start digging in, taking out the seeds and the guts, dumping it in the bucket beside the table.

Loud giggles fill the room, well over the decent amount of chatter.

Looking up, it comes from the direction of Caitlyn’s table. Caitlyn, who isn’t on her own anymore. Which is good. I’m glad she’s not alone.

But now, Seraphine accompanies her. Large angel wings taking up space, a long white dress with a small train wrapped around her, bright pink hair flowing down her back.

She pressed up Caitlyn’s side, on her toes, whispering something in her ear.

Caitlyn’s face is completely flushed. In a way I’ve never seen before.

“Okay, so X shaped eyes, squiggly mouth, but also guts falling out of the mouth. If we have the time, I’ll carve in the monkey on the back.” Jinx rubs her hands together in excitement, a thrilled look on her face.

“Right, yeah.”

“Oh, Caitlyn, that’s a fantastic idea!”

I am literally on fire.

When the actual angel walked into the room, I was too busy looking at Vi and Jinx and realizing that I had been taking up too much space throughout the night.

Now, after a ‘ You’re so gorgeous’ and ‘ How do you not have a partner?’, the Seraphine is in my space and pressed up against me, blinding me with this halo that surrounds her.

No idea if it’s actually there, but it’s what I see.

“So how shall we start?” I practically choke out.

“I don’t know, you can lead the way. You seem like you’d be good at this,” she says, lightly grazing her finger against mine.

“Let’s at least take the seeds out first. Would you like to start?” Finally being able to compose myself, I hand her the knife and show her where to cut.

She instantly stabs into it, carving it perfectly.

When she’s done, she doesn’t do anything else.

“Oh, I can’t put my hand in there. I’m travelling tonight to Noxus for a performance and I wouldn’t want pumpkin insides under my nails.”

“Of course, yes, I can do it.”

“You’re such a sweetheart.” I dip my hands in, then drop the pulp in the bucket next to me.

“Are you excited for the concert?”

She claps a couple times excitedly. “Yes! I’ve only been there a few times, it’s stunning. The fans are very dedicated there too.”

Eventually, the pumpkin is empty, handing it back to Seraphine so she could cut out the star eyes.

“Do you have any charity ideas?” She asks, her hands gliding around the fruit.

“PiltZ Reconciliation and Rebuild. It’s for helping Zaun get the power and resources it deserves and Piltover being the proper sister city it should have always been.”

“That is wonderful. I’ll look into it more when I can. Maybe we can split it.”

“Do you have any ideas for where you’d like to donate?” I ask back, watching her make impossibly perfect cuts.

“Zaun’s Performing Arts Foundation.” I hum, fiddling with the candle left at the corner of the table.

“If you don’t mind me asking, do you have any connection to Zaun?”

“We all do, don’t we? Our north and south used to be one.”

“Yes, definitely.”

“But,” she interrupts, “my parents are Zaunites, though I was born Topside. They worked hard to give me the opportunities I had when I was a kid. I know I have to put the same foot forward.” She pauses, finally turning away from the pumpkin, her hair swishing around, and locking her mesmerizing blue eyes with mine.

“I’m pretty public about my background, how did you not know?”

“I try not to dig into celebrities’ lives. They’re famous, but they’re still people.” She smiles.

“But you’re a journalist, aren’t you? I have to say, I thought you were here so you could report.”

I look over to the two giggling sisters, Vi glances up and smiles. I give a weak attempt at returning it.

“Oh no, I’d never. I try to write about other things, but we all know how bosses are.”

“For sure! I had this song which was totally not ready to be released yet and my label basically stripped it from my bare hands without me even knowing.” She’s started on the next star. “It was amazing that I got to write original songs for Galaxy Forever. Not just pop ballads, which I love, but smooth jazz and alternative stuff, you know?”

“Yes! The soundtrack was amazing.” I stare at the way her hands work.

“Thank you.” Finishing up the second eye, she muses on her work.

“What do you think about a rosy design as cheeks?”

“Stunning,” I insist.

She begins the heart shaped lips, making them look superbly plump.

“I could do it, since you’ve done so much so well.” She rolls the pumpkin towards me and I carefully start to carve out a rose not directly under the eye, but farther out to the side.

“Perfect,” she whispers into my ear, sending a shiver down my spine.

Jinx shouts a five minute warning when I get the second rose underway.

“Don’t rush. Relax, you’ll get it done.” Only then do I realize I’m trembling a bit.

“There we go, that’s excellent.” A loud whistle sounds through the room, Seraphine lighting the candle and dropping it in the pumpkin, making the fruit shine and its cheeks glow.

The room quiets down when everyone steps back from their tables.

It’s interrupted by heavy footsteps, a rather sizable individual entering the room.

Dressed as… mustard?

“Claggor, I swear to Janna,” Vi says loudly.

“Be quiet, I’m here to judge.”

Giggles fill the room as he walks around and inspects each jack-o’-lantern.

A bunch of them look incomplete, some nicely simple, traditional and basic.

Not to sound too co*cky, but I think we have a pretty decent chance at a win.

He rounds over to Vi and Jinx’s table, Vi and him exchanging a sneer.

A few more seconds pass before he goes to the front of the room, clapping his hands together.

“And the winner… I don’t know. Not to pick favourites, but my sisters over here did a pretty good job. But rosy cheeks over there is pretty good. Split it?” Seraphine squeals, shaking my arm excitedly as I smile.

”You’re a horrible judge,” Jinx and Vi say in unison.

”Yeah, yeah.” Claggor waves them off.

People around the room clap as he exits the room, not giving us a second glance.

The room empties out when Jinx makes her way towards our table.

She hands us the check and a pen.

I think against asking about splitting it further. Jinx already seems like she’s not the biggest fan of mine, and causing additional inconvenience wouldn’t help my case.

“You should take it, Seraphine, you did most of it. The foundation is obviously very important to you,” I insist, gesturing for her to take the piece of paper.

“Caitlyn, you’re just wonderful. Thank you, really.” She lets go of my arm and writes away, handing it over to Jinx once she’s done.

She takes it in between her knife fingers and struts out of the room.

“Good job, guys,” a slightly husky voice comes from behind, both me and Seraphine turning around.

“Mind if I steal Caitlyn back?”

“Come on, Vi. You can’t hog her all to yourself.” She pouts, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Hm, but the thing is, I can. Sorry, Sera. It was nice seeing you, you look amazing.” Vi takes my hand as if it’s her rightful place.

“Oh, bye, Seraphine! I’ll see you around,” I say, Vi already guiding me out of the room.

“Bye, Caitlyn,” she purrs, sending me a wink.

Out in the hallway then down the stairs, Vi doesn’t look directly at me.

I don’t really look at her either.

“There’s a Photo Booth.”

“Vi, slow down.” She doesn’t listen, but leads me through the crowds and to the back of the house.

“Vi, wait.” This area is much quieter, only her and I in this small space only partly filled by the booth.

“Is there something wrong?”

“I could ask you the same thing.”

Seconds pass of neither of us saying anything.

“I’m… I’m fine.” She raises her eyebrow, but doesn’t persist.

‘I thought you were here so you could report’

She stops suddenly, looking up at me with pursed lips and shy eyes.She sucks in a breath before starting.“Caitlyn, I’m sorry.”

“Why? You haven’t done anything wrong.”

“That’s not true. Posting you. It probably put you in a weird place and I would never ever want to make you uncomfortable.”

“I…” It’s so out of nowhere that I don’t know what to say. I can’t say it wasn’t on my mind for a more than decent amount of time, but I never thought of her as malicious. She has a job to get done, herself to promote, and I respect that.

“I took it down as soon as I found out about it.”


“It’s just that Jinx posted it without telling me, then I couldn’t tell you.”

“Vi, oh my goodness, it’s fine. I don’t care.”


“What? No. It really wasn’t all that bad.”

She pushes the curtains of the small booth away, sitting down in it and gesturing for me to join her.

“There’s no space.”

She pats her lap and smirks.

I scoff, but don’t refuse.

I sit down on her ridiculously toned thighs, my body facing the side and hers facing forward.

My dress takes up quite a bit of space, her arm sitting on top of it with the other around my waist. Mine rests around her shoulders, my fingers barely touching the hair at the nape of her neck.

“It’s just that I know the public can be pretty annoying about it.”

“It was nothing that I’m not used to,” I assure her.

She leans forward and presses a button.

When she comes back, I brush the hair covering her eye behind her ear, wanting to make sure I’ll be able to see her face in the pictures.

“Jayce’s fans are worse than yours if anything,” I chuckle.

A bright light shines for barely a second.

“What do you mean?” She shifts me a bit on her lap, pulling me impossible closer when she moves her other arm to wrap around me entirely.

Her nose brushing against my cheek.

“When people still thought him and I were dating, the messages were beyond horrible.”

The light blinks again.

“Now you get them from… people who like me?” She asks, lightly rubbing her thumbs in a circular motion on my back. It sends shivers down my spine.

“Not anymore. I turned off my requests, it’s all good.”

Another flash.

“What were they saying?”

“You know, the usual. Your fans are practically in love with you.”

I smile for the last one and bolt out of the booth, excited to see how the pictures turned out. Opposed to Vi, who takes her time coming out.

I pick up the column of photos as soon as they drop down.

Vi’s looking at me in each one, but no smile.

“Do they ever send threats?” Vi asks over my shoulder.


She goes quiet for a moment as I continue to inspect the pictures. “Caitlyn, is that not harassment? That’s awful.”

“It’s just how it is. I’m sure you get bad comments all the time.”

“Yeah, but…”

“Don’t worry about it, Vi.”

I try to lay a reassuring hand on her shoulder, but her eyebrows stay knitted together, her bottom lip trapped between her teeth.

“Goodness, I’ve forgotten my sword upstairs,” I huff.

She takes my hand, “It’s fine, there’s something I need to show you up there anyway.”

She takes me out of the room, and back up the stairs.

Today has been a horrible workout.

Looking back at me, she gives me a tight smile that I simply just can’t read.

I have to say something, do something to get us back to where we were before. I shouldn’t have said anything.

“It’s fine, Vi. Honestly.” I stop her movements and lightly yank her towards me.

We’re virtually chest to chest when she turns around, looking up at me with a grin.

There she is.


Info you might need for this chapter: the “aren’t you busy with your customers” joke is a poke at Jayce’s costume. Who he dressed as works in a maid cafe.
I’ve never tried to random combination of food that Vi gave Caitlyn, if I do, I will report if it’s actually good. If y’all try it, tell me how it tastes.
Sky is dressed up as Angelica from Hamilton
Canonizing that Vi and Seraphine have a history with going after the same girl

I really hope you friends are enjoying this !!!
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Chapter 6: halloween IV


They continue to be cute and end off their night


Final Halloween part, enjoy
Again, sorry if there are any mistakes :(

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

Her smile gleams, but the glint in her eye tells me there’s something else I should be paying attention to.

I’d think the fact that our faces being so close would make me go crazy, but there’s something ringing in my brain.

Rarely .

I don’t want to make it worse by asking more questions, but I so desperately want to know how often ‘rarely’ is to her.

She slips out of the room with a smile, holding both her sword and my mask.

“Thanks,” I mutter.

Two doors down, I open the door to an empty room.


“Just wait.” I wink at her as I take her sword out of her grasp and poke it up at the ceiling.

The small door only flops open when I get onto my tippy toes, the ladder peeking out.

“People were already leaving. Aren’t we going to miss the final event?”

“It’s alright, I wasn’t gonna do that one anyway.” She walks towards me while I struggle to get the ladder and she raises her arm, rises on her toes and gets a grip on it, pulling it down.

“Jinx won’t be angry? I wouldn’t want her to be upset.” I smile at her concern. “It’s fine, really.”

Caitlyn watches as I start to climb up.

“Here, take your shoes off and climb up, I’ll hold ‘em.”

She takes them off slowly, climbing up a bit then tossing them up to me. I catch the shoes, setting them next to me before grabbing her hand and helping her up the rest of the steps.

When Jinx and I found this space, it was way bigger than we expected. We knew this was the perfect place for one of our plans.

“Can’t believe people actually found it,” I say under my breath, Caitlyn now sitting next to me.


A big cut out of a leafless tree was put on the wall before the night started. ‘ Tell us how you’re changing the world! (don’t forget to sign it),’ written in cursive on a piece of paper to the far right of the tree, an arrow pointing from the sign to a basket full of paper leaves.

The tree isn’t naked anymore, a bunch of leaves on each branch.

Caitlyn’s still stunned, looking around the room and inspecting all the messages when I tell her to grab a leaf and a marker.

“I have no idea what to write. I haven’t changed the world. Not in the slightest.”

“That’s not true, we all have. Even the smallest ones count.” I look around the tree, reading some examples “Look, Huck wrote he picks up after his dog when they drop a hot one on his neighbour’s lawn.”

“Life changing stuff.”

“Yeah, it really is.”

She snorts a laugh. She doesn’t cover it this time, letting her gap tooth show.

I pick up a pink Sharpie and drum it against my chin, trying to think something up.

Caitlyn watches as I scribble something down.

She hands me a folded piece of tape to help me stick it up on the wall.

“Proving that you can be whoever the f*ck you want no matter who the f*ck you are,” she reads.

I can’t help but chuckle at the way the curse words roll off of her tongue.

“I like that,” she continues.

“Gotta get working on yours.”

She has a blue marker in hand, looking over her paper one more time.

She hums and walks towards the wall, pressing her paper against it and writing something down.

I grab her a piece of tape and fold it just like she did.

She takes it and sticks it to the wall, right beside mine.

“Being better than those who came before. That’s good.”

We spend the rest of the night up in the attic. Some people filtered in and out at first, continuing to fill up the tree, but they didn’t distract us from our easy conversations.

“My mother and father were always traveling, so I picked up on some things. I’m not at all fluent, it’s just the fact that Spanish, Portuguese and French are all linked,” she says.

She leans against me but I’m still turned towards her, my hands on my propped up knee and my chin resting on my knuckles.

“Say something to me in French.”


“Come on, anything.”

“I can’t just say anything. Give me something to say.”

I chew on the inside of my cheek in thought. “Tell me I’m hot again.”

She barks a laugh. “What? I never even said that before in the first place.”

“Caitlyn, no one likes a liar. Plus, you said anything.” I shrug.

She rolls her eyes. “Fine, but don’t laugh, I'm quite rusty.”

I laugh at her drama as she clears her throat and straightens her back, leaning in closer.

“Tu es tellement sexy, Vi,” she whispers.

My face burns up at a record speed. I turn away but I’m not fast enough because she instantly starts laughing.

f*ck, that’s not how that was supposed to go.

I keep a pained smile on my face trying to keep cool.

“I’ll talk in French more often if that’s the reaction I’ll be getting.”

“Please don’t.”

She smiles, but turns away, letting me take a breath.

“Your turn. I need another fun fact,” she says.

“Uh, I play guitar, the drums, and used to sing when I was younger.” She gasps, leaning back in surprise.

“If I have to say something in French, you must sing something for me.”

“Nope, no, absolutely not.”

“That’s completely unfair.”

“Totally different.”

“Not true! I deserve compensation.”

“I’m not singing for you.”

“Did you ever write songs?”

“Not answering that.”

“You definitely did! Oh, we have to get you into a musical.”


Our bickering is interrupted by Jinx popping her head into the attic and beckons us down to help with the clean up.

“You guys are on food and kitchen duty. Get to it.”

I follow her down and so does Caitlyn.

“Careful, Caitlyn,” I say as I eye the heels on her feet.

“I’m alright. sh*t .” She trips, as expected, but I’m ready to catch her standing off to the side of the ladder.

“I got you,” I grunt as she falls into my arms.

“You good?”


I help her back on her feet and we make our way to the lower floor one more time that night.

It’s mostly empty except some people who stayed to help the clean up and some people the owner hired to join.

We go into the kitchen, two stacks of full pizza boxes, five each. One large container stuffed with all the guts and seeds from the pumpkin competition.

The jack-o’-lanterns sit on the counter, about just over a dozen.

“We’ve gotta cut up the pumpkins and find a container to put them in.”

Caitlyn hums and nods before getting straight to work.

I slide in beside her and grab a knife of my own.

A comfortable silence settles over us, the sound of us cutting through the pumpkins the only thing you hear.

We’re done three pumpkins each when Caitlyn suddenly stops and turns to face me.

I stop as well, turning to her aswell and raising a brow in question.

“You have a great voice, Vi.”

“What? Oh, f*ck.”

“What song was that?”

I’m completely flushed once again that night.

“Sorry, bad habit,” I mutter.

“No, it’s not a bad habit. I’m glad you’ve blessed my ears tonight,” she assures, a sweet smile on her lips.

When Vi starts singing again, I don’t dare move an inch in fear that she’d stop.

I didn’t lie when I said she had a great voice. It was kind of sultry, incredibly smooth, but also a bit rough.

It’s hard to explain, but I know I wouldn’t at all mind hearing it again.

She instructs me to fill some containers with the pumpkin and start to bring them out to her truck while she brings it around.

Once I step out of the kitchen, the house is surprisingly spotless considering the amount time they’ve had.

When Vi joins me in packing the trunk, I have to attempt to tear my eyes away from her rolled up sleeves, tattoos, bulging veins and large muscles because of her insistence to carry three containers at once.

Attempt. I tried but I definitely did not succeed.

While we’re driving, I continue staring at her hands gripping the wheel.

“Where are we taking all of the stuff?” I ask, trying to distract myself from my increasingly inappropriate thoughts.

“Lanes’ Food Bank. They left me a key so they wouldn’t have to stay too late.” She takes a left turn, poking her head out of the window and looking up at the sky’s storm clouds.

The crisp air coming in from the windows bite my skin, the poncho only giving me so much comfort, but the gloves covering up for it.

Vi pulls into the parking lot of a small building, backs up in the space right in front of the door.

She keeps one hand on the wheel, but cranes her neck towards the back.

Her other arm is behind my head rest, pushing it forward slightly.

I’ll admit, it made my heart jump a little.

She parks the car, unlocks the doors and heads out.

I do as well, moving to pick up a container as she grabs two, holding them in one arm and picking a bundle of keys out of her pocket.

After flicking on the lights, Vi walks behind the counter, past refrigerators and stoves to a large metal door.

Putting a different key in this door and flicking up the latch, she pushes it open and the chill that hits is more intense than the one outside.

“I’ll take the stuff from the car and bring them to the counter and you can move ‘em in here. Is that alright?”

“Yeah, I can do that,” I say through the chatter of my teeth.

“f*ck, you’re freezing, hold on,” she says while she unrolls her sleeves and starts to pull off her jacket.

“No, no. I wouldn’t want you to be cold,” I insist.

“It’s fine, I’ll survive.” She’s already helping me unpin the small poncho around my neck, leaving goosebumps in her wake, and putting my arms in her jacket.

It fits nicely, though it’s only a bit too big.

“Okay, I’ll get going.”

The process is easy, Vi obviously moving much faster than me.

My limbs eventually become sore, my shoes being shoved off some time in the middle of our process.

“Mission accomplished,” she huffs.

I smile, sitting on the counter with a tired slouched back.

She walks away from the fridge door and stops in front of me. Pulling out her phone and texting someone something.

“We make a good team.” She presses both her hands on either side of me on the tabletop, coming closer.

I track the sly movement, my breathing picking up pace.

“I agree.” It comes out more airy than I’d like, but at least it wasn’t a squeak.

“Thanks for helping, Caitlyn. I’m sure you’re exhausted.”

“Oh, don’t thank me. I’ve been practically attached to you all night when I’m sure you had much more important people to talk to,” I say.

She snorts. “Nah, I see those people all the time. I, unfortunately, only get to see you every so often.”

I blush, turning away. “It’s worth the wait every time though,” she continues.

I didn’t think it was possible to become even more flushed, but I’ve proven myself wrong by ten folds.

“You’re awful,” I chuckle, practically choking out. “I hate how easily you can do stuff like that.”

“Like what?”

“Put me on the verge of a literal heart attack,” I mumble.

She intertwines her fingers with mine one more time for tonight, the electric charge still so prevalent. “I could say the same to you,” she counters in the same hushed tone.

A few moments of comfortable silence pass, only our breaths breaking it.

“Do you remember the first time we met?” She asks, a smug smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

“How could I forget? Top three most embarrassing things to ever happen to me.” The question makes me twitch. It’s a horrifying memory that keeps me up every night and almost cost me my job.

“It wasn’t that bad,” she chuckles.

“It was horrible! Oh, please don’t remind me, I’ll sob.” She snorts then chuckles while I will myself not to cry.

“Even if it wasn’t the greatest, I’m still glad it happened. You always make the carpet more comfortable. You make it easier. Hardly anyone gave me the time of day at that premiere. I owe you one for that.” Her face is barely an inch away. I can point out each freckle, each blemish, even the ones that are fading away.

“I’m glad it happened too and you don’t owe me a single thing. You were so kind after, though I didn’t deserve it at all.” I rub my thumbs against hers.

My eyes unconsciously fall to her lips, pale pink and scarred. The magnetic force, not just between our hands, but evidently the rest of our bodies too.

My breath hitches when she leans closer, our noses coming into contact.

“Caitlyn, I-,” she starts, interrupted by the big boom of thunder from outside, the pouring rain down and hitting against the windows.

“f*ck,” Vi whispers under her breath, pulling away.

I hop off of the counter and shove my shoes on, wrapping the jacket around me tighter, covering the dress as much as possible and holding the poncho to my chest.

Vi twirls the keys on her fingers and waits for me at the door before opening it.

It swings open, wind gushing into the building and pushing Vi deeper into the room against her will.

f*cking sh*t, ” Vi mutters. “Come on, Caitlyn, let’s get out of here before it gets worse.” I take her hand and follow her lead.

The gusts of the heavy breeze are intense, making it hard to walk the short distance.

After letting go of Vi and making my way to the passenger side, I hear a harsh grunt and thud behind me. Turning around to see Vi face planted onto the concrete, Icurse loudly while I kneel before her, trying to help her get up while still not letting go of my poncho.

My hair is already soaked with rain when I’m trying to pull her up.

The universe has apparently decided that it has had enough with us because immediately I lose my balance and fall onto my bottom, bringing Vi down with me.

Her hands land on either side of my head, making sure she doesn’t land fully on top of me and that our skulls don’t bang against each other.

“How would the French put it? Déjà vu?” Vi yells over the sound of the hefty downpour.

I find it in me to chuckle, before getting us back on our feet.

Before we move, the final straw of a stray soda can flies towards us, hitting Vi square on the head.

Motherf*cker, ” she mumbles, resting her hand where she got hit.

I slap my palm over my mouth to stop me from laughing out loudly.

She rushes to unlock the car and let us in.

The doors shut without us having to put any effort in.

I turn to her and she turns to me too, narrowed eyes and furrowed brows, still holding her head.

At that point it’s completely uncontrollable.

It turns from giggles to laughs to full on doubling over.

I almost feel bad until she joins in, cackling along.

Caitlyn is stunning. I’ve said it millions of times and I’ll say it a million more.

She’s worn designer dresses and she’s worked with professional makeup artists.

But I don’t think there’s a single time I’ve seen her where she’s looked more breathtaking than in this moment.

Her mascara is smudged, her face is flushed, beads of sweat sit on her forehead and her chest heaves. Her eyes are brighter, her pupils dilate and her gap tooth is out.

She’s giggling and snorting and I am just f*cking mesmerized, trying to keep my eyes on her while I do the same, not letting myself miss a single second of this scene.

One final snort and the laughs die down, collecting ourselves with deep breaths.

She slowly opens up the jacket, squinting one eye.

She lets out a deep, relieved breath, realizing the dress is still in one piece with barely any bruises and imperfections, her cover up in almost perfect shape.

“Check the back for me?” She asks, already shrugging off the blazer to reveal strong shoulders, my eyes tracking the soft movement of her trapezius.

I lean forward and pull the jacket down a bit farther. “You’re all good. Think the blazer got the worst of it.”

“Oh, I’m terribly sorry, Vi. You lent it to me and now it’s ruined,” she tugs it back on, a cute little pout on her bottom lip.

“It’s alright, down sweat it.”

The storm starts to relax a bit, still a shower but definitely not as extreme as it was a few minutes ago.

I plug the key into the ignition, turn it around and start up the car, getting us back on a nearly empty road.

“Give me the directions to your place, Caitlyn,” I say, poking into my pocket to grab my phone.

“Take this exit,” she says, reaching over to fish it out for me.

She holds it up so it can capture my face, unlocking my phone. “Music?” I give her a nod of approval before she opens Spotify and clicks on a playlist.

Shuffling it, it’s definitely my relaxing one with the way smooth chords fill the car and how we both shift to get more comfortable in our seats.

She opens up my maps and plugs in her address, fixing the device onto the stand.

“Thanks.” She hums in response, her eyes already starting to close.

I can’t stop myself from smiling at the cavity inducing sight.

Her whole body slackens, her lips left a little parted.

It’s downright criminal what the view does to my heart.

“Caitlyn, you’re home.” My knee shakes, a light weight resting on it.

Blinking my eyes open, magenta hair comes through my blurry vision before gray eyes and freckled cheeks follow.

I stretch my arms and yawn before putting my hand on top of hers.

“Thank you. For the ride, for the invite, for the entire night. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

She looks away for a quick second before finding my gaze again. “Thank you for letting me take so much of your time tonight. I had fun.” She bites her lip.

Neither of us pull away, continuing to stare at the other.

“Can I have your number? Feels kind of juvenile to be DMing you,” Vi chuckles.

I exhale a laugh through my nose and take hold of her phone, plugging my number into her contacts.

“Thanks. For the thousandth time,” she whispers as she takes her phone back.

“It’s no problem. I’ll see you around?” I ask tentatively, open the car door.

“Yes. And I’ll text you.” I reciprocate her smile before stepping out, walking up my apartment building’s steps and looking back, Vi still watching.

She salutes me a good and I send her one right back before walking into the complex, already missing her presence.

I sigh, a smirk stretching across my face.

What a f*cking night.


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Chapter 7: unfollowed


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CW: cyber harassment, threats, some implied hom*ophobia/internalized hom*ophobia, self hate in general, and unfortunate caitlyn kiramman hate


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Chapter Text

Caitlyn’s heart stops when she sees who’s walking toward her.

She’s in a rather simple outfit, plaid gray trousers, and a plain white shirt.

Her hair colour clashes with the ensemble, but somehow she still looks extraordinary.

Caitlyn can’t help but notice the tattoo peeking around her neck and down her arms, strong and dark gear designs.

As soon as she got onto the carpet, Caitlyn was staring. She had looked up the cast beforehand to be prepared, but nothing compares to the real thing.

She couldn’t even find much on this Vi Lane. She had only been in rather small things prior, this being her first real movie but with a rather minuscule part compared to the main actors and actresses.

“Good evening, Ms. Lane.”

“Good evening. And Vi is just fine.” A ridiculously sultry voice flows into Caitlyn’s ears.

“Congrats on the role, by the way. I’m sure adjusting to the big screen is tough.”

“Yeah, kind of. Especially being a Zaun native when no one spares a second glance at you. I think you might be the first person to talk to me for more than two seconds,” she snorts.

“Well, at least I’ll be able to say I was a fan before many others.” That coaxes a chuckle out of Vi, her light scowl turning into a small grin.

“Yeah, I guess so,” she murmurs.

Caitlyn’s nervousness starts to get to her. Instead of her mouth going completely dry, it overflows.

“Are there any plans after this film?” Caitlyn asks.

“Hope so. Kinda uncertain, but I’m ready to keep going. I had a good time working on this movie, even if I wasn’t a star or anything. It was fun.” Vi shifts from foot to foot, shoving her hands in her pockets. No one has stopped to

“Well, I’m super excited to see the movie so we’ve gotta start heading in there. Have a wonderful rest of your night… Vi.” With the last word, a couple drops of saliva fly from Caitlyn’s mouth to Vi’s face.

“Oh my Janna, I am so sorry.” Caitlyn slapped a hand over her mouth, not wanting to risk launching anything else while also trying to hide her flushed face.

“It’s alright.” Vi wipes her face with her hands, scrunching up her face as she does so.

“I’ll see you in there.” She flashes a perfect smirk and a wink.

“Yeah,” Caitlyn breathes.

As Vi starts to walk away, she trips over the wire for the microphone, bringing Caitlyn down with her.

“sh*t,” they both curse.

Caitlyn tries to drag herself up when Vi curses one more time, realizing one of her hands is on the ground beside Vi’s chest and the other is on Vi’s chest.

“Oh my gods, I am so sorry, that should’ve been taped,” Caitlyn gasps, pushing herself back onto her feet.

Caitlyn starts to sweat through her suit.

Vi sends her another tight smile and moves on to the next interviewer who actually doesn’t talk to her for more than two seconds.

“I can not believe you were such a trainwreck out there! If your parents weren’t who they were, you would’ve been out of here a long time ago.”

Marcus is scolding Caitlyn in his office, going on and on about what happened the night before.

Caitlyn was ashamed enough and this definitely did not help.

Her parents tried consoling her, but it didn’t help much. She still barely slept during the dark hours.

The exhaustion plus the embarrassment was a horrible equation.

She was just starting to recover and accept it when Marcus beckoned her into his office.

“You will single-handedly destroy this company,” Marcus huffs.

Ironic because ever since Grayson resigned and he climbed up, they’ve been doing their worst numbers.

A knock interrupts his rampage, his door creaking open.

“We’re apparently going viral.” Alyx, the new intern, pokes their head into the room, sticking their phone up.

Marcus grabs their phone from their hand while Caitlyn pulls her own phone out.

She opens up Twitter, the third trending topic is ‘#gaypanicisrealanddangerous,’ and the second being the name of the movie.

When Caitlyn clicks on it, it’s edit after screenshot after commentary on the interview.

Eliza @lesbian_chaos

WHEN WILL IT BE MY TURN #gaypanicisrealanddangerous,

smile @dontlookatme

swear these nepo babies get more and more embarrassing by the second #gaypanicisrealanddangerous,

praise kink @gaygayhom*osexualgay

stop they’re so hot #gaypanicisrealanddangerous,

chris @thatbitch

didnt know pink hair went by they/them



eddy @GingerLegHair

Didn’t even bother to find the woman’s name 😭😭😭

Kyoya Hater @kIsSkIsSfAlLiNlOvEwithurmother

babe wake up new lesbian ship just dropped #gaypanicisrealanddangerous,

jiggle @ambessasleftflap

who even are these people?????? #gaypanicisrealanddangerous

daddy @ambessasrightflap

and how do I get them into my bed

Love You @whatifiliterallymurderedyourighthere

Okay but why is nobody talking about how the movie is actually really good ???? Movie critics can kiss my ass #meltedwalls

bark bark @JustInABeaver


A @divorcebabedivorce

when did we all agree to become liars and deceivers????

Hello @urfather

L ratio

jugs @mommymilkers

L ratio

Pesto @ForeverYoung

L ratio

“Huh,” Marcus hums.

This was the first time Caitlyn logged into any of her accounts since the event. She suspected that the backlash would be horrendous.

What she didn’t suspect was that people would actually not hate her.

“Silco says congrats,” the intern mutters finally, closing the door behind them.

Caitlyn gives a tight smile to Marcus as he glares at her.

“Get out of my office.”

Sevika Day. It’s what the workplace calls the day Silco Media sends their COO to check on each branch of the company in the building. When weirdly involved higher-ups get to breathe down everyone’s necks and make sure everything is to their liking.

It’s just a mere one hour every four months, but somehow still the most nerve-wracking and over-anticipated moment that plagues each employee in the office.

Caitlyn’s been mindlessly staring at her computer screen for hours, waiting at the edge of her seat for heavy footsteps and the buzz of her phone.

The latter comes first and Caitlyn instantly grabs the device.

She’s ready to finally talk to the gorgeous woman with the shock of pink hair, maybe scold her a bit for talking too long.

But apparently, it’s not the time yet since the message isn’t from her.

Jayce 👰🏻♂️

Has Sevika torn down the place yet?


She isn’t here yet

Deckard is shaking in his boots awaiting her arrival

Jayce 👰🏻♂️

Go on drool watch !!!!!

Caitlyn carefully steps out of her room, peeking into the common area.

There’s Alyx sitting on one of the green loveseats with their laptop sitting in front of them, their eyes locked on the door.

Jayce 👰🏻♂️


Let me guess




How’d you know?!?!?!?!

Jayce 👰🏻♂️


The conversation stops there, leaving Caitlyn in silence once again.

It hadn’t even been a full forty-eight hours since the night of the party and Caitlyn was already growing impatient.

Vi is a busy woman, she’s very well aware, but is it selfish to want to receive a simple text?

Genuinely, a ‘what’s up’ would have sufficed, even if Caitlyn would prefer something a little more than that.

Caitlyn looks around the area outside of her office one more time before going back to slouch in her desk chair.

She unlocks her phone with one hand and spins a pen in the other.

Caitlyn opens up Instagram to plenty of notifications waiting for her.

She furrows her brows. She almost clicks on the little heart button before deciding against it. It’s never anything good.

“Ms. Kiramman. Slacking, are we?” The gruff voice startles Caitlyn, having her almost throw the pen across the room.

“Uh, no of course not. Everyone needs a brain break, right?” Caitlyn scrambles to sit up in her chair.

“Yeah, sure.” She gives Caitlyn a once over before continuing. “We need you in Marcus’ office.”

Caitlyn takes a staggering breath before getting up and following Sevika, begrudgingly leaving her phone behind.

Her coworkers gawk as she walks behind Sevika, Marcus sitting at his desk waiting for the two.

“Good afternoon, Marcus,” Caitlyn says, warily sitting down in the chair in front of him. Sevika slumping in the chair next to her.

“Good afternoon.” The room remains silent for a few moments, leaving Caitlyn to anxiously pick at her blouse.

“Is there something wrong?” She finally asks.

“Not exactly,” a flat voice comes out of Marcus’ office phone, a voice that easily quickens Caitlyn’s breathing and causes her to build up a sweat.

“Mr. Silco.”

“I’ll cut to the chase.” There’s a bit of ruffling until he continues. “I understand you went to that Halloween party two days ago. I also understand that you’re rather close with the woman who hosted it.” Caitlyn stops her fidgeting and unconsciously holds her breath, waiting for what’s next.

“Have you by any chance seen social media recently? I sure hope so because that is a quite big part of your job.” Marcus turns his monitor around to show his screen to Sevika and Caitlyn.

He slowly switches from tab to tab, a series of posts on varying platforms about one thing.







“I’m sure this hurts. But instead of wallowing, maybe we can put all of this emotion into some writing. I won’t call it an exposé, but maybe an insider piece. Looking into the world of horribly selfish celebrities. Revenge is a dish best served cold, isn’t it?” All eyes are on her, even the eyes of the others in the branch, peeking in through the windows of the large office.

“So?” Silco continues. “If this piece becomes as successful as we expect it to be, I’ll bet that you most likely will be taking Marcus’ spot once he leaves this position.” Caitlyn freezes, oxygen still not truly getting to her lungs.

“I’ve heard about your reservations, but we’ve practically struck gold here, Ms. Kiramman. It wouldn’t be very smart to let this slip right through our fingers, would it?” He awaits a response that Caitlyn is not at all ready to give.

“I guess not,” she sighs.

“Don’t take too long to get it done, we want it out while the wound is still fresh. Directly before or after the Endless Foundation red carpet and dinner would be great. Thank you for your time.” He hangs up and the room goes silent.

“I think it’s time for my break.” Caitlyn gets up quickly and rushes out of the room to grab her stuff, her next goal, to be out of the building.

It’s an overreaction. Vi unfollowed her. So what? Vi had her number. That she wasn’t using.

They spent that entire night together. Touching and laughing. That meant something. Caitlyn felt something that she hadn’t felt in a long time. That for so long she was convinced she wasn’t allowed to feel. And now it’s gone.

An aggressive buzzing sounds from Vi’s bedside table, waking her up from her soft slumber.

Vi groans, pulling her pillow over her head to muffle the noise.

“I hate how easily you can do stuff like that.”

“Tu es tellement sexy.”

“You’ve got a great voice, Vi.”


The memories of last night blessed Vi’s dreams, flooding her thoughts with one blue eyed girl.

She would’ve woken up blissfully if it weren’t for whatever is making that noise.

She reaches over to grab her phone, Viktor’s name flashing on her screen.


“Do not tell me you’re not out of bed yet,” Viktor replies sternly.

“Uh… I’m out of bed.” Obviously, Vi’s groggy voice gives it away, but Viktor only sighs.

She pulls her duvet off of herself, letting the chilly air hit her skin.

“It’s currently ten thirty. You must be at the Endless Foundation meeting in an hour and a half. Do not be late.” The line cuts and leaves Vi in silence, only the pleasant chirps of birds behind her window breaking it.

She drops her phone into the pocket of her sweatpants and peels herself out of bed.

Dragging her feet against the hardwood floor, she opens her door and makes her way to the bathroom.

She flosses and rinses before grabbing her toothbrush and swiping some toothpaste onto it.

The buzz of the brush fills the room while Vi stares at her rough reflection.

Her hair’s a mess and there’s crust at the corners of her eyes, but she still smiles.

Caitlyn’s grin, her bright eyes and her sickening sweetness. Gods, is she perfect.

Her waist fitting in Vi’s hands as if they were long lost puzzle pieces. Her hands in her hair, each conversation coming easier than the one before.

Vi pulls out her phone to find Caitlyn in her contacts when a message from Jinx pops up at the top of her screen.

An Instagram post of a tweet of a picture of Caitlyn and I laughing with text above it having one and a half million likes.

Why are we forgetting that Caitlyn is literally awful?????

thatbitch !!!!! Like she’s so annoying that girl never shuts tf up

divorcebabedivorceRemember when she almost completely spoiled one of her parents’ biggest movies???

BooCapitalism been awful straight out the womb fr

StoryOfMyLife Can’t believe Cassandra and Tobias Kiramman created that

SunsetShimmer.isthatgirl I’m all for queer representation or whatever but the way she forced her parents to include them… the characters ended up being so one dimensional and ruined the show.

TimotheeCalculator She’s not horrible she’s just soooo irritating like girl shutting up is an option

mommyvi Vi I love you so so so much but like…. Her???? Ms nepotism???? Come on she’s so annoying

Three_fingers SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK!!! Vi is kinda becoming a sellout and Caitlyn is trying to steal her from us. Caitlyn probably manipulated TF out of her so I don’t blame Vi. Think about the power inbalance, Caitlyn’s parents are LOADED

Kiki._.salamander One of the few people who make me homicidal. She is one of those people. Someone send her address

Galaxiesinyoureyes No because this is so true. I’ll literally find her and sew her mouth shut myself

Vi_my_beloved Caitlyn’s so ugly too…

Vi’s mouth hangs open, toothpaste dripping out of it.

There’s no way the girl who giggled along with Vi all night, who was kind and curious and funny was the same person these people are talking about.

Vi keeps brushing and scrolling, the comments becoming more and more malicious. The worst ones seemingly coming from fan accounts made for her.

On an investigation high, Vi spits out all of the paste and wipes her mouth with a small towel, opting to click on the original person’s account to see the other things on their profile.

It’s a regular celebrity based page, discussing gossip and drama between many of Vi’s acquaintances.

Some of them almost make her chuckle with how ridiculous they are.

‘Ambessa would be a dictator but I still love her?’ Come on people, do you not have things to do?

Vi doesn’t have to go far to find other posts with Caitlyn as the topic, equally as hateful as the one Jinx sent.

A knock at the door startles Vi, pulling her out of her thoughts.

“Vik told me to check if you were actually getting ready. You see the thing I sent you?” Jinx asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah…” There isn’t much else Vi can come up with.

“Well, I guess we were wrong about her being good for your image. Call me if you need help picking a fit.” Jinx leaves the doorway, letting Vi continue to fight with herself.

Sliding the glass door of the shower aside before stepping in, Vi wonders how this all started.


She was well aware of Caitlyn’s parents and how influential they were, the films they’ve directed and the series they’ve written. But the whole family seemed kind of private, closed off. How could this be anyone’s conclusion?

If this is what people are saying when it involves herself, she could only imagine what people were saying when it involved Jayce.

The balmy water hits Vi’s skin with a small sting, steam rising and filling the small room.

Despite the smooth heat, her body remains tense. Her muscles don’t relax and she can hardly let out a full breath, the steam making it even harder to breathe.

“It was nothing that I’m not used to.”

Vi scrubs herself down quickly, wanting to get out of the suffocating area as quickly as possible.

She throws a towel on and wraps it around herself before starting to wash her face.


Creamy stuff, oily stuff, water, soapy stuff, more water.

Vi simply couldn’t wrap her head around it. Why do people just… say things?

After completely f*cking up the skincare routine Jinx got for her, she grabs her phone and dashes out of the bathroom to sit on her bed and keep searching.

Twitter has to be worse than this.

Opening up the app, she quickly searches #caitlynkiramman.

Scrolling through each tweet, it’s as if people only post to this tag around the time Caitlyn and Vi see each other.

The first couple are quite flattering, and the rest are… spiteful to say the least.

Papa’s Rockeria


@Caitlyn.Kiramman is a manipulator: a thread

#caitlynkiramman and @therealjaycet have a history. #jaycetalis knowing Caitlyn since birth and Caitlyn’s parents basically sponsoring Jayce’s career. 1/?

Papa’s Rockeria @CrystallizedRocks

Since Caitlyn doesn’t talk publicly all that much (and this was kinda her coming back into the public eye), we’ve learned that they are each other’s “best friends” from Jayce. Going as far as to say they’re practically siblings. 2/?

Papa’s Rockeria @CrystallizedRocks

Three years ago, Jayce felt the need to say this because it was speculated that Jayce and Mel Medarda were dating. Everyone thought they were an awesome power couple, but people thought Caitlyn was getting in the way. 3/?

Papa’s Rockeria @CrystallizedRocks

There were paparazzi pictures of Jayce and Caitlyn going for lunch, hanging out, etc.. Caitlyn’s hands were all over Jayce, hugging and touching and holding despite his relationship. 4/?

Papa’s Rockeria @CrystallizedRocks

The public started to call Caitlyn out on it because come on, the man’s in a relationship, back off. Call back to Jayce defending her and Caitlyn’s famous parents. 5/?

Papa’s Rockeria @CrystallizedRocks

If you watch the interviews, it’s very obvious in Jayce’s body language that he’s nervous. Probably because Caitlyn’s parents can easily stop his career dead in its tracks. If he doesn’t stick up for her, it’s over. 6/?

Papa’s Rockeria @CrystallizedRocks

Caitlyn definitely knew her power over the situation, so she continued to be around Jayce constantly. Though we don’t see them together often anymore, we can only assume what happens behind the scenes. 7/?

Papa’s Rockeria @CrystallizedRocks

Now, fast forward. @vi_lane enters the picture. Caitlyn literally assaults her the first time they meet, #vilane obviously scared of her. She tries to leave, but Caitlyn won’t let her. Vi starts to flirt with her. Why? Because of Caitlyn’s parents, duh. 8/?

Papa’s Rockeria @CrystallizedRocks

I really can’t blame Vi. If I was in the position to promote myself easily through another famous person, I would do it. But the power imbalance is reintroduced. Vi evidently doesn’t actually like Caitlyn, but Caitlyn for sure does like her. 9/?

Papa’s Rockeria @CrystallizedRocks

She manipulates the situation to get Vi to give her more attention, in return giving Vi more publicity and bigger roles. Vi most likely feels incredibly stuck, not knowing how to stop Caitlyn without hurting herself. 10/?

Papa’s Rockeria @CrystallizedRocks

Another example: when reporters were validly calling Caitlyn out for disrespect, no social awareness, almost spoiling her parent’s big series finale, forcing

her parents to add in bad characters for her personal agenda, etc., they started to lose their jobs and Caitlyn 11/?

Papa’s Rockeria @CrystallizedRocks

stopped being in the public eye as much. When she gets caught, she disappears. She’s manipulated so many situations to try to get the public to be in her favour. She’s awful and desperately needs therapy for her attention seeking habits. 12/12

nasty @switching.thepositionsfor.vilane

Why don’t you like c*itlyn, she never did anything!!!” Read this thread right here.

What. The actual. f*ck.

Vi swiftly tugs on a shirt, and keeps going through the replies. There are few who go against the thread of tweets, the majority agreeing, some even saying they used to like Caitlyn until they found out about this.

And, unsurprisingly, some being blatantly hom*ophobic.

“Knock, knock. Hope you aren’t naked.” Jinx peeks into Vi’s room, finding her sitting on the edge of her bed, staring at her phone wide-eyed.

“Oh no, it’s worse. Did you put your pants on backwards?”

f*ck, she did.

“I’ll find something for you.”

While Jinx does that, Vi keeps scrolling into the abyss.

Vi was never an avid social media user. She had that because her job required it, only going through it sometimes when she was told she needed to, opting for a nice workout to cure her boredom instead and letting Jinx handle it.

Which might have been a bit of a mistake because things seem to have gotten completely out of hand right underneath her nose.

“Here, put this on, you have a little over an hour. I’m gonna make some pancakes.” Jinx grins and skips out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

Caitlyn, who looked at Vi with brilliant eyes and parted lips. Looked at Vi like she was more than just someone she interviews. None of this makes any sense.

Vi drops her phone and falls back onto her bed, trying to catch her breath.

She rests her arm over her eyes, mulling over what she should do next.

She could check up on her? Maybe ask Jinx to post something speaking out against these people?

But that would just bring more attention to Caitlyn. Vi brings more attention to Caitlyn every single time she sees her.

So how does she pivot?

She grabs her phone one more time and logs back into Instagram, searching Caitlyn’s name in the search bar.

The unfollow button quickly turns into a follow button after a prompt click.

Maybe they’ll leave her alone if Vi does as well.

Though she thinks it was the right decision, she feels like she’s committed fourteen felonies, it only making the longing worse.

She wants Caitlyn back in her arms, totally f*cking with her by talking in French and telling her how she thinks she’s attractive, that the feeling is mutual.

Vi lets out a huff and pushes herself off of her bed, going to change into the jeans, hoodie, and flannel that Jinx picked out for her, trying to forget the one person that wouldn't leave her mind.

Caitlyn didn’t go back to work. For the rest of the day, she stayed holed up in her childhood bedroom with a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream, loud music blasting into her ears from her headphones.

She didn’t want to talk to anyone, but the deafening silence of her apartment would have been the death of her.

A small knock on her door and a soft call for dinner come from a staff member in the hallway, Caitlyn hearing neither.

She drops the empty pint on her bedside table and takes her time pulling herself out of bed.

Walking past the shelves of trophies and awards, old CDs and records, towards an overflowing bookshelf.

Tons of novels, fiction and non-fiction alike, and notebooks, some unfinished and others completely ruined with writing.

She runs her finger through all of them. The spines rigid and broken.

From nine years old to her current twenty-five.

She stops at the tenth book, a purple spine and pink covers, ‘ Notes ’ written on the front.

She cracks it open to a page with ‘shut up’ written all over it in rough writing.

Flipping over to the next one, it’s rather cramped.

I’ve accepted the fact that I’m broken in a way that no one can fix, but it still doesn’t change how each time I hear them tell me I’m too loud, too forward, too touchy, it shatters my heart.

I know there’s something wrong with me. I know that no one will love me if I remain this way. I know that I need to fix it, but I don’t know how.

I’ll do anything, give up everything, for it all to stop.

When will it all be over? When will it be my turn to be normal?

It’s as if I have broken glass surrounding me at all times. As if I have a deadly contagious disease.

If I were them, I wouldn’t want to catch whatever I have either.

A tear falls from Caitlyn’s eye as she keeps reading.

“Caitlyn? We need to start dinner.” Her parents enter her room, finding her fighting back more tears as she sits herself on her large carpet.

Cassandra and Tobias give each other knowing looks, deciding to not say anything else.

They make their way over to their daughter, Tobias kneels and engulfs Caitlyn in his arms while Cassandra sits in front of the two.

“We’re sorry, Caitlyn. We truly believed she was different,” Tobias says.

Cassandra peers at the notebook laying on the ground, skimming over the words scribbled onto it.

“You’re perfect, Caitlyn,” Cassandra adds.

“I thought it was getting better. Easier. That I was becoming what people wanted,” Caitlyn sobs into the crook of her father’s neck.

“Darling, there is no need to change who you are. If that Vi can’t see your magnificence, it’s on her,” her mother continues.

“You’ll find someone that loves you for you. I got lucky with your mum, you’ll get lucky too.” Cassandra shakes her head with a small smile on her face.

“You’re a strong woman, Caitlyn. No one should have the power to get you down like this. If we let them control us, you wouldn’t even be here.” Cassandra places a kiss on Caitlyn’s head.

She notices the empty container of ice cream on Caitlyn’s stand, her heart shattering further.

“We’ll get you something proper to eat, darling. We told Chef Fortune to make your favourite when we noticed you were home.” She gets up to walk towards Caitlyn’s bedroom door, looking back at her husband.

“Do you need me to stay?” Tobias asks.

“No, it’s alright. I just need to breathe. Maybe I’ll call Jayce.” Her father nods and reluctantly pulls away.

Before the door closes behind them, Cassandra stops and takes her husband’s arm. “You know we could blacklist her, people owe of favours.” That pulls a weak chuckle out of Caitlyn upon their departure.

Caitlyn gets up to reach for her phone that sits on her bed.

Jayce picks up by the second ring. “Hey, Cait. Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Well, I’m not, but I will be.”

“I know you will,” he says softly.

Caitlyn bites her lip and taps her finger against her thigh. “I’ve been given an offer. If I write an article about the party, about Vi, I might be taking Marcus’ place.”

“What would this article entail?” Jayce asks.

“Silco did say not an exposé, but I think that’s exactly what he wants.”

There’s a pause with a bit of shuffling before he speaks again. “So are you going to do it?”

When the call ends and Caitlyn’s full on macaroni and cheese, she grabs one of the empty notebooks with ‘ New Beginning’ written on the front, and writes until her hand goes limp.

Vi has completely shut off her phone, tired of all the trouble it’s brought her.

She’s in the workout room of their apartment, music blasting from an old-school iPod as she lifts weights, exerting herself into exhaustion until her brain stops running.

She drops the weights and pulls the earphones out of her ears.

She’ll for sure be sore by morning.

Jinx waits for her behind the door, leaning against the wall.

“You good? Heard you going at it pretty hard.”

“Just needed to blow off some steam. I… I wanna talk to Caitlyn. I want to make sure she’s okay. What everyone says about her is total bullsh*t.” Vi walks into the bathroom for a quick shower.

Jinx follows her, her hands shaking as she raises them to her mouth to chew on her nails.

“Was she really that great?” She asks nervously.

Vi pauses in front of the mirror, barely thinking over the question.

“Yeah. She really was.”


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this situation remains me of the millie bobby brown one where she was just a talkative kid and a bunch of people (including grown adults) just tore her to pieces online. we're gonna find out other things the public did to caitlyn next chapter

Chapter 8: does it get better or worse


look into cait's childhood + more vi guilt

CW: depression, comfort eating, a tiny bit of restrictive eating
skip this chapter if you need to, it's alright :)
i promise the fluff will return soon


back again
it's been rather caitlyn centric recently, but don't fret, next chapter is gonna be mostly vi
for now, take a sad mini caitlyn
this is a short chapter too but expect the next ones to be longer

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

“Caitlyn?” Cassandra calls out.

Expectantly, there is no response back.

Tobias shakes his head as he stands beside her, holding a tray with a bowl of creamy tomato soup and slices of a baguette sitting on top of it.

Cassandra pushes open her daughter’s bedroom door.

They find her curled up in bed, her blanket pulled over her head.

Her latest notebook lounges open on the ground, a led pencil not too far away.

It’s the fifth time Cassandra and Tobias have checked on Caitlyn today, and the fourth time they hear snores coming out from under her duvet despite the sun barely being down.

“Caitlyn, darling, we’ve brought dinner,” Tobias whispers, sitting down next to Caitlyn’s exhausted body, the food on his lap.

Cassandra stays standing, running her hands through Caitlyn’s oily hair.

Her eyes open slowly, a small groan scratching at her throat.

“Did you finish your schoolwork today?”

Despite Caitlyn’s slow nod, Cassandra finds it hard to believe her. Even with that, she doesn’t bring it up again.

She takes the tray from Tobias’ lap and sets it down on Caitlyn’s bedside table, letting him pull her up to rest her back against her headboard.

“Dad, I’m not five, I can pull myself up.” Tobias frowns at his daughter’s attitude.

“You need anything else?”

“I wouldn’t mind you guys leaving.” Cassandra sighs and gives her husband a knowing look before taking his hand to lead him out of the room.

Before they make their exit, she drops a brand new book on Caitlyn’s desk. The final novel to a trilogy she’s been quite obsessed with for a while.

They shut the door behind them, Cassandra holding her tongue before they’re behind their own bedroom door.

“If I knew this is what they would do to her, I would have never-”

“Don’t finish that sentence, Cassandra.” Tobias’ voice breaks.

“She is a thirteen-year-old girl! I didn’t think those vultures could get worse, then they out her, Tobias. They are out of control.” Tears well in Cassandra’s eyes as she tries to blink them away, only making it worse. “She can’t even bring herself to shower, nonetheless get out of bed. It’s been weeks. Are we doing something wrong?” She sits down on the edge of their king-sized bed, keeping stern eye contact with him.

Tobias looks away, picking at his nails.

“What if… what if she hurts herself? What if she has already started?”

Tobias could not say that the idea of his daughter self-harming did not invade his thoughts, but he refused to speak them.

“Maybe a psychologist?” He suggests, stepping closer to his wife to join her on their bed.

“Caitlyn would never agree to that.”

“Well, we can not sit here idly. If we want her to get better, we need to call a professional. There is only so much we can do,” Tobias mumbles.

Cassandra sniffs, wiping away stray tears. “Anything to help her.”

The next morning, Cassandra watches Tobias make his world-famous omelette.

Famous to Cassandra's world at least.

They’re always perfectly fluffy, with not too much or too little of anything.

Jayce fumbles around the kitchen trying to help Tobias, but only makes a bigger mess than needed.

Cassandra sips her tea and swallows as she stares at her newly arrived magazines and newspapers.

Salo, a fellow director who’s the product of knowing the right people but lacking in the talent department, in Cassandra’s not very humble opinion, is on the front cover of The Look.

The text above him, apparently a quote he said.

“I always knew they [The Kiramman’s] were a bit odd, especially that little one.”

Cassandra glares at it, reminding herself to shred the horrid thing later. She’ll handle that snake soon.

Tobias begins to prepare a tray when a pile of baggy clothes in the shape of a new teenage girl comes through the swing doors.

The room goes silent as she climbs the chair next to her mother, resting her elbows on either side of her book that lays on the counter.

Cassandra instantly snatches the magazine, shoving it under her bum.

She clears her throat. “You’re already almost done?”

Caitlyn hums, not saying anything else. Even so, Cassandra takes it as a tremendous win.

“Well, breakfast is ready.”

When everyone is served and begins to dig in, Jayce tells the family that he’ll be leaving in just under a week for Ionia to film his new movie.

They congratulate him, Tobias being the most excited.

“It’s beautiful! You’ll love it there. I still haven’t done my yearly visit. If you need any help navigating, I know the perfect people who could help,” he insists.

Caitlyn gets up from her stool and leaves the kitchen with her book.

They all look at each other with small smiles on their face.


Jayce eventually departs, leaving the couple to pace around the hall outside of Caitlyn’s door, nervous about how their little suggestion would be taken.

“The worst thing she could do is burn it. We can handle that, can’t we, darling?” Tobias slaps the envelope on his hand and clenches his jaw.

“Of course. It’s fine.” Cassandra knocks on the door just to warn their daughter that they’re coming in.

They push open the door and see Caitlyn propped up in her bed, scribbling something in one of her notebooks.

“Read it at your own time, love.” Her father drops the letter on Caitlyn’s desk and her mother smiles before exiting.

When the door shuts behind them, they release a deep breath, now only being able to hope for the best.

“Caitlyn Kiramman! It has been quite a while has it not?” Dr. Heimerdinger welcomes Caitlyn into his office, gray with hints of orange and yellow.

His clean desk and chair sit to the far right of the room, an armchair and a loveseat facing each other in the middle of the room.

“Please, get comfortable. I have to say,” he starts, grabbing his mug and sitting down in the comfortable chair.

“When you called, I was battling with my rather excited, but also worried emotions.” He swirls the liquid in the cup as Caitlyn sits down across from him.

The cushions are just as soft as she remembers, although much smaller.

“No need to be worried. I hope I’m not taking up your time,” Caitlyn insists.

Heimerdinger snorts lightly. “Of course not. I always have time for you, Caitlyn. Get started whenever it feels right.”

Caitlyn pauses to take a deep breath and collect her thoughts, trying to come up with something remotely coherent to say.

“Something happened recently. I found myself falling back into old habits,” she starts.

“What kind of old habits?”

“Isolation. Comfort eating. Thankfully though, I pulled myself out way sooner rather than later.”

“That’s fantastic. I know it’s a struggle sometimes. If you’d like to share, would you mind talking about what happened?” The psychologist politely suggests.

Caitlyn fidgets with her fingers.

She doesn’t think she’s ready to unpack the past trauma that lingers in her heart. The all too recognizable flips of her stomach and weakness in her limbs she felt those days ago.

“It’s just… it’s as if it follows me everywhere I go, right out of my line of sight.” She takes a deep breath, closing her eyes as she continues. “I know there is nothing wrong with me, that I’ve treated people well and grown from my mistakes. I know that I don’t deserve to be punished for who I am. I know that I am deserving of love, despite what others tend to believe.”

Both Caitlyn and Dr. Heimerdinger felt a sting in their eyes.

Both of them remembering a smaller Caitlyn who said the opposite of those things. Who took forever to be of the opinion of anything else.

“Those things are all true.” Caitlyn opens her eyes, looking into Dr. Heimerdinger’s kind eyes.

“I know those things, but I can't help but want someone else to know as well. To believe it too. To love me as I am.”

“You don’t think anyone else believes those statements?” Heimerdinger inquires.

“I think people run away before they can. I try to accept it and ignore it, but I’m only human. Can you blame me for wanting someone to stay? Will I be alone for the rest of my life?” Caitlyn mutters.

All the same, Dr. Heimerdinger hears her loud and clear.

“Of course in being human, you undergo emotions you don’t understand and don’t want to feel. You don’t have to force yourself to accept and grow past something you should have never experienced in the first place. It’s a process that takes an immense amount of time. Allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling without judgment. And no, I nor anyone else shall blame you for wanting someone to stay. Though you feel alone, you aren't. There's me, your parents, Jayce. Though, I am aware you most likely mean romantically. Your frustration is beyond valid, but try to let time do its magic. If someone leaves, potentially they weren't the right one.”

Caitlyn nods along, still picking at her fingers. Caitlyn had felt as if Vi was the right one, a stronger, much more real feeling than she had felt with anyone else.

Maybe she was wrong.

And that's okay.

“And as for other people, we obviously have no power or control over them. It’s something we all try to accept despite our human nature. It’s awful when people mistreat us, but that’s a choice they’re willing to make on their own. It doesn’t mean you deserve it.”

Caitlyn lets his voice and reassurance soothe her. She doesn’t let his words go through one ear and out of the other. She allows them to sink in and wash over her.

“And how did you deal with the stress?”

“I eventually got out of bed and started to write.”

Heimerdinger leans forward. “Write what exactly?”

Vi pushes through her last couple of reps of split squats with heavy panting.

“It’s an honour to be here tonight. No. It’s an unbelievable honour to be here tonight,” Vi croaks under her breath.

After the failed fiasco of trying to block Caitlyn out of her mind a couple days ago, she decided to try to distract herself with not just body-numbing workouts, but also by stressing herself with the speech she's giving at the Endless Foundation dinner that was tomorrow evening.

She wanted to, no, needed to make it perfect. She couldn’t be anything less than.

Vi stops with a deep huff, grabbing her bottle and spraying some water in her mouth.

When her phone starts to ring, she rolls her eyes.

Unfortunate that I can’t just get rid of that thing.

She answers anyway, holding it up to her ear.

“How do you feel about a sitcom, Ms. Lane?” Ekko says on the other side of the line, a weirdly audible smirk on his lips.

“Uh… fine, I guess. Anything to get me working again,” Vi replies, wrapping a towel around her neck.

“It’s a trick question. It’s a crime drama offer and I think a sitcom will ruin your momentum. I don’t think it’s the path you’re attempting to take right now. Maybe when you’re starting to grow grays.”

“Why do I feel like that is going to be sooner than later?” Vi groans under her breath.

“I don’t know, you tell me. Have you been doing alright?” His tone changes, more considerate than before.

Vi lets out a deep breath, letting her forehead rest against the hallway wall to cool her down.

“Just a little stressed. Nothing I can’t handle.”

Ekko wants to ask about what’s going on with Caitlyn and if she had spoken to Jinx yet, but with how defeated Vi already sounds, he decides against it.

He also wants to tell her about all the other offers she’s receiving, some career-changing stuff, but only Janna knows how exhausted she is at this point.

“Get some rest, Vi. Take time off. You deserve it.”

“I’ll try,” she says halfheartedly.

There’s no time for rest, no time for a break. No matter how much she wants one, or “deserves” one.

She has sh*t she needs to get done.

“Talk to you in a bit. Go take a nap or something.” Vi breathes out a laugh as he hangs up.

Her stomach rumbles, reminding her that she’s hardly eaten all day, barely being able to stomach anything.

She tiredly starts to prepare some ramen, running her speech in her head.

Just at that moment, Jinx comes through the front door with a pizza in her hands.

Eyeing Vi, she hums. “Ramen and Pizza. Not the weirdest food combination we’ve come up with.”

She sets the box on the counter and watches her sister move around the kitchen.

Slouched and tense shoulders, barely speaking, very sweaty.

All telltale signs.

Jinx fights with herself on what she’s going to say next. She has to tell Vi. She doesn’t have a choice.

Just a few days ago, she might’ve selfishly been a little excited about telling Vi the news.

But with the way her sister has been such an empty shell recently, realizing that she easily had a part to play in it, her heart wrenched.

“Jayce told Viktor, Viktor told Ekko, then Ekko told me that she’s gonna write an article about you. Expose how you hurt her.” Vi stops moving and clenches her fists open and closed.

She bites hard on the inside of her cheek.

It hurts, but it’s what she deserves isn’t it?

“Okay.” Her voice is raspy, not knowing how else to respond to it.

“I’m sorry.”

“There’s no need to be. It’s on me.” The microwave dings, Vi pulls out the steaming cup of noodles and puts a slice of pizza on a paper towel.

“Just one?”

“Not too hungry.” Vi places a chaste kiss on her little sister’s forehead. “Don’t turn in too late, L.C..” Vi turns to her bedroom door, dragging her feet against the wood.

There’s an infinite amount of apologies that sit on the tip of Jinx’s tongue, but she thinks it’ll probably only make it worse.

Vi eats in bed, playing some white noise to fill the silence as she chews away and continues to stress over her speech.

She tries to ignore the headlines that flash through her mind. The awful interviews and the choked back tears.

Internet rabbit holes are just the worst, aren’t they?


info you might need for this chapter:
L.C. stands for loose cannon. will be brought up again later on but it's just a silly nickname for our girl

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Chapter 9: dinner prep


they see each other again


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Chapter Text

She looks at Vi with pure enchantment. Laughing at her jokes and adding some of her own.

Holding onto her arm as they walk through the dark streets of Zaun. There’s a cool breeze in Vi’s hair, hitting her skin and barely pushing through the limited space between their bodies as she presses against Vi’s side.

“Ugh, f*ck those Pilties. We’re going to rule the entire world,” Vi says in Zeri’s ear. She giggles along with her, throwing her head back.

“Hell yeah. We’re gonna tear Runeterra down,” Zeri exclaims, shaking Vi’s arm.

Vi chuckles, a smile tugging at her lips.

Zeri’s touch is electrifying. It’s as if Vi’s heart stops each time they come close.

Vi wants to let the words slip so badly.

All she wanted was to tell her how she felt. How her heart jumped each time she saw her. How when she looked at Vi the way she did stopped all airflow.

They come to a stop at the edge of the building. Zeri sits down, her legs dangling down the brick wall, and pats the space next to her, inviting Vi to join her.

Of course, she does so, shuffling closer to Zeri’s body.

The skyline view is dazzling. Some buildings shine a neon green that looks just like Zeri’s pretty hair.

“It’s nice up here, isn’t it,” Zeri mutters, turning to look at Vi.

She’s so close. Close enough that Vi can feel her breath brush against her freckled cheek.

“It is,” Vi mumbles.

Vi’s beet-red face competes with her dark hair.

They sit in a comfortable silence for quite a while, the hustle and bustle of the streets making perfect white noise to ease the two of them.

Zeri’s company is warm and inviting. In a way that makes Vi feel guilty for keeping her all to herself because Janna knows she doesn’t deserve such peace.

Zeri nudges her pinkie towards Vi’s slowly before wrapping them around each other and Vi’s heart almost stops.

“Can I… tell you something?”

Vi turns around as well, her nose almost brushing against Zeri’s.

“Uh… sure,” Vi whispers.

Her pulse quickens, her chest heaves slightly and her brain bounces around her skull.

“I…” A rhythmic beat interrupts Zeri, it coming out of the pocket of Vi’s sweatpants.

“I’m so sorry.” The sweat builds up all over Vi’s body, her mouth going completely dry.

“Vi, this is important.”

“I know, I know.” She does, but even so, she picks the somehow fully cracked Nokia out of her pants.

Instantly, Jinx is screaming over the phone. “Vi! Vi, get home right now!”


Zeri sighs, drifting away and unwrapping their fingers.

“Just get home now!” She hangs up abruptly after that, leaving Vi to bite her lip and gaze worriedly at her friend.

“Just go.”

“No, Zeri, tell me.”

“I said it’s fine,” Zeri snaps. Vi thinks she hears a mumbled “We wouldn’t work anyway,” and it shatters her heart into a million pieces.

It’s like the world comes crashing down around Vi. Zeri avoiding her eyes and picking at the pebbles that lay on the roof.


“Go, Vi.” She pulls away reluctantly, her body feeling heavier than before.

She takes one more look back, but Zeri keeps looking out at the view, refusing to let Vi see the tears welling up in her eyes.

Vi bolts. Running down the streets, bobbing and weaving past people.

She focuses on not getting hit on the way or mugged or beat up instead of trying to decipher Zeri’s feelings. What she was going to say and if she at all felt the same way. Her kind smile and the pieces of hair that would frame her warm face.

But Jinx needed her. And if she couldn’t respect that, maybe she wasn’t the one.

She rushes into The Last Drop, all her siblings wait at the bar as Vander cleans glasses behind it. The room is oddly empty, leading Vi to think something is really wrong.

The leftover sweat from Zeri’s proximity has multiplied by ten because of the way Vi broke into a sprint and the anxiety filling her veins, her hair sticking to the back of her neck.

Claggor wipes down the counters and Mylo sits on one of the stools when Jinx and Ekko jump up onto Vi immediately once she’s through the door.

Her hair is already past her butt, some eye shadow and eyeliner smeared onto her face.

It was all they could really afford at that point, but it satisfied Jinx’s need for now, still grateful for the support and effort put in.

“You got the job!” She exclaims, a wide grin on her face.

It takes a while for the words to set in, a small smile tugging at her lips. “I got the job?”

“You got the job!” Ekko yells.

Vander beams, coming over to Vi and picking her up in a big bear hug.

“Good job, sweetheart!” Claggor and Mylo come over to say their congratulations as well.

“We thought it’d be a good time to celebrate.” Vander quickly runs back to the bar and comes back out with half a dozen fancy-looking cupcakes chocolate cupcakes with purple frosting and extra white icing on top.

“No… you guys really didn’t have to. How much were they?”

“Doesn’t matter. You deserve it.”

Vi gets the first one, fitting more than half of it in her mouth at once before sinking her teeth right into the sweetness, some frosting staying on the tip of her nose.

“We’re so proud of you, Vi. You’ve worked hard for this,” Vander encourages, slapping a rough hand on Vi’s back and she grins from ear to ear.

It was only a commercial. But it was something and it paid decently enough.

It’s pay for more of the things Jinx needs, maybe fix up the bar a little.

“Where even were you?”

The question weirdly wrecks Vi, her face dropping as soon as she hears it.

Zeri would’ve been so happy for her. She would’ve frolicked around and shouted from the rooftops.

But she isn’t here. Because Vi f*cked it up.

“You were with Zeri, weren’t you?’ Jinx rolls her eyes and pulls away from Vi’s body, her hair flipping around her.

“I just… I think she needed to tell me something important.”

“More than this?”

Vi pauses, the thoughts of her best friend still wrapping around her mind.

Vi lingers at the bar as Vander handles deliveries. He goes in and out and in and out, the boxes varying in size.

Zeri used to always joke about taking one when he wasn’t looking and having a night on the town.

Obviously, she wouldn’t even dare to look at Vi after she disappeared on her today.

“I know you really liked her, kid.” Vander suddenly slips onto the stool next to her, stretching his arms out to hear little pops, his body already sore from the exercise.

“Getting old?” Vi chuckles, avoiding his gaze.

“Vi, you can’t dodge this,” he counters sternly. “She was a kind girl, but you have to know that we need you here, Vi. You influence your siblings so much, you can’t set an example of getting distracted from doing what’s right. I’m sure she meant a lot to you, but this is important. You wanna prove those Pilties wrong? You gotta do what you gotta do. For us. For Jinx.” He pats her on the shoulder before getting up again. “I’m gonna turn in, don’t stay too late.”

She hates that he’s right. She can’t get distracted, this is too important.

She can’t let them down. She refuses to.

“Ow,” Vi mutters.

The tailor apologizes apathetically and rolls their eyes after they poke Vi with the needle again.

It only makes Vi even tenser than she was before.

She was never nervous around new people, f*ck what other people think, but when their hands are on you and they completely disregard all of your reactions, your fight or flight bulb starts to blink aggressively.

Vi won’t say she’s about to punch this person in their annoying face, but they’ve lost eight of their nine lives and she swears she’ll break something. Or someone.

Her train of thought is interrupted by another stab of a needle in her shoulder.

“Where the hell is Jinx,” Vi grumbles, pulling away from the tailor and brushing herself off with a scowl on her face.

How the f*ck did Mel even hire this person?

“Come on, Vi. Don’t be a diva,” Jinx coos, peeking into the room from the door. “I don’t know why you’re complaining. You look good and it’s not even done yet.”

Vi turns to look into the big full-body mirror.

The room is like any other workroom, filled with radiant and patterned fabrics and deadly pins, like any other Medarda fashion house.

Vi does look good. It’s a fully white outfit, the only deep red being her collar, still a blinding white turtleneck pulls out from underneath.

The jacket isn’t loose anymore after the torturous hand sewing, designed to be short, stopping at my belly button.

The cream-coloured slacks are baggy around her legs, hiking up her ankles and bunches around them.

There’s a bundle of fabric surrounding her waist, the same colour as the blazer and pants, silver sun-shaped clips on her side, long white socks on her feet and plain white high-top Converse covering them.

She looks f*cking snazzy.

“I miss Elora,” Vi whispers to Jinx as she walks over to her, trying to be as slick as possible so they don’t hear, but Vi swears she sees their ear perk up. Scary.

“Yeah, but you know, gotta work with a bunch of people. After this, gonna find another designer to become obsessed with you.”

“But I like Mel.”

“Yeah, a lot of people do, but versatility is important. Why be an ambassador for just one when you can have them all?”

Having it is starting to feel like having absolutely nothing right now.

Jinx used to always tell her it’s lonely at the top, but Vi never agreed because she’d always be there. Now, Vi’s finally understanding.

The hangers screech against the metal rod that holds high in Caitlyn’s closet.

“Ugh!” She groans and runs her hands through her hair with rough fingertips, tugging at her scalp slightly.

She walks out of her closet, an hour and a half to get ready and she’s still in her pajamas with her hair looking atrocious.

Marcus is going to kill her.

“Darling, you said you wanted the purple with the green key design, right? It was in our bedroom, I had it dry cleaned months ago.”

Her mother glides into her room with a suit carrier, also still in her sleepwear.

“Oh goodness, thank you, mother. You’re not even ready yourself.” She waves her hand at Caitlyn dismissively. “Scold your father instead, he’s still in bed,” Cassandra scoffs.

Caitlyn chuckles as she takes the suit from her mother and she walks out.

She heads toward her bathroom, past her packed-up violin, and hangs the carrier on one of the hooks on the wall.

She looks into the mirror and runs her hair.

Her makeup is already done. Simple and elegant with coloured gloss and mascara, some winged liner, blush and eyeshadow. Marcus tried offering her a full glam team but she knew she’d just have an anxiety attack in that room.

She looked nice. Maybe once she gets dressed she’ll feel better.

She opens the zipped up bag, revealing a purple blazer and flared purple slacks, a matching tube top underneath.

Her phone rings on the counter, Mel’s name popping up on her screen.


“Caitlyn, I’ve found the perfect jewelry for you. Was digging around my old gold and found a perfect vintage lunar set. Come drop by?”

Caitlyn gazes at her bare neck and ears. That’s probably what’s missing.

“Of course. I’ll be there soon.” The line doesn’t cut just yet, Caitlyn humming to fill the silence.

“I just love the gala season. It’s horribly stressful, but it’s so very rewarding,” Mel sighs.

Caitlyn wished she could agree. Gala season hardly ever felt rewarding. Everyone put up a façade, as if they were going to support the foundation when in reality all the media coverage anyone could ever want was going to be there.

All the glitters ain’t gold, and Caitlyn knows that from first-hand experience.

“I have to say, I’m well excited about your performance. I’ve never heard you play!”

Caitlyn rubs her fingertips together to feel the calluses that litter them.

“It was thrown together rather last minute and I’m quite rusty. Fourteen-year-old me would gasp at my lack of skill if she could see me,” Caitlyn says under her breath.

Mel laughs once again before Caitlyn starts to hear a bunch of commotion through the phone.

“Oh gosh. Busy, busy day. Get here soon!” And like that, the call is done and leaves Caitlyn in silence.

She closes her eyes and lets herself breathe. Because of all that has been going on, she’s forgotten to feel the air fill and exit her lungs.

Her body is painfully tense, her arms feel like jello and her brain can barely form one coherent thought, although it does make consistent ones.

The only person she’s been desperately trying to pretend she never knew. The one who treated her as disposable.

Caitlyn can’t even try to pretend that how she was treated was at all justified anymore, even if Vi’s career is so important to her and so many more, Caitlyn is still a human being.

She opens her eyes again and gazes at her reflection.

She can’t help but smile. She recognizes the woman she’s looking at. She’s real and valuable and hard-working and kind.

Still, her mind runs.

She quickly goes to her bedside table and grabs the notebook she’s been destroying for the past couple of days and flips through the pages. It’s already completely filled.

She’s already at her bookshelf, picking another empty one up and plucking a pen from the cup on her desk.

I can spare a couple more minutes.

The hall for the dinner is absolutely massive. Everyone buzzes around to get the last minute touches done while Vi ignores it, pacing and running over her speech in her mind.

She’s sweating. She’s sweating an absurd amount. Sweating f*cking buckets.

The carpet wall starts in just ten minutes and she feels like she’s about to piss herself.

What the hell am I even doing? Am I some rich Piltie now?

Vi starts to fan herself with her queue cards that are now damp because of her wet palms.

This foundation is probably a front for money laundering or something!

Okay, maybe that’s a bit much.

“Vi, you’re going to do fantastic. Relax.” Viktor stops her in her tracks and places a hand on her shoulder.

“I’ll be here the whole night, cheering you on. You’ve got this,” he encourages.

In through the nose and out through the mouth .

“We have good seats right?”

“Great ones. Ms. Seraphine and Sky will be joining us.”

He gestures toward their table, right at the edge of the dance floor.

‘Vi Lane’ is on a fancy place card on top of a stack of plates, Viktor’s name on the one right beside it.

Vi wonders if Mel knows about Jinx’s plans for her.

“Oh…” Viktor turns to look at the table beside theirs.

Vi spins around to look at who their neighbours for the night will be.

The first name she notices is Jayce Talis, then Cassandra Kiramman, then Tobias seated next to her.

Right behind Vi’s assigned seat is Caitlyn’s.

Vi doesn't know whether to dread it or be excited about it.

Vi sits on the edge of her seat in the car, waiting for her turn to get out.

It’s starting to feel suffocating, as if she’s running out of air until her door opens.

“I’ll see you in there,” Viktor says, as he nudges her playfully in the leg with his cane to get her out faster.

“I’ll see ‘ya.” She steps out and it’s like clockwork.

The world melts away and it’s just her and the flashing lights.

Except there’s someone else peeking in.

Undoubtedly, it’s Caitlyn herself. Chatting and laughing with someone who’s already at the top of the steps.

She, like every other day, looks stunning. A perfect curl to her half up half down and purple glossy lips to match her outfit.

The sight catches Vi’s breath and brings her to a halt.

She tries to shake the thoughts away as she starts her walk, waving to the photographs on each side of her.

The large carpet is surrounded by fall leaves and beautiful maple trees. The ambiance should make her feel a lot calmer, but there’s this sinking feeling that she can’t let go of.

Before the short interviews start, Vi awkwardly poses for all of the cameras.

She never knows what to do with her hands.

Swiftly, another car door opens and the attention is immediately off of me.

“Good evening, Vi!”

“Good evening!”

Each interviewer asks for the details on Vi’s outfit and each time, without fail, Vi gushes over Mel.

Some shady ones try to “subtly” bring up the online discourse, but the efforts are always shut down by Vi as she moves on to the next person.

She hates how dragged out it is. Why couldn’t they just leave her and Caitlyn alone?

“That nose cuff is a statement! The whole sunny vibe is, dare I say, out of this world?”

“Thank you,” Vi chuckles. There’s a light weight that holds onto her nasal bridge. A blue stud is in her piercing with different coloured gems that litter her nose.

It’s a little itchy, but it’s cool as hell.

“You and Mel really seem to have a great partnership going on, is there a chance we’ll see you modeling in one of her shows?”

Vi almost bursts out laughing. “I can not imagine me modeling. Easily, I would fall straight on my face. But knowing Mel, she would find it hilarious so I wouldn’t put it past her.”

“Well, I’m so glad I got to talk to you, have a fantastic rest of your night!”

Vi waves goodbye before beginning to fidget with the rings on her finger.

The time has finally come.

As much as it hurts to walk up to her like nothing happened, Vi selfishly misses Caitlyn’s entire aura. She’s still soft and kind. She’s still Caitlyn, even if Vi doesn’t deserve it.

“Hello, Ms. Lane.”

“Hi, Ms. Kiramman.”

“It’s wonderful to see you tonight. You look astounding.” A twinkle in Caitlyn’s eye and her pretty little blush makes an appearance, causing Vi to bite her lip.

Their surroundings have gone completely silent, leaving the two of them as the only living beings in the galaxy.

“You think so?”

“Of course I do.”

Alarm bells ring.

Be professional, be professional, be professional.

Don’t let her tear you down. You are stronger than this.

Why does she have to look at me like that?

“Mel Medarda does you well doesn't she?”

“She really does and I’m super grateful to have the opportunity to work with her so often.” She’s acting… normal. Like it’s just another red carpet where she could just toy with Caitlyn for the fun of it.

How is this fair?

“The jewelry? Goodness, it’s all just remarkable. May I see the bracelets?” Vi excitedly pulls up her sleeves to show off the charmed bracelets that wrap around her wrists.

Hm .

“Lunar eclipse and solar eclipse. They are phenomenal. There is absolutely no one who wears jewelry like you, Vi.” If Caitlyn sounds as breathless as she feels, Vi doesn’t mention it.

“Always a keen eye, Caitlyn.” The way she practically purrs her name is criminal. “Definitely one of my favourite pieces I have ever worn. I’m glad you noticed.”

“It’s rather hard not to. You are a wonderful addition to the foundation. You’ve already done such great work. How is it being able to be here and represent Zaun the way it deserves?”

She looks down and lets a huff out through her nose. “It feels… it feels like I’m making myself proud. Making my family proud and my city proud. It’s all I’ve ever really wanted. Sometimes it’s hard to deal with all the glitz and glamour, but I know this is what I have to do to really put Zaun on the map the way it should have always been.” Caitlyn tries not to notice the way her eyes become a bit glassy. “I never let anyone stop me, but I know so many people who did. It’s great being able to come up with people like Sky and even Sera who care just as much as I do. Zaun deserves it,” she continues.

Caitlyn almost completely forgets the unspoken conflict that floats over their heads.

“Zaun does deserve it and I’m… thrilled they have you.”

“Me too.”

There’s a slight pause in conversation until I see Seraphine in the corner of my vision, moving on toward me.

“It was really great seeing you. I’ll see you in there?”

“You will.” She takes a few lingering steps backward before fully turning around and entering the building.

“Caitlyn! Oh my gosh, it is great to see you!”

“Seraphine! You look astonishing.” Seraphine pulls Caitlyn onto a hug, squeezing her tight.

“How was the show in Noxus?”


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Chapter 10: dance around it



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Chapter Text

The hall is almost completely at capacity, the area being filled with small conversations and the music ensemble's quiet harmony.

Her eyes, her lips, her legs. All of Caitlyn overflows Vi’s brain to the point where she can’t think whatsoever.

The way Caitlyn interviewed me made it seem like all of the turmoil Vi felt surrounded us was just made up in her head.

She keeps her eye on the big doors, waiting for her to walk in.

Someone appears, but it’s not her.

“Hello, Vi,” she says stiffly.

“Hey, Sera. Glad you could make it.”

“Me too.”

Viktor is typing something on his phone, ignoring everything around him.

Even with the few exchange of words, Vi can feel the tension between her and Seraphine.

“How was Noxus?”

“It was fine.”

Okay, Sera is many things, but one of them is not quiet. “Is there something wrong?”

“Not at all.” She turns away and toward Viktor to greet him and engage in conversation, pretending like Vi doesn’t exist.

Vi pouts and leans back, looking around the room for anyone else to distract her.

Mel and Jayce enter together, looking as stunning as ever.

Vi smiles and they head toward her table.

“Hey, guys.”

“Good evening, Vi. Hello, Viktor!” Mel quickly acknowledges her before taking Viktor’s hand and joining in on his conversation with Sera.

Mel’s in a deep orange fit and flare gown that perfectly embraces her body with Jayce next to her in a glittery harness like accessory that hugs his chest on top of a tight-fitting sleek black dress shirt and matching flowy pants.

Unsurprisingly, Jayce doesn’t say anything to Vi, just gives her an insane stink eye that sends a shiver down her spine.

“I hear that your client here is looking for a new designer,” Mel says as she brushes off her dress.

“Oh, yes. I heard Jinx talking about that,” Viktor responds nonchalantly.

Mel raises her eyebrows at Vi. “Hey, I don’t want to. I want to stay with you for, like, ever. It’s just that Jinx thinks it’ll be good for me to work with different people.”

Mel averts her eyes. “Well, she isn’t entirely wrong.” With that, she and Jayce leave for their tables, Jayce still alone at his and Mel joining her mother.

The way Seraphine is hardly speaking to her, the way Mel didn’t even mention how the design looked on Vi or how Jayce looks like he wants to murder her… it’s a lot.

Sky comes into view in a lovely long-sleeved, rose gold slip dress, a slit showing off her left leg. An anklet hangs around her ankle above her strappy heel.

“Hey, Sky.” Vi gets up from her chair and pulls her into a hug.

“Vi! You look amazing.”

“Oh, I know,” Vi teases. “You, though? Don’t even get me started.” They go to sit in their seats as Sky looks around. “What’s going on with everyone?”

“Sky, it’s been too long. I barely saw you at the party,” Seraphine says, tugging her chair closer to Sky’s. “Ugh, I know.”

Vi’s attention shifts to the new additions. Mrs. and Mr. Kiramman. The entire area goes nearly soundless. There’s this halo around the couple that follows them as if they’re royalty. Vi almost wants to roll her eyes. Respect is one thing, ass kissing is another.

Mrs. Kiramman remains quiet as her husband goes around and greets people. Shaking hands and waving around.

Finally, their ushered to their table. Mr. Kiramman smiles at Jayce as he sits down while Vi painfully tries not to stare.

Mrs. Kiramman catches her eye. They widen then narrow. Vi turns around and tries to figure out how she’s going to survive the rest of her night.

Obviously not long because soon all the reporters, including Caitlyn, set foot in the room and fill up all the empty spaces.

Vi smiles at her, but she doesn’t reciprocate it.

“Welcome to this year’s Endless Foundation Gala. It is a pleasure to have you all here.” Our MC starts off the night, gold claws tapping against the mic stand. She explains the program and carries out her praises to the foundation, but Vi can hardly focus.

There’s a decent distance between their two bodies, but her heart races like she’s pressed right up against her.

“This year has been full of growth when it comes to our sister cities. True development is taking place right before our eyes.”

Always patting themselves on the back for being not-assholes.

Wow, thanks for not fainting at the sight of me I guess.

Vi hears a small recognizable scoff behind her, quiet whispers following after.

“Gotta love ‘em,” Vi mutters to Viktor as he chuckles.

“She is many things. A queer advocate, a talented writer, a generous donor, a passionate activist, and a classically trained violinist. Let us welcome Caitlyn Kiramman.”

Shoola’s heels click off the stage as Caitlyn glides onto the stage, a violin and bow in hand.

“Thank you to the foundation for letting me perform at this magnificent event. Before I start, I would like to advise everyone to be mindful tonight. Remember what we’re here for. For the people who are less fortunate. For the people who need the support that has been refused from them for too long.” Her voice is poised and bewitching, knocking the air out of Vi.

Waiters begin to fly around the hall, carrying trays of food and bottles of wine and champagne.

Caitlyn tucks the instrument under her chin, raises the bow to the strings and her eyelids flutter closed.

Vi is utterly entranced by the sight. Caitlyn’s careful fingers and graceful limbs.

“You would think with all their money they’d get foods larger than my pinkie finger,” Viktor comments.

“Yeah,” Vi whispers absentmindedly.

“What would you like to order tonight?” Vi keeps watching, not sparing a second to look away.

Viktor frowns as all of them but Vi answer. “She’ll have the same thing as me.”

Caitlyn opens her eyes and catches Vi’s intense gaze before quickly turning away.

She still doesn’t miss a beat.

“Get something into your stomach. You’re up in thirty-five minutes.”

Vi’s extra careful with eating while still watching Caitlyn.

Mel dressing her up in a fully white outfit had to be some sort of evil plan.

The music crescendos, Caitlyn’s body moving quicker.

Vi bites into the bread with a soft crunch. The seasoning of the vegetables overtop is minuscule, but Vi doesn’t want to throw it up, so that’s a plus.

Some people begin to chatter and Vi’s baffled by it. Caitlyn’s working her ass off up there, but somehow Piltie talk about stuff like tax evasion is more important.

Vi’s never been a fan of classical music, but time and space cease to exist with the way Caitlyn’s hair follows the smooth movement of her arms up on that stage and how her lips part delicately.

Waiters come back out to collect the empty plates off our tables as Caitlyn’s melody slows down.

Ultimately, the ease fades away and leaves Vi’s pulse racing.

Shoola comes back onto the stage as Caitlyn waves to the audience and disappears behind the stage.

“Thank you, Caitlyn, for such a beautiful rendition of Mazurka in A Minor. Although, that performance wasn’t very minor, was it?”

There are scattered chuckles around the room, but the “joke” just makes Vi peer around in confusion.

The rest of whatever she says goes in one ear and out the other.

A symphony follows more quick clicks of Shoola’s heels and people start to flood the dance floor.

Couples take each other in their arms and away side to side to the melody, Sky and Viktor being one of them.

“Sera?” Vi asks, getting up out of her chair and offering a hand.

She rolls her eyes but places her hand in Vi’s anyway. “Fine.”

They join the rest, one of Vi’s hands on her hip and the other in Seraphine’s.

They’re quiet for a bit, but Vi can tell something’s on Sera’s mind.

“Talk to me,” Vi whispers as they sway and weave through the others dancing.

She huffs out a laugh, shaking her head. “I just don’t get you, Vi.”

“What do you mean?”

She sighs and takes a second to collect her thoughts. “I remember when I had the biggest crush on you,” she starts. “I also remember the feelings being reciprocated.”

Vi unconsciously holds her breath, knowing exactly where this is going. “It was short-lived, but I felt it.”

“We wouldn’t have worked,” Vi says.

“You didn’t even try,” Seraphine mutters. Vi rolls her eyes. “It was complicated.”

“No, it wasn’t. Vi, you have a pattern.” She spins them around so that blue hair and soft skin can come into Vi’s field of vision. “And it’s not just hurting you.”

She sits alone at her table, watching the scene. Watching Vi.

“I thought you liked her.”

“I don’t want or need something serious right now,” Seraphine says simply.

“And I do?” Vi questions, raising a brow. A relationship is the last thing she needs. It's the last thing she could give someone.

“I saw the way you guys looked at each other that night.”

Sera starts to guide them back to their table, nearing the edge of the dance floor. “You know what to do.” She lets go of Vi and leaves her to sit back down at their table. She raises a brow at Vi, daring her to do something.

Vi turns around and sees Caitlyn still watching everyone dance. Her posture is pin straight, her eyes sharp as she observes the scene.

She takes a deep breath before walking towards her. “Hey, Caitlyn.”

Her eyes meet Vi’s and she almost melts at the sight. “Vi.”

“Would you like to join me?” Vi asks, tentatively offering her hand. “What happened to Seraphine?” She stares at Vi’s rough hands. “She knew I’d rather dance with someone else.”

And just like that, the intense magnetic force pulls them toward each other.

Caitlyn takes Vi’s hand and lets her pull her up.

It’s horrifying how hard it is for Caitlyn to resist the temptation that comes in the form of well-trained muscles and a pretty face.

She swore she’d be stronger. That she wouldn’t fall back into her like this, but the shimmer in her gray eyes made Caitlyn weak. Made her succumb to the force that pulled her toward Vi.

Now, they’re swaying together, Vi’s hands resting on Caitlyn’s waist as if they belong there.

Caitlyn can’t find it in herself to breathe. Vi is so close. Too close.

“You’re really talented,” she murmurs. Caitlyn nods in thanks, avoiding her eyes.

“How have you been?” She asks.

Caitlyn scoffs instead of responding. This entire situation is ridiculous.

“I’m sorry.”

“Save it,” Caitlyn sighs.

They don’t talk for the rest of the time as they dance.

She doesn’t let herself relax. She can't let herself get attached to her touch again. Even if all she wants is to give in and hold Vi close to her chest and never let go.

Eventually, the rhythm slows down and people begin to clap. Caitlyn shakes her head as she pulls away and goes back to her table, not looking back.

She can’t be weak anymore. She can’t just immediately fold at the sight of her and at the rasp of her voice.

Caitlyn can feel the disappointment with the way her parents and Jayce stare at her.

“Absolutely stunning work by the Ionia’s Ensemble of the Seas.” The buzz of more waiters arises.

They all hold large bowls of soup, carefully coming up to each table and serving them the steaming liquid.

“Thank you,” the table choruses.

Jayce leans over into Caitlyn’s space, watching her politely sip her soup. “What the hell was that?” He whispers.

They both look over at Tobias and Cassandra, wondering if they are just pretending that they can’t hear them.

“I would give you an answer if I had one.”

Jayce rolls his eyes, but backs off.

Her mother stares past her, most likely boring a hole into the back of Vi’s head as Shoola gets back on stage.

“As we continue to develop as cities, we come together and form stronger bonds with people we never thought we would. It’s important to continue to look through the lens of less privileged people, People who aren’t like us, to truly understand how our world spins. And with that, I would like for you all to help me welcome one of the amazing Zaunite stars from the critically acclaimed ‘Galaxy Forever’. Self-assured and upbeat, Vi Lane.”

Scattered clapping follows as Caitlyn turns her head to see a perfect shock of pink hair on the stage, scared lips almost brushing against the microphone.

“It’s an unbelievable honour to be here tonight,” she begins.

People continue to clink their spoons against their bowls, not quieting down their chatter.

She sighs. “The Endless Foundation has done… tremendous things for both Piltover and Zaun.” Vi pauses and looks around the room.

There’s hardly anyone actually looking up at the stage, no one genuinely paying any attention to her. A little too focused on the rather bland soup sitting in front of them.

She scoffs and rolls her eyes before stepping closer to the mic, her nostrils flare, a new fire burning in her eyes.

“All of you are f*cking awful.”

Finally, that’s when some people finally turn their attention to her.

“So high and mighty as if you've actually done anything. You all sit here in your pretty dresses and suits, spend hundreds of thousands constantly, f*cking pollute my city, and expect me to kiss your feet? No. You can think all high and mighty about being here tonight, showing off your fake ass philanthropy while people don’t have homes in Zaun.” Vi runs her hand through her hair, tugging at it before letting go.

Shoola’s peeking out from behind the stage, a nervous sweat building on her forehead.

“It’s bullsh*t. Hardly any of you actually care. And the ones that do,” she catches Caitlyn’s gaze with furrowed brows, “are ridiculed and threatened. You all treat everyone, including each other, so terribly. And all for what? Some f*cking gold?”

Caitlyn turns around to see Vi’s table.

Viktor doesn’t look disappointed at all. If anything, he looks proud.

Seraphine’s lip trembles and Sky wipes a stray tear.

“We deserve to be treated properly and not because some of us are talented, but because we’re all f*cking living beings, just like the rest of you. So many of us work our asses off to achieve the dreams that are handed to you filthy rich people. I'm tired of being some f*cking show pony. Find someone else to do your dirty work.” She storms off the stage and leaves the room silent.

Viktor, Seraphine, and Sky all get up to follow her.

Jayce looks down into his lap, clenching his jaw and Mel holds a neutral look on her face.

Caitlyn’s father pouts and her mother makes no movement, though her eyes betray her.

She looks up at her daughter and nudges her head in the direction they all went in.

Before Caitlyn knows it, her legs start to carry her to the washroom they all disappeared in.

She passes each table, hearing the whispers come from them.

“I knew this would happen.”

“They’re all so selfish.”

“How entitled.”

“Surprised she didn’t attack us.”

Caitlyn shakes with anger, having to restrain herself from lunging at every single one of them.

She slowly opens the door, furious mutters filling the air.

Once Caitlyn opens the door, all of their heads turn. Except one.

“I'm sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt,” she murmurs.

Viktor and Sky give her a small smile as Seraphine keeps her eyes on Vi.

“I can leave.”

“Don’t,” Vi rasps, leaning against the counter and gripping the sink.

The three of them leave, Seraphine resting her hand on Caitlyn’s shoulder before she does.

The door shuts, leaving only Caitlyn and Vi in the room.

“Are you alright?”

Vi scoffs. “I will be.”

Caitlyn steps closer. “I’m sorry,” she whispers.

“There is literally no reason that you should be sorry, Caitlyn. You should be angry.”

Vi doesn’t look at her, staring at her knuckles turning white. “I meant what I said up there. The things they did? f*ck, Caitlyn, you were a kid and they hated you for existing. I wasn’t about to be the next thing someone used against you. I couldn’t be the reason they treated you like that.”

Dread fills Caitlyn's lungs, her breathing becoming heavy at her words, at the look on Vi's face. “That is not your choice to make. I am not a child anymore and I will not let them dictate how I live my life and you shouldn’t either.”

Vi's breathing trembles, her face turning a light shade of pink.

“I know about the article you’re working on,” Vi says.

Caitlyn turns away, not ready to take whatever Vi's about to throw at her. “I…”

“I’m not gonna tell you to not do it, I don’t have that right. I just… I wanna make sure you have the chance to tell the full story.” She finally looks up into Caitlyn’s eyes, her gray ones glassy with tears. “I wouldn’t trust anyone else to get it right.”

Caitlyn grits her teeth and lifts her chin. “You hurt me, Vi.”

“I know and I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“But it did. The article isn’t for you. I'm not here to tell your story.”

She lets go of the sink, moving to come face to face with Caitlyn. “I want to fix this,” Vi groans, her head falling into her palms.

Caitlyn steps closer, looking down at Vi. “So what are you going to f*cking do about it?” She snarls. Vi removes her hands and looks up at Caitlyn with parted lips, trying to catch her breath.

They both step back, their limbs shaking.

Caitlyn’s frustration slices into her heart, trying to get all of her to bleed out.

She takes a deep breath, collecting herself and rejecting her tears. “I understand your circ*mstances, I really do, but it doesn’t give you the right to treat me the way you have. You can’t just toy with me whenever you feel like it.” They were so close, as close as they were that Halloween night.

Vi clenches her fists when she feels the pull that tugs her hands towards Caitlyn’s hips, unbearably needing her comforting embrace.

“Tomorrow. Jericho and Co.‘s Coffee. I’ll be there at thirteen hours. You don’t have to come if you don’t want.” Vi lingers before pulling away.

She exits the bathroom and Caitlyn stays. As soon as the door closes, Caitlyn slumps against the counter and hangs her head.



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Chapter 11: coffee shop


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Chapter Text

Vi drags her feet down the hallway, counting down the numbers to her apartment.

She doesn’t even have to pull her key out with the way Jinx is waiting outside their door.

“Are you okay?”

Vi stays silent and pushes open the door, keeping her head down.

Jinx quickly follows her into the space, right on her heels. “Vi, are you okay?”

As soon as Vi’s through her bedroom door, she’s stripping off her clothes.

The blazer is too tight and the turtle neck is choking her. Her legs are sweaty and her head is pounding.

“Just give me a second, Jinx.” She closes the door, leaving her sister in the narrow hallway alone.

Jinx’s hands shake as they comb through her hair, tugging at the blue strands and feeling it in her scalp.

Her lip trembles as she tries to drag herself to her own bedroom.

She trudges through the piles of clothes all over her floor, being mindful enough to avoid the tangles of wires and batteries.

She sits at the edge of her bed, her fingers still in between her locks as she tries to catch her breath.

She hates me.

I did this.

She hates me!

I did this!

The sound of the shower in their bathroom coming to life makes its way through the walls and into Jinx’s room.

She curls into a ball, trying not to let the tears spill out of her eyes.

Vi’s doing the same, trying to get her thoughts together as the steam fills her lungs.

She scrubs all the night’s anxieties off her skin, cleaning the build up of stress off of her scalp.

She holds out hope. If Caitlyn meets her, she can finally be honest with her. If she doesn’t, then she’ll truly know that Caitlyn wants nothing to do with her. And she can live with that.

She can.

But first, she has to take care of something.

She throws on some sweatpants and a band t-shirt absentmindedly before making her way out of the bathroom and knocking on her sister’s door.

“Can I come in?” All Vi hears back is incoherent sniffling, so she opens the door slowly, careful not to make any overwhelming sudden movements.

“Hey, L.C.,” Vi murmurs, joining Jinx on her bed.

She doesn’t look at her, continuing to fidget with the skin peeling away on her fingers.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to freak you out. I needed a minute.”

She gives her sister a second to collect herself and give her her full attention.

“We should talk,” Vi sighs.

Jinx nods in agreement. “Me first,” she insists, turning to face Vi.

“I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have told you to stop talking to her. I know that you like her but I just… I just got scared.”

Vi shakes her head and shifts closer. “I told you, Jinx. I’m not forgetting about you,” she insists.

“I didn’t want to lose you again. Someone new could’ve made that happen. It was selfish.” Jinx rests her head on Vi’s shoulder, blinking away her tears.

Vi runs her hands through Jinx’s hair softly, soothing her head.

“It wasn’t just you, Jinx. It was everything. I don’t think I’m good for her,” she sighs.

Jinx pulls away and shakes her head quickly. “No, you are. She likes you and it’s aggressively obvious.” Vi chuckles and turns away, hiding her face.

“I don’t think so.” If anything, Vi didn’t deserve her.

She was so f*cking perfect that it hurt, Vi would break her. Taint her like a footprint in fresh snow.

“I know you think you’re this ‘big bad’ , but you're not. You never were and never will be.” She engulfs Vi in a bone-breaking hug suddenly, holding her tight. “You guys are a good match. Don’t f*ck it up.” Vi chuckles at her sister’s scolding, hugging her right back.

“But… we’ll still be sisters, right?”

“Duh, ‘ya big dummy,” Jinx scoffs, playfully slapping the back of Vi’s head.

She laughs, but her mind keeps running.

She wants Caitlyn. She wants her so f*cking bad. But what if it doesn’t work?

All of the doubt is almost immediately shut down by the reminder of Caitlyn’s soft gaze, her light touch, her forever kindness. It all burns Vi’s heart and sets her alight. Dragging her down into depths she hasn’t felt in a long time. Into depths she didn’t think she was allowed to feel.

But now, she’s feeling at there’s no stopping it. Like an overflowing fountain that everyone has just come to accept.

“Are you sure you want to go?”

Caitlyn’s temporary stay at her parents' home has finally come to an end but not without their worries. Nonstop calls and constant check-up text messages.

Caitlyn knows it’s because they care, but she can’t help but be annoyed.

“Yes, I’m sure,” she scoffs. “You’re acting as if I’m going to war.”

It appears as if Cassandra takes the phone out of Tobias’ hand, her face the only one on the screen. “She treated you horribly before, gods forbid I show some concern for my daughter.” She narrows her eyes at Caitlyn, tapping the screen lightly for more emphasis.

“I appreciate it, but it’s fine. I have to go now. I’ll talk to you guys later.” Their protests are interrupted by Caitlyn ending the call, and more texts come in, but now from Jayce.

Jayce 👰🏻♂️

I’ll snap her bones if you need me to :)

Caitlyn only rolls her eyes, not even daring to dignify that with a response.

As if he would ever.

It’s kind, but it’s also so, very annoying. She isn’t some irresponsible and naive child. She’s made her fair share of mistakes and bad decisions when it comes to all things, including potential love interests, but this time she has it handled.

How is she supposed to live her life if no one ever stops smothering her?

Caitlyn makes one last glance at the mirror, pulling out then re-tucking her colourful and knitted sweater.

Before she can start overthinking how she looks, she’s out of the door, not needing any more added stress.

The breeze nips her cheeks, the weather progressively getting colder and colder over the days. She holds her notebook and pen close to her chest, letting her body heat circulate through her body. Snowfall is to be expected eventually.

Speaking of…

The city is abuzz, people busying themselves in the closed off area on the main street.

They’re already setting up booths and stands, a notable cotton candy art pop-up to the far left.

Caitlyn has to take another route, making her later than she’d like to be.

She turns a corner and the coffee shop comes into view. Caitlyn starts to build up a sweat despite the chill. She messes with her sweater some more, wiping her hands on her jeans and takes a deep breath before entering.

It doesn’t take her long to find her. Unruly and annoyingly charming pink hair. Her arms are covered in a slightly baggy leather jacket and her legs in cargo pants.

She’s bouncing her leg, holding a mug in her two hands until she notices Caitlyn.

She quickly drops the cup and bolts out of her chair as Caitlyn makes her way toward her.

Caitlyn tries to stay relaxed, but her hands are clammy and her mouth is dry.

She has a steely look in her eye as she sits down across from Vi.

A worker makes their way towards their table, dropping a mug identical to Vi’s in front of Caitlyn.

“Sorry, I didn’t know how you liked it,” Vi mutters, a genuinely apologetic look in her eyes.

“It’s alright, thank you.” She grabs one cream and two sugar packets, opening them up and pouring them in.

She stirs it together, her skin beginning to crawl at the silence between them.

“How’s your day going?”

“How’s it going?”

Caitlyn lifts her eyes and meets Vi’s gaze when she realizes they interrupted each other. “Sorry,” Vi murmurs.

“Go ahead,” Caitlyn insists.

Vi’s chest rises and falls, tapping her fingers against the wood table between the two of them.

“I’m glad you decided to come.” A small smile tugs at the corner of her lip, the one with the sealed scar.

Caitlyn tries not to stare at the smooth movement, but to no avail. “Thank you for offering to join me today. However you want to proceed is your choice.” Caitlyn says coolly.

Vi leans back in her chair, dropping her tense shoulders. “Right from the beginning?”

“If you’d like.” Caitlyn cracks open her notebook, this one saying ‘You’re a blessing’ on the front.

She clicks her pen out, gesturing for Vi to start. “Well, you know, my parents used to tell me that I never cried when I was pushed out.” She shrugs, an undeniably smug grin on her face.

Caitlyn rolls her eyes, her fond smirk giving her away. “Okay, okay. Uh, where do I start?” Vi drums her fingers on her knees. “Welp, hope your ready for this one,” Vi sighs, pulling her chair closer to the table to rest her elbows on it and lean in. “Short intro: my parents passed when I was eight during the revolt. Vander took Jinx and I in that same night. Got two extra brothers that day too.” She looks away, running her hand through her hair before meeting Caitlyn’s attentive stare. “It was obviously super tough at first. Adjusting to a new and crumbling home. It brought Jinx and I closer though.”

Caitlyn’s arm twitches, reminding her that it’s there. She can’t bring herself to move it.

She’s melting in the vulnerable look in Vi’s eyes.

Instead of running the ball of her pen all over her thick lined paper, she watches Vi’s mannerisms.

“Vander wanted us to finally start talking. He needed us to be a family more than we did. Took a day off of work to take us to the theater for some bonding time.” She bites her lip, trying to suppress the smile.

She meets Caitlyn’s eyes. “Remember my costume on Halloween?”

Caitlyn hums and nods. “The Strangers, right?”

“Yeah. It was the movie we watched that day. It put me in this… trance. The idea of crafting a story, having an entire crew behind it, all the inner workings with the directors and the writers and the producers. The passion behind the creation amazed me the same way it confused me.

“Like, why would you spend so much time and money making something when there are so many other things we all need to do? Certain months we could barely afford rent.”

With that, Caitlyn finally begins writing. Swiftly as to not miss anything, but Vi waits for her all the same.

“I was a pretty resistant kid. It was a struggle to even get me to talk to anyone else who was Jinx. But still, every day after that, I thought about that movie. I couldn’t stop talking about it. It, like, snapped this thing inside me that I never knew was there. Eventually, I found the answer to my question.” Caitlyn can’t help but lean in, hanging onto every single syllable that falls past Vi’s lips. “People made movies because they wanted to,” Vi scoffs.

“They did it because they could. So much of my life was spent fighting and fighting and fighting that I forgot that you’re allowed to do things purely out of enjoyment.” She takes a small sip from her now lukewarm coffee and continues.

“Fast forward a bit, I’m in high school. You could assume that I was basically complete chaos back then. I found out about a production we were putting on. A super rare occurrence in Zaun because we never had enough funding, but this year they were determined to make something happen. That’s when I met Sky. She spent our entire sophom*ore year trying to convince administration and they finally gave in and promised her the next term.

“To promote auditions and stuff, she set up an info meeting and performed a piece from the play she planned on doing. At that time, I felt like I was ‘too cool’ to do fun stuff like that. I had a bad girl rep to uphold.” Vi ends her spiel off with a chuckle and a smile, looking deep into her mug as she swirls the coffee in it. “Jinx convinced me though. Told me she had a feeling. So I auditioned for Francisco and got the part of Hamlet when roles were out.”

“Congratulations,” Caitlyn crows, hiding her small smirk behind her cup. She was only half joking. Vi narrows her eyes. “It was a feat at the time, okay?”

“I’m sure it was. I can’t say anything. I would have thrown up on the stage if I had to audition in front of people.” Now it’s Vi’s turn to laugh quietly. “I was a pretty awesome Hamlet, super hard to beat,” she continues, “I felt like I was on fire when I was reciting lines on stage. There’s something so intoxicating about being someone else for a short while.” That was something that Caitlyn completely understood.

Although she wasn't an actor, Caitlyn was an avid reader. It was something Caitlyn always found herself willingly drowning in. Especially when the deep, dark waters of other people and their perceptions were filling her lungs, the clear sea of new adventures was always welcomed.

“It felt so freeing. And I was good at it. The only other things I seemed to do well were picking fights and getting an infinite amount of detentions, but this was different. So different.” Caitlyn continues to scribble away at her page, blue markings all over it. “Because of the play, I finally made friends. One friend in particular. She played Ophelia. Young and hormonal me went crazy. She was pretty and exciting. She made me all… fuzzy. Tongue-tied and nervous. It was something I definitely wasn’t used to because if anyone so as looked at me the wrong way, my fist would be stuck in their face. She made something other than anger bubble in my gut. It was scary but also… electrifying.

“We started hanging out after school the same time Vander decided that I should try acting professionally. She was so proud of me. Everyone was. It felt good to finally be doing something that actually pleased people. Especially Jinx. I wanted to support her in everything that she did and I quickly realized that this is how I’d have to do it. But not without a cost.” Vi leans back and wrinkles her nose, cracking her knuckles as she presses her thumbs over her knuckles. “The summer night we got news about my first actual job on a commercial, she was gonna tell me something. Something important. But Jinx called me frantically and I had to head home and the moment was lost. Vander saw me sulking, but he gave me the hard truth. Told me that my future, my influence on my siblings, Jinx, they were all more important than anything else.”

Everything seems to click in Caitlyn’s brain after that.

Vi’s a runner. A runner different than the ones she has encountered before. She bolted out of guilt. Not out of fear for her career or because she got the publicity she wanted and got bored, but because she was scared. “Your family is important, Vi, of course, they are. But you are too.” Vi shakes her head, not meeting Caitlyn’s eyes. “They always come first. I avoided seeing her for weeks because I couldn’t risk getting distracted. But eventually, it all started weighing on me, and on a whim, I decided to head up to Piltover. Buy her something nice and shiny as an apology and grab something for Jinx too.

“I walked into a store that was closest to the bridge, practically on the cusp of being in Zaun. Still, the prices were beyond my wildest dreams. I saw a necklace with a little four-leaf clover charm and the other was a charm bracelet with a silhouette of someone with long blue hair and a bunch of other things. They were perfect.” Caitlyn holds her breath, the feeling of regret already building in her throat. “I was almost out of the door, but the person at the counter had been staring me down ever since I got in. I tried to hide my face. I already felt all the blood rush into my head. I tried running out but Enforcers were on me immediately.

“I was taken to jail, held there for hours until I could finally get a hold of Vander. He was furious when I found me, but he told me he’d do anything to get me out.” Her voice breaks, recalling the steel bars and dirty cell. The way Vander looked at her with so much disappointment, but with even more concern. She hated it. She still does.

“The moment we stepped into that courtroom we lost. A bunch of Pilties against a Zaunite kid and lawyer that was offered to me by the public were never good odds. I was sixteen, so they tried me as an adult. I was sent to prison for five months. Fell behind in school and lost progress. My family visited as much as they could, but I never wanted them to. To see me locked up for something so dumb. I had let them down and I could see it in their eyes. Jinx’s eyes that could hardly meet mine anymore.

“It was awful in there. Everyone was angry and homesick and lonely, but no one ever let themselves wallow in their own self-pity. Everyone blamed themselves even if they didn’t deserve it. I fought more than I ever did when I was in Stillwater. Though, I was my own biggest opponent.

Once I got out, Jinx and I were attached at the hip. She would never let go of me and I could hardly let go of her. I think the idea of living without each and being separated again terrified us both. Right then and there, I vowed to give my entire life to my career so I could have any piece of shiny jewelry we could ever want.” Vi pauses and lets her words float between them for a while, taking a break from her storytelling.

Caitlyn tries to digest everything that’s been told to her. Suddenly, all Caitlyn could feel was shame. She was pampered all her life. There was never a risk of no longer having a roof over her head, food on her plate, or clothes on her back.

Vi carried guilt and an intense amount of responsibility all her life. And Caitlyn was playing the victim the entire time.

“Soon after, I meet this singer. Super talented and super hot. I liked her and she liked me too, and the fizzle in my gut built up again. I nipped it in the bud real quick though.” She looks away and bites her lip before smiling fondly, staring back at Caitlyn studying her unsurely.

“Then, I meet another girl. I’m older, different, more mature. I see her whenever I’m on those tacky red carpets. Always so sweet and sharp. She fully reignited the thing intense electric whirr in me that I’d been trying to ignore. It was so f*cking tough because she was so cool.” It’s an embarrassing exaggeration that makes Caitlyn blush like a school girl, averting her gaze to play with the cold coffee in front of her.

“I thought I could handle it until Jinx started getting antsy. And people said the most horrible and incorrect things about this beautiful woman. Stories about how she was an evil manipulator and too loud and in your face. Not to mention the… forced outing. All because her parents wanted to add some f*cking gay people to their movies. The things I thought made her lovely were used against her. They dimmed her bright light. I pulled away because I was weak.”

Vi meets her eyes again, searching for something in them. Caitlyn’s scared that she’ll find what she’s looking for, so she turns away. “Sorry. I just dumped that all on you,” she apologizes, scratching the nape of her neck.

Vi was done ignoring the need to tell Caitlyn everything. She wanted to give her the chance to truly know her. To really see where she's coming from. She was just hoping it wasn't too late.

The silence rings in Caitlyn's ears; she knows it’s her turn to say something.

“Are you… hungry?” Is all she can come up with.

“Uh, sure,” Vi murmurs, swiping her tongue over her incisors.

“How does a croissant sound?”

“Good if it’s warm and with some butter.”

“I’m on it.” Caitlyn gets out of her chair and leaves Vi with a smile, pulling her phone out of her back pocket. Making her way to the counter she get a buttered croissant for Vi and a red velvet cupcake for herself.

Caitlyn pays before her items are prepared briskly and brought to the other side.

She runs her hands through the soft strands of her hair, preparing herself to go back to Vi and hear her say more.

The more she stands by herself, the louder the thoughts of her selfish entitlement ring through her mind.

The treats are presented in front of her as she says mutters some kind appreciation.

She gives Vi a tight smile as she politely drops the heated pastry in front of her, still taking some deep breaths. “Thanks.”

“The least I could do.”

Vi looks up over her croissant and flicks her head to the side, getting her hair out of her eyes. “Don’t do that.”

“Don’t do what?”

“I came here to help you with your little article, not so you could pity me. I just want you to get it.”

“I don’t pity you,” Caitlyn insists. “I think I’m starting to get it though,” she sighs softly, chewing on the inside of her cheek. “I’ve spent this whole time villainizing you and being so self-centered.”

“Not your fault though. I didn’t say anything,” she says around the bread she’s scarfed down. “I should’ve just told you instead of trying to protect you. In reality, I was protecting myself the entire time. I was afraid of losing myself again. Of losing my career and letting everyone down that I put you on the back burner when you deserve so much more than that.” She wipes her hands on her pants and leans back in her chair, crossing her arms in front of her chest. “Sera was right: I do have a pattern. A pattern of f*cking things up once it starts to get real. I don’t want to f*ck this up again.” Her gaze doesn’t leave Caitlyn’s. “But that crap they all said about you? I couldn’t believe they were trashing the amazing woman I saw that Halloween night. The giggly, fun, expressive Caitlyn they tried to suppress? She deserves the love that everyone convinced her she didn’t more than anyone else.” The sincerity of the gentleness in Vi’s voice touched something in Caitlyn.

The thirteen-year-old girl in her who broke when Vi ghosted her is suddenly stronger than ever. “But you were right yesterday. I did hurt you and just because I gave you this sob story doesn’t mean I deserve more of your time.” With that, she gets up from the table and dusts herself off.

She leaves Caitlyn with an irresolute simper, not turning back after that.

Vi opens the glass door and walks past the threshold, finalizing everything she’s said.

Caitlyn remains in her seat, her leg bouncing and her fingers picking at each of her papercuts.

Vi spoke her truth. She passed the ball into Caitlyn’s court. It was her turn to do something with it.

What was it called? A turnover?

She was never good with sports.

That’s beside the point.

She unceremoniously scoffs down her cupcake, down the bitter coffee, and wipes her face with the back of her hand before getting up and following Vi.

The chill doesn’t bother Caitlyn anymore, the warmth of her heart heating up the rest of her body. Vi isn’t very far, not even making it past the corner yet. “Vi! Wait!” She instantly stops, as if she was dragging her feet just so Caitlyn had the time to decide what she wants and catch up. “Is this the part where I tell you what I want?” Caitlyn asks, trying to catch her breath.

“That’d be nice, yeah.” Vi smiles and steps closer.

“If you want us to work. If you want this and willing to work for it, then I am too,” Caitlyn asserts, daring to step closer and begin to dismiss the distance between them. “A date. In two days, the Before the Fall Carnival starts up. Would you like go to with me?” Caitlyn’s offer makes Vi smile. Her sharp canines making a guest appearance as she looks up at Caitlyn’s over serious look. “I’d love to.”

Caitlyn sighs, releasing the breath that was trapped in her chest for all too long. “Twelve and a half hours. Text me, and I mean actually this time, your address, and I will pick you up.”

She can’t stand to look at Vi’s smug face anymore, so she walks away. An electric current runs through her body as she takes in all that has happened.

This is it.

She’s going on a date.

With Vi.

… What am I going to wear?


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Chapter 12: date


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Chapter Text

Vi runs her hands through her hair a couple more times before shaking her head and letting the locks fall in front of her forehead, hoping it looks less stiff and more natural in this position.

Her outfit consists of a pair of blue slightly baggy jeans and a matching thick hoodie, a graphic t-shirt layered on top.

It’s not awful, even Jinx said so, so she thinks she’s alright.

Hopefully, Caitlyn thinks so too

Vi’s phone reads twelve hours.

There have been about four times in her life that she could say she was early for something. Guess this makes five.

“She’s here!” Jinx yells from outside my door.

“What!?” Vi runs around her room, shoving extra rings on her fingers then slipping on fingerless mitts, filling her piercings with mismatched earrings, and switching out her nose ring for a shinier one, ignoring the rancid smell.

f*cking sh*t, I need to clean that.

Combat boot season has officially begun and her slightly platformed Dr. Martens look extra appealing today.

Vi bolts out of her bedroom, ignoring any and all things around her to reach the door until Jinx’s maniacal cackling coming from inside the fridge halts her panic.

Her face is stuffed in it, digging around. “I was just kidding! You’ve still got time,” she chuckles, her voice raspy from the air she lost laughing so hard.

“I heard you stumbling around in there. Hilarious,” she wheezes, doubling over in laughter.

“Okay, it’s not that funny.” Vi clenches her jaw at Jinx’s little display, smiling despite myself.

The fridge’s incessant beeping pulls her out of her fit of laughter. “Your shoes are on the wrong feet,” she says, still catching her breath.

Vi curses under her breath, unlacing her shoes and yanking them off.

Jinx peels open a small cup of yogurt and licks off the excess on the cover, watching the ridiculous song and dance.

There’s a knock at our door that startles both of them, the sisters catching each other’s wide eyes. Vi quickly grabs the single tulip that rests on the counter, tucking it behind her ear as she makes her way to the door.

Okay, okay, okay. We’ve got this.

Smoothing her hand over her hair one more time before grasping the doorknob and swinging it open with a smile.

It doesn’t take long for it to drop.

“Hey, lover boy,” Ekko snorts, brushing past her and into the apartment. “Jeez, I knew you were down bad but this is getting a little embarrassing,” Mylo remarks snidely, a sh*t-eating grin on his face, following behind Ekko. Claggor grins and furrows his brow, shaking his head as he enters as well. “I think the flower is nice.”

Vi rolls her eyes and grits her teeth, refraining herself from yanking Mylo back and throwing him out the door flat on his ass.

“You guys are so f*cking annoying,” Vi mutters under her breath, locking the door behind her.

“We’re here to keep you humble,” Mylo chuckles, plopping himself down on their big L-shaped couch.

She ignores him, deciding to hide her head in the pantry instead.

“Never seen you so nervous over a date, Vi,” Claggor comments, reaching into the pantry past Vi, pulling out a can of pop and cracking it open. “Yeah, well, it’s been a while,” she sighs, pulling out a protein drink of her own.

Claggor notices she’s shaking a bit as she raises the bottle to her lips. It’s endearing seeing her like this. All giddy and anxious. Reminds him that his sister isn’t just a robot built to have max efficiency, but a human who gets to feel things and do things for herself.

“Any advice?” Vi asks, turning to face him.

“Be open and be yourself,” he says, shifting to move behind her to come around Jinx and ruffle her unruly blue hair. “And be honest . Don’t gotta hide yourself constantly.” He takes another long swig of his drink, almost emptying it.

Easier said than done.

Moments pass of the group just teasing each other as if it’s just another regular day. As if Vi’s heart isn’t pounding loudly like a nightclub on a Friday night in her chest. As each minute passes, the beats get louder, Vi’s ears nearly ringing.

Her hands are weirdly clammy and her mouth is weirdly dry.

All of this is just so f*cking odd.

Vi shouldn’t be this nervous.

Caitlyn’s probably cool as a fricking cucumber, and I’m over here sh*tting bricks.

sh*t, sh*t, sh*t.

Caitlyn walks briskly along the sidewalk with her purse tucked tightly under her arm, making her way to Vi’s apartment building, staring down at the ticking time on her phone.

The morning was too full of everyone second guessing her decisions, she could barely keep up. Mel critiquing her outfit and her parents scolding her about her plan to pick Vi up empty-handed.

“We taught you better than that. Get her some flowers,” they said.

“Make sure it’s hot but still casual,” she said.

And now, the last minute stops and changes made Caitlyn even later. Although, Caitlyn’s sure she would appreciate the gesture, she’s not so sure Vi would appreciate her tardiness.

She tries not to let it get to her head and make her more perturbed.

Plus, it was an interesting change of pace. Jayce only wished Caitlyn good luck and Cassandra and Tobias even encouraged her to go despite all they’d said before.

It left Caitlyn to do the wondering all by herself instead of letting them do it for her.

What if all of this does fall through? What would I do?

Even calling Dr. Heimerdinger for his opinions on the matter. All he said was that there is no life without risk.

Caitlyn, of course, had to agree, but it didn’t make it any easier.

Hopefully, Vi doesn’t sneak out in the middle of the date and call the paparazzi on herself to spread more lies about Caitlyn.

She really does not need that happening a third time.

Finally standing in front of the building is when her stomach drops. Two minutes late to their first date. Both of her hands: embarrassingly sweaty while holding my phone and a modest bouquet of flowers.

This is real and this is happening. I’m going on a date with Vi. This is it. This is our chance.

And she can not mess it up.

Caitlyn makes her way into the elevator, an extra anxious skip in her step.

While the elevator rises, floor numbers flashing on the small screen, she stares into the mirror wall behind her, a worried expression on her reflection.

f*ck, my eyeliner is uneven.

Her arm shakes as she raises it to her eye, wiping the thicker one to match the sharper one.

Ugh, I made it worse.

She takes a step back as the elevator keeps dinging, wiping and wiping until they’ve both practically disappeared.

She huffs out an annoyed breath as she drops her arms.

Her face is plain again, the mascara only saving her a small bit.

Okay, I’ll stop looking and it’ll stop bothering me.

It doesn’t.

She’s trembling as she steps out of the elevator, taking deep breaths. Pocketing her phone and fidgeting with the dark green stems poking out of the paper they’re wrapped in.

Counting down the numbers to the exact one Vi texted her, the closer she gets the more she feels as if she’s going to throw up.

One more heavy gulp of air before she raises her fist to sound a couple raps on the door in front of her.

Muffled giggles and tumbling resound after, a familiar voice muttering a “shut the f*ck up” causing Caitlyn to chuckle a bit.

At least now she definitely knows it’s the right apartment.

The door unlocks and swings open, a sweet smirk plastered in between freckled cheeks, a tulip rather romanticly placed behind her ear.


“Hi.” The nervous jitters vanish, Vi’s warm gaze melting them away.

They stare for a bit, both of them looking over the other.

No one should look that good in a hoodie.

“Useless lesbians,” someone behind Vi mutters.

She glares back at them before turning back to sapphire eyes, peering down and noticing the flowers.

“You got me roses,” she states, biting her lip and reaching out for them.

“Um, no. These are actually for me to just carry around for the rest of the day,” Caitlyn jokes, handing them to her anyway.

She rolls her eyes, but her smile stays, leaning in to sniff the bouquet. “Thank you.”

“It’s nothing.”

She nods her head, inviting her inside as she opens the door wider and steps to the side.

Caitlyn takes a tentative stride past the threshold.

It’s a gorgeous place. Well lit with darker accents, nicely spacious too. It’s more loft-like if anything else, a cozy open concept.

Vi rushes to the kitchen opening cupboard after cupboard, most likely searching for something.

Caitlyn grins at the scene, but she’s quickly pulled out of her cavity inducing thoughts about her date when snickering sounds from the living room.

Jinx, the mustard from Halloween, who Caitlyn thinks is Vi’s agent and someone unrecognizable are attempting to cackle quieter, watching her and Vi.

Caitlyn squirms a bit under their attention until Vi’s back beside her, her hand on the small of Caitlyn’s back, sending sparks of voltage through her body. “Don’t mind them,” she whispers, a scowl directed at the group.

“Good afternoon,” Caitlyn tries to greet while nervously cracking her knuckles.

They try to suppress their giggles, their faces are turning red and their brows strain with effort.



“What’s up.”

“Good afternoon.”

They all say their separate salutations, calming down a bit as Vi gives them a threatening look. It’s cuter than it is scary, in Caitlyn’s opinion.

What appears to be a clear old bottle filled with water is now on the counter, the roses in their new home. “Maybe we’ll find an actually nice vase at the fair,” Vi mutters.

“The bottle has a charm to it, I think,” Caitlyn insists. “Your fancy schmancy flowers deserve something better,” she asserts, gliding her thumb gently across her spine.

Caitlyn turns away, not wanting Vi to see her flush over something so small.

She could only wonder how long she’ll last on this date.

“We’re heading out. Don’t burn the place down,” Vi says. They all grunt in acknowledgment as she guides Caitlyn out of the door, shutting it behind them.

Her hand slides off of Caitlyn’s back, the contact lost.

Caitlyn tries not to miss it, but it’s like she’s picked a piece right out of the middle of Caitlyn’s thousand-piece puzzle.

“I’m sorry they’re such dickhe*ds,” Vi apologizes, pressing the elevator’s down button. She taps her feet as they wait for it to arrive. “Don’t be,” Caitlyn murmurs, shifting her weight from side to side.

The familiar elevator dings and opens up its doors, letting the two of them in.

Caitlyn hears Vi take in a sharp breath before she clicks for the ground floor, turning towards her. “This,” she pulls the lovely tulip that was tucked behind her ear out, offering it to Caitlyn, “is for you.” She brings it up to Caitlyn’s ear now, slipping it in. She lingers, brushing a couple strands of her hair along with it.

If Caitlyn wasn’t totally flushed before, she definitely is now. Her ear is fully on fire, threatening to actually fall off of her head. “Uh, thanks.”

They stand in silence for a bit, both of them fidgeting nervously.

Though it’s comfortable, it is a little suffocating. The two of them itching for something to happen. Caitlyn takes the initiative to start first. “You’re… taller.” Great job, Kiramman. Start off with an insult.

She attempts to laugh it off, but Vi doesn’t seem to take offense, chuckling along with her. “Thought I’d even out the playing field. Guess you had other plans.” She nods in the direction of Caitlyn’s feet, pointing out her platformed Converse decorated in butterflies and floral embroidery, plus a couple pride pins.

Mel suggested them, saying they matched “ the whole lesbian vibe ” they had going on.

She chose to take it as a compliment.

“Don’t get me wrong, they look good on you. Everything does,” Vi continues, nudging Caitlyn’s shoulder suggestively. “What a charmer you are,” she scoffs, repressing the ever-growing smile on her face.

Caitlyn dares to reach out and pull Vi in, locking her fingers in between hers, their rings clinking against each other, desperate for her kind touch.

It startles Vi a bit, but she squeezes right back, causing Caitlyn’s heart to jump. “Is this okay?” She asks under her breath, leaning in closer.

“More than,” she whispers back, flashing her infamous incisors Caitlyn’s way, almost throwing her into cardiac arrest.

The doors finally open up, letting them out and into the lobby. “How do you feel about rides?” Caitlyn asks. Vi sways their arms back and forth, guiding Caitlyn into the revolving door. She faces her, raising her brow as she pushes the door with her back. “Wow, can’t even take a girl out to dinner first.” She pulls the two of them out into the open, cool air washing over their bodies.

Caitlyn’s shoulders drop and she begins to completely avoid Vi’s playful gaze. “I… I did not mean it like that.”

“I don’t mind, you know. Just warm me up a bit first,” she chuckles, pressing her side up against Caitlyn’s.

“I hate you.”

“If you hated me, we wouldn’t be on a date right now.”

“Oh, is that what this is supposed to be?” Caitlyn finally finds her bark again, raising a tantalizing eyebrow. Two can play at this game.

“Yeah, when a tall, sexy girl comes knocking at my door with a bouquet of flowers ready to take me to the local carnival, I’d say that’s a date.”

Caitlyn can’t say she didn’t miss the light banter that floated around them.

She had forgotten how easy things could be. Relaxing and simple, yet exciting and unique.

It’s as if she’s turned back time to Halloween night when things were just right. “Vi.” Caitlyn stops in her tracks and tugs Vi toward her, causing them to fall chest to chest. “You think I’m… tall?”

She laughs out loud, continuing their trek down the street. “You don’t?” She counters.

“Not really. I just think you’re a bit short. Below average, some would say.” She shoots Caitlyn a death glare, but her upturning lip betrays her.

They breathe in the chilly air, taking in the ambiance around them as the sounds of the carnival hit our ears. “Why is it even called ‘Before The Fall’ if it’s at the end of Fall?”

Caitlyn looks at her quizzically until the small crunch under her foot answers her question. “Oh! It doesn’t refer to the season. It refers to the first snowfall, which is in about a couple days,” Caitlyn answers. They turn a corner and join the line of people waiting to get into the event. “It’s an interesting tradition actually, although it has always been heavily commercialized. Snowdown is a big celebration later in the year, but communities realized that in order to be able to pull off a large Snowdown, they somehow had to make up some funds another way. In comes Before The Fall. A decent enough time after Thanksgiving and Halloween, but not too long that people have lost their holiday spirit. It was invented by non-Piltovan native Noxans who came here for a profit. There was push-back on the exploitation of the citizens, but we let it happen anyway.

“It eventually became a celebration more for charity. Companies at first had deals and discounts that were never all that rewarding, but then the carnival started, specifically to help those in need. People who couldn’t quite afford heating or food over the upcoming winter season, since it used to get pretty bad back then, would get seventy-five percent of the profits. The Kirammans, my family, were actually one of the families that help set it up. The migrants thought it would be a waste, but it was one of the things that really brought Piltover and Zaun together.” Caitlyn’s hands are wrapped up in Vi’s, keeping their bodies as close as possible.

Because it’s cold and not for any other reason related to Vi’s well-worked muscles.

Vi doesn’t say anything, as if she’s waiting for more, so Caitlyn offers some. “Some Zaunites were validly weary while others took as much help as they could get. Some people who took part in the charity were actually using it as some sort of money laundering scheme and it furthered the distrust between Topside and Bottom. It was one of the things that pushed people to the idea of a civil war. Some Piltovans tried blaming the Noxans even though they knew that it wasn’t all them and that they all played a part. That’s why there’s still some hostility and distrust between Noxus and Piltover.” We’re now halfway through the line as Caitlyn finally stops talking, the sound of the breeze overtaking her.

She’s about to apologize when Vi interrupts. “You’re so smart, Cait,” Vi adds, resting her head on Caitlyn’s shoulder.

Under her cropped long-sleeved white collar shirt, under her tiny sweater vest, Caitlyn’s heart thumps an alluring rhythm powerfully in her chest.

“Popcorn, candy floss, or corn dogs first?”

“Cotton candy, obviously. You know I like ‘em sweet,” Vi purrs, tugging Caitlyn towards the cotton candy stand. Her permanent blush hasn’t left since the moment Vi first saw her today. It makes it all the more fun to tease her.

“Candy floss.” So posh.

Vi pulls out her phone and opens up her wallet app, but Caitlyn instantly plucks it out of her hand. “Uh, nope,” she says, shoving it into her back pocket. “I told you, I’m covering everything for today.”

Vi starts to protest, but Caitlyn immediately hushes her. “You’re so bossy,” Vi complains, pulling her impossibly closer.

Her lean biceps press up against Vi’s despite the layers between them. Caitlyn doesn’t resist, melting into it instead.

It takes Vi back to Caitlyn in her stunning costume, letting Vi drag her all around the party.

Her sweet smell and her warm aura. It’s a blessing that Vi gets to be with her today. That she chose to be here with her .

“Normally the line for this is super long, but I hear there’s a newer stand doing bigger and more elaborate designs. I’m quite biased though since my parents used to spoil me right at this stand every single year,” Caitlyn says as they continue to close the distance between them and the stand.

“What design did you get?”

“Whatever I was obsessed with at the time. My first one was a panda.”

They’re one turn away. Two kids getting just one rainbow cloud of candy.

They grab it excitedly before turning around, catching Vi’s eye, instantly gasping and stepping back.

“Oh my gosh!”

Vi can’t say she didn’t expect to be recognized at least once, but it’s always a bit surprising when it happens.

“I’m-, I’m so sorry. I just-, you’re-, I’m a fan,” they stutter, reaching into their pocket to pull out a phone.

“Hi,” Vi says, waving nervously. “Hi! Oh my gosh, this is insane. Galaxy Forever is like my favourite movie.”

Vi chuckles. “Really? I think it’s just alright.” They giggle along, eyes darting between Caitlyn and the actress. “What’re your names?”

“I’m Ilsa and this is Berry.” They gesture to the one that spoke first. Berry points to their nose, a shiny stud in a piercing shining under the sun. “You’re the reason I got this.”

Caitlyn snorts a laugh beside Vi, shaking her head.

Someone behind us scoffs, probably annoyed that the four of them are holding up the line. Vi has to stop herself from flicking them off and maybe decking them in the face.

“Your parents must’ve loved that. You friends want a picture?” She asks.

Their trembling is quite possibly one of the cutest things she has ever seen in her life.

She matches them though, just as nervous as the two.

“Can we?” The other asks.

Vi turns her attention to Caitlyn, tilting her head in question. She stares at the kids before turning to Vi with a smile. “I can take it.”

Caitlyn reaches for the phone as I unlock our hands, shuffling towards the kids and crouching down in between them.

Caitlyn counts the trio down with a smile, clicking the screen a couple times so they have a variety before handing the phone back.

Vi’s up by her side again, holding Caitlyn’s hand. “It was nice meeting you two.” Vi waves goodbye to them as they part, hearing an ecstatic “they’re so cute” as they make their way deeper into the carnival.

It makes Vi’s heart flutter intensely. This on top of Caitlyn’s proximity may or may not literally stop her heart.

The person behind the stand finally asks them what they’d like and Vi turns to Caitlyn. “Current obsession?”

She looks over Vi, her eyes flicking over her features softly. She turns her attention back towards the worker.

“Just a regular bunch, magenta please.”

They quickly swirl the stick around the dip of the machine after pouring in the powder, Caitlyn hovering her phone over the reader to pay.

They’re swift as they build up the treat on the paper cone.

“Almost identical,” she murmurs.

They hand it over to her politely before the girls walk off.

She passes it to Vi so she can open up her purse and drop her phone in.

Takes it and shoves a big chunk of it into her mouth before it instantly dissolves, turning into the perfect taste of mouthwatering sweetness.

“We have to get to the Cupcake Course stand. They sell out so quickly, it’s heartbreaking.” Caitlyn grabs Vi’s free hand again, leading her to wherever. It doesn’t really matter where as long as Caitlyn stays by her side.

“Cupcake,” Vi whispers, testing it out on her tongue. It puts a smile on my face immediately.

“Pardon?” Before Vi knows it, they’re in another line.

“Cupcake. It’s fitting.”

“Fitting how?”

“‘Cause, you’re so sweet.” Vi shrugs, keeping her eyes on Caitlyn’s cheeks progressively becoming more and more tinted. “No. Do not make that a thing ,” she groans. Her cute ass reactions are f*cking intoxicating to Vi, addicting in a way that she could never imagine stopping. “I think I might just will,” Vi ponders out loud.

Caitlyn rolls her eyes and doesn’t say anything else on the matter, now staring at Vi’s lips. Vi almost starts to lean in without even thinking while Caitlyn keeps staring, biting the inside of her cheek.


“There’s cotton candy all over your face,” she giggles. She gestures towards Vi’s mouth, unable to hold in her laughter.

“Oh, sh*t.” Vi then starts to lick all around her lips, swiping the corners of her mouth with her calloused fingers.

Caitlyn hates how mesmerized she is by the little display.

This should not be attractive.

At all.

But goodness…

She shakes herself out of the train of thought, chewing on her lip to calm down. “I think I have a napkin.” She reaches into her purse and pulls out a pack of tissues, pulling one out.

She’s about to hand it to Vi but something comes over her, leaning in instead and wiping off her face for her.

She holds her chin gently in her other hand, keeping her eyes on the soft pink lips sliced through with a scar.

Caitlyn wonders where she got it as she glides the tissue through it.

She finally leans back, scrunching up the material in her hands, but keeping Vi’s face close.

“Thanks, Cupcake.” Vi smirks, her eyes dropping to Caitlyn’s own lips.

Vi can’t even imagine how soft they’d feel. Under her fingers, under her mouth.

She wants it so badly. Needs it. Caitlyn’s touch, to keep her hands on her. To keep her close.

But for now, Caitlyn cradling her face is enough. Because Caitlyn deserves slow, to enjoy each beautiful stage thoroughly, and f*ck Vi is going to be the one to finally give it to her.

“It’s not a problem… Princess,” Caitlyn purrs.

Vi almost forgets to be offended because of the way the pet name rolls off of her tongue and past her pretty lips.

“Don’t act shocked. If you get to give me a nickname, I get to give you a nickname.” She locks their hands back together, finally ripping her eyes off of Vi’s face.

They crack jokes and tease each other as they advance in the line.

Caitlyn evidently gets more and more excited the closer they get.

“They’re traditional Ionian cupcakes. No one does it the way they do. Rumours say there’s a secret ingredient they had. Found in the depths of the Ionian forests.”

Her excitement for something as simple as a cupcake is incredibly endearing to Vi.

It’s something about all of Caitlyn’s little things coming together to make up one of the most wonderful people she’s ever met.

How she knows so much about so many things. How her gap tooth shows when she laughs extra hard.

How she holds onto Vi with all of the care in Runeterra. Tight and unrelenting.

“Oh my goodness, we’re almost there.”

“How about teacups after this? Then bumper carts, then the swing spinny thing?”

“Great plan. We’ll have to take it slow though. Wouldn’t want my Princess getting sick after all that cotton candy.” She playfully pinches Vi’s cheek before Vi swats her away, hiding her invasive blush.

“My Princess”

Caitlyn gets two red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. The last ones they had.

They both bite into them at the same time, their eyes unconsciously closing in pure pleasure.

“Holy sh*t, Caitlyn, you were right,” Vi practically moans.

Caitlyn only hums deeply, taking in the savoury taste of the treat.

It’s as if they’re eating clouds with how soft the cupcakes are. The cream cheese frosting has such a unique taste, sweeter than it normally is. The red velvet cake is so rich in its dark essence. They complement each other in a heavenly way. It’s as if they’d be lost without the other.

“Okay, let’s go, we’re running on time.”

The idea of the day coming to an end is heartbreaking for the both of them, even if they’ve barely started.

But the days are getting shorter and life must continue outside of their little bubble.

They’ll make up for the time they have.

“Teacups, here we come.”

The sun is already starting to disappear as they continue their walk around the park, getting darker by the second.

“f*cking sh*t, that ride was awful,” Vi groans, snapping her neck to the side to crack it.

“Whoever engineered that ride needs to be fired, quickly,” Caitlyn adds, soothing the back of her neck with her hand.

Vi takes Caitlyn’s hand in hers again, it becoming a natural instinct to them by this point, but they continue to massage themselves with their free hand.

“I have an early morning tomorrow. I should be taking you home soon,” Caitlyn says sadly, a small pout on her lip.

“Do we have to?” Vi groans dramatically.

“Don’t you have work as well?”

“Yeah… talk shows are inviting me on to talk about what happened at the dinner.” She scratches the back of her head, but this time it’s not because of the awful contraption they were just on.

“Do you want to? Go on the shows, I mean,” Caitlyn asks, slowing down their strides.

Vi takes a moment to think on it.

She hasn’t really thought about it. Jinx thought it’d be a good idea to get her out there and explain what she meant, even if Vi thought she got the point across pretty well.

But she also said that Vi deserves to say her piece and not let them speak for Vi.

“Yeah, I think so. Talking about it is the first step to change, isn’t it? And I want to change this. Make it better. I want them to finally hear me, you know?”

Caitlyn stops their movements, turning Vi around so that she’s facing her.

She smiles, removing her hand from Vi’s and slowly cupping her face instead. She searches Vi’s eyes, counting each freckle she can see happily.

Vi takes Caitlyn’s wrists in her hands, completely forgetting the swarms of people around them. “Those kids earlier? That asked for a picture? That’s why I do this. Influencing those kids, letting them know that being who they are is more than okay. Putting Zaun on the map like how it always should’ve been. Making my family proud. It makes all the bullsh*t and the press and the exhaustion so f*cking worth it.”

The glint in Vi’s gorgeous gray eyes makes Caitlyn weak in the knees.

She can hardly believe that this is the girl that’s choosing her. Despite it all.

“And f*ck , I do it for me too. If only I could, like, transfer the feeling that I get when I act to you, Caitlyn. It’s unbelievable,” she laughs, squeezing Caitlyn’s wrists tighter.

“I’m proud of you, Vi,” Caitlyn says, a pleased smile on her face.

Vi takes a deep breath and moves to wrap her arms around Caitlyn’s waist, pulling her in closer. “I’m gonna win you something, Cupcake.”


“Didn’t you see the punching machine earlier? I’m gonna get you the biggest prize,” Vi declares, peeling herself away from Caitlyn and dragging her away.

They join the short queue for the little game, tiny to gigantic stuffed animals hung behind it.

“I’ll get you that panda,” Vi says, pointing at the massive panda bear.

“Don’t you have to be strong for this?” Caitlyn asks, jokingly.

Vi mocks offense, grabbing her chest dramatically in fake hurt.

Vi’s turn comes quickly. The workers tell her she needs at least a score of three hundred to get one of the big ones.

Vi has this determined scowl on her lips as Caitlyn steps back to watch.

She rolls up her sleeves, her stunning tattoos making their first appearance of the day.

She squares up in front of the miniature boxing bag. Reaching back then launching her hard fist to collide with it.

Caitlyn definitely does not swoon.

Apparently, the little machine was pretty old because, after Vi’s hit, a couple seams burst.

The number on the screen behind it climbs up and up and up, finally landing at a whopping six hundred and eighty-nine.

Some people around them cheer a bit, the workers’ faces skewed in surprise.

“Never seen that before,” one of them scoffs.

“Take your pick,” the other says.

Vi points to the exact one she pointed out to Caitlyn before. They unclip it, bringing it down to the two of them.

“This is for you, Cupcake.” Vi hands Caitlyn the panda proudly.

It’s heavy and fluffy and almost as big as her and Caitlyn couldn’t love it more.

“Ugh, it’s perfect, Vi.”

Now how is she supposed to walk home with this?

Caitlyn looks around the area, spotting just the perfect thing.

“Well, now I have to win you something.”

Vi starts to tell her it’s alright and that there’s no need, but she tugs them toward another game anyway.

The person running the stand is scrolling away on their phone, no line is waiting to have a turn at the game.

“What do I have to do to win the big hatchet?” Caitlyn indicates the big stuffed hatchet in the far back of the booth. “You have to knock down all five moving pins at the farthest line and you have seven bullets,” they say dryly.

“Easy enough.” Caitlyn shrugs as she hands the panda to Vi and takes the toy rifle in her grasp, shifting it comfortably.

“Why the hatchet?” Vi asks over the panda’s shoulder, trying not to get tackled by it.

“Your Halloween costume. The Strangers? Plus, you mentioned that The Shining was one of your favourites,” Caitlyn says simply.

“You remembered?”

“Of course.”

Caitlyn lines up the gun as the pins start moving from side to side.

Caitlyn knocks them down easily as Vi watches in awe.

The distance was pretty decent, Vi would’ve missed all of them, but Caitlyn did it with a hot amount of grace and dexterity.

The worker is immediately on their way to grab their toy of choice as soon as Caitlyn is done.

She sets down the gun as it’s brought to them.

The hatchet has fake blood on its blade and it’s up to Caitlyn’s waist.

“Princess.” Caitlyn holds it out for her so they can trade the toys.

“Thank you.” Vi runs her fingers over each part, examining it.

“What next?” Caitlyn asks.

Vi goes to reach out her hand for Caitlyn to take but quickly realizes it’s almost impossible because of the bear.

“Maybe one last ride? The ferris wheel seems a little empty.” Caitlyn nods in approval as Vi guides the way.

They get on the ride quickly, the employee telling them to sit on opposite sides to balance the weight.

They part reluctantly, Caitlyn taking Vi’s hand to help her on before she joins her. She sits her panda in between her legs and Vi rests the hatchet on her lap.

The view outside is amazing. The dark sky and the different booths and rides’ colourful lights are a perfect contrast, but Vi’s eyes stay on the woman in front of her.

The lights shine on Caitlyn’s pale skin, highlighting her sharp cheekbones and bright eyes.

She admires and admires and admires until a thought pops into her head.

It isn’t pleasant, but she feels the need to ask.

“Hope the, uh… article is going well,” Vi says tentatively, fidgeting with the hatchet.

Caitlyn takes in a sharp breath at the mention, turning her gaze to meet Vi’s.


Caitlyn runs her hand through the bear’s fur nervously, shaking her head.

“It’s not going at all,” she says.

Vi tilts her head and furrows her brows, trying to understand what Caitlyn’s saying. “What do you mean?”

Caitlyn takes a deep breath, leaning against the back of her bench chair.

“I’m not going to write it.” She avoids Vi’s eyes, opting for the pretty outdoor view instead.

“What? Caitlyn, we’re this now, but I don’t want this to stop you from writing it.”

“Vi, that’s not it. I was never going to write it in the first place. Even if you did hurt me, it didn’t give me the right to discuss our private matters. I didn’t lose all my respect for you just because you didn’t message me.” She sighs, reaching over for Vi’s hand.

She takes it without hesitation.

“I applied and began an internship at The Look not to be like them, but to change them. To make them better, kinder, for the people. It’s proven to be a lot easier said than done.” Vi squeezes her hand in encouragement, though she’s surprised.

Caitlyn always chose to do good. Even after Vi ghosted her, even after their whole ordeal sent social media into a frenzy, even with the dangling carrot of a promotion right in front of her face, she chose to do what was right.

“I didn’t write nothing though. You inspired me a bit.” Caitlyn lets go and reaches into her purse, pulling out the same notebook Vi saw her with at the café.

Caitlyn opens it up, sifting through the pages until she finds just the right one.

“Been writing quite a lot of poetry because of you.”

Vi leans in, completely enraptured by the sight of Caitlyn and her accented voice.

“The glint of an eye and the flash of a grin,” Caitlyn starts, straightening her back.

She hardly ever reads her poetry to anyone, but this feels too important to keep in.

“We premiered that night. She and I. Us. A heart-stopping experience that left me blind as a bat. She came and I dropped. She came and I couldn’t stop.

“I tried. I swear I did. Remembering the cries of that thirteen-year-old kid.

It was something words can hardly describe. It’s what the songs sung and the films portrayed. My skin flayed and my lungs collapsed each time she smiled my way. Each time she held my hand. Each time I lay, she was bright in my mind.

“She took me for all I was worth, but I was still willing to give more.

“It was as if fall came around. The tree of my resolve dying and letting me fall like an autumn leaf.

“As if thousands of years have passed and I’ve exploded like an old star.

“We premiered that night and we replayed each night after.”

Tears well up in Vi’s eyes as she listens, the poem catching her breath.

She made Caitlyn feel all those things.

Caitlyn was experiencing the same things she was.

And Vi could hardly think because of it.

“f*ck, Caitlyn, that was beautiful,” she mutters, wiping away her tears.

Caitlyn doesn’t say anything else, so Vi assumes it’s her turn.

She reaches out for Caitlyn’s hand, needing the comfort.

Vi was never good with words. Especially compared to Caitlyn’s caliber, but she was willing to try.

“I didn’t think I deserved you, Caitlyn. Deserved this. ” Vi gestures between the two of them. “But now, I don’t think it’s about deserving and not deserving. I think it’s about the fact that you’re always on my mind. The fact that too often you’re my last thought before bed and my first thought when I wake up. The fact that I shiver every time I hear your voice. That when you touch me, my body screams. That I… that I feel so f*cking much all because of you. Maybe I don’t deserve you, but f*ck do I want to try. To be good, to be enough. All for the woman sitting in front of me, graciously giving me the time of day.”

Caitlyn’s the one with tears in her eyes now.

After years of being ridiculed, mistreated and destroyed, she’s finally found her person. The person she was convinced would never take her as she was.

“Caitlyn, it’s like you see through me like I’m some ghost,” Vi continues.

“And it’s terrifying all the same as it is thrilling?” Caitlyn chokes out, wiping her nose with her sleeve.

“Yeah,” Vi rasps.

The ride is coming to an end, it almost being their turn to hope off.

Vi lifts their entwined hands to her lips, kissing Caitlyn’s hand softly.

“Does this mean there’s gonna be a second date?” She asks.

Caitlyn laughs, rolling her eyes. “f*ck, yeah.”




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if you guys want an epilogue which was the og plan, i will get it to you
either way, thank you guys soooooo much for reading
i was not expecting this fic to be so long but happy accidents
really hope you guys enjoyed because i loved writing this story
i will be back soon !!! i was writing something else on the side during this so... warning: it's not fluff 🏃🏾♀️
i love you guys so much and have a lovely morning/day/night

love premiere - idkwhatimdoingbutslay - Arcane: League of Legends (Cartoon 2021) [Archive of Our Own] (2024)


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